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We help beginners and gardeners to create and grow their own garden, no matter the space you have at home or the weather conditions.

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UGR’s Garden Planner

A step-by-step planner for building your garden in a minute

Anyone can build a garden by himself at home, no matter the conditions, the space and level of expertise. The secret is to access the right guide. To do that, we have created the best “Urban Gardener’s Planner" that will help people establish their own gardens with very minimum effort. The guidebook is simple to read, follow and put into practice. Moreover, it's fail free. It has been tested by gardeners who once went through the same struggle and made it, and now wish to share their expertise. Start building your DIY urban garden today, no matter your level of experience.

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Book a Meeting with an Expert Gardener from your city

Do you want to roll out a DIY urban garden that produces vegetables and plants, and which keeps flourishing annually, yet you don’t know exactly where to start from? Are you already a gardener but are having trouble in finding suitable solutions? Setting up and establishing a DIY garden for the long term has never been easier…. All you have to do is schedule a meeting with one of our gardeners from your city to get Expert Guidance. Remember, it’s only easy when you have the assistance of experts.

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