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Gardening Tips & Information

Fun Garden Review Games for Elementary Students

Looking for some fresh, fun, and educational activities to engage your students in the school garden? You’ve come to the right place! Incorporating garden games into your curriculum makes learning fun and helps kids connect with nature, develop teamwork skills, and gain hands-on experience in gardening. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting, these review games for elementary students will bring excitement and learning to your school garden. Let’s dive into some delightful garden games that will have your students learning, laughing, and …

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General Lawn Care

The Perfect Tension: How Tight Should a Mower Deck Belt Be?

The ideal tension of a mower deck belt should be tight enough to prevent slippage during operation but not so tight that it causes undue wear on the belt and mower pulleys. This balance is not merely a suggestion but a necessity for optimal mower performance and longevity. As a seasoned expert in lawn maintenance and machinery, I can attest to the significance of this seemingly minor detail in your mower belt’s overall lawn care routine. This article will delve into the technical aspects of mower deck …

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Gardening Tips & Information

Creating an Amazing Outdoor Space

An outdoor area can’t be a “living space” if it doesn’t have a livable, relaxing, and cozy element. Also, a regular outdoor space with grass, porch, and plants is far different from a space that truly serves its purpose.
Yes, it should go well beyond ponds, crops, trees, and benches to really achieve a “livable” quality. Here is everything you need to know about creating an enjoyable, creative, cozy, and purposeful outdoor space.
How to Create a Living Outdoor Space

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Gardening Tips & Information

How to Test Your Garden Soil Nutrients

Have you thought of the ideal way of testing your garden soil nutrient? Today, most homeowners use the TDS meter to get the pH and nutrients of their soil nutrients.
Testing the garden soil and nutrients daily should be taken seriously while growing plants. Plants being generally resilient, can develop issues when you don’t take care of some aspects of their nutrition.
Why do you need to test your garden soil?
To grow healthy plants, you need to work hard in testing your pH, TDS, or EC. When you grow in soil, you have to pay more attention to moisture. On the contrary, if you are growing hydroponically, you need to …

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Gardening Tips & Information

Therapy Garden

A therapeutic garden is a great space that’s specifically intended to improve human beings’ relationship with nature and maximize the health benefits the interaction entails.
Moreover, this space is arranged and designed for older adults or anyone who is struggling mentally (especially those who are suffering from autism, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia).
“Therapeutic garden” has been an umbrella term for the different designs of gardens that are landscaped to meet the physical and mental health demands of individuals or groups.
Examples of therapy gardens include sensory …

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