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Therapy Garden

A therapeutic garden is a great space that’s specifically intended to improve human beings’ relationship with nature and maximize the health benefits the interaction entails.

Moreover, this space is arranged and designed for older adults or anyone who is struggling mentally (especially those who are suffering from autism, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia).

“Therapeutic garden” has been an umbrella term for the different designs of gardens that are landscaped to meet the physical and mental health demands of individuals or groups.

Examples of therapy gardens include sensory gardens, healing gardens, and edible gardens. But what is so special about it in the first place? How do they differ from regular gardens?

Well, the main difference between the two lies in how tailored fit the landscaping is and how accessible the space is in order to maximize its wide range of physical and mental health benefits. While visitors may not be struggling with any mental or physical illness, everyone also gets exhausted from the daily rush of life.

Almost everyone experiences stress, and statistically speaking, you and someone you might know also need to visit a therapy garden at least a few times in your life.

Having experts or professionals help you achieve this garden arrangement may allow you to get things done easier and faster, but you may also choose to consult them and do the job yourself.

If you prefer to let a professional help you with the entire process, our team can do that for you. We will ensure that you, your parents, and your grandparents can admire the benefits, landscape, and overall concept of the garden.

Also, when your relatives and friends visit for a simple gathering or a BBQ party, they will surely be in awe as they enter your wonderful outdoor space.

This is not just for the physically and mentally ill— this is for everyone to enjoy and relax.

Transforming your boring yard into an amazing therapy garden will not only enhance your life quality but also adds value and essence to your home.

How to Create a Therapy Garden?

We suggest that you consult with our team of experts in regards to the planning and outlining of your envisioned design. Undeniably, therapy gardens are not just ordinary gardens.

They are skillfully created by leading landscapers, installers, garden designers, gardeners, health experts, and horticulturists to maximize the desired outcomes and to create effective solutions to complex issues.

At Urban Gardening, we believe in the essence of a person-centered, evidence-based approach in building therapy gardens to improve human beings’ interaction with plants, trees, and all therapeutic natural elements. We also offer tailored-fit outdoor designing to meet our clients’ psychological and physical needs.

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