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How to Creatively Mow Your Lawn?

Mowing your lawn may not be a walk in the park, but it could be an exciting roller-coaster journey every garden could experience. Although the process takes a lot of effort despite its degree of repetitiveness, anyone can make it as interesting as purchasing garden accessories or arranging your garden features by learning how to mow creatively.

You may have worked so hard to give your lawn a fresher, newer look; thus, it’s time to upgrade your experience and apply some creative patterns!

Lawn Landscaping

As a gardening enthusiast, your goal shouldn’t only limit to clearing your lawn and planting essential crops for daily consumption. You have to keep it fun by making your output more attractive.

A usual, freshly mowed yard can be patterned in stripes or concentric rings. You’ll also see grids and diagonal stripes where the various mower directions meet. These patterns are called mowing patterns. Anyhow, there are essential reasons to alter your usual mowing pattern to obtain the desired design.

  • Mowing the same spot over and over again can damage or kill the grass.
  • Grass actually leans in a certain direction upon mowing them. Thus, continuing a similar pattern every time can emphasize their uneven growth.
  • Trimming in a similar pattern repeatedly can create longer patches or stripes of grass.

Lawn Mowing Design Ideas

Creating attractive patterns in your lawn doesn’t really have to be costly. You may simply alter the direction of the concentric ring or change them up between straight and diagonal stripes.

These minimalistic changes do not only enhance your lawn’s health but also make it appear more eye-catching.

Here are several other ideas to achieve a more unique and interesting lawn:

  • Mow in circles to create attractive swirling patterns outward from beds and trees.
  • Mow lines in a uniform direction. Then, change the direction to create lines at ninety degrees for the first set in order to make a checkerboard design.
  • Use the above-mentioned technique to create diamond patterns.

If you are into precision, you may apply the wave design; however, you should incorporate sharp angles and lines to achieve a zigzag pattern. It is best to only try this after you have mastered the other designs to make the job easier and more familiar.

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