But What is Urban Gardening? The guide by Urban Gardeners Republic

But What is Urban Gardening? My personal guide

urban gardening

It happens to us every week at a friends’ dinner, a parents’ meeting at school… every time we meet a new person, we don’t escape!

To the famous question: “What do you do for a living?

The answer is simple for many of you. But when I say I’m Urban Gardener, curiosity sets in. And yes because the concept of urban gardening is not clear to everyone. So here’s my definition

Urban gardening definition

Recent phenomenon and emerging segment of the gardening market, gardening is still looking for its definition.

Wikipedia like Google associates, in a semantic way, urban gardening and urban agriculture.
It will be difficult for a novice to tell the difference between these fraternal twins.

I propose this approach:

  • Urban farming is about producing food for sale. Agriculture derives income from its activity.
  • Urban gardening takes place in a more private setting and must be considered as a hobby whose many benefits are not money-making.

Urban gardening differs from conventional gardening in the place where it is practiced. Urban gardeners settled their apartments, balconies and rooftops. Suburban backyards can also be considered urban gardening.

The reason lies more in the shape of the garden. We will build raised beds or containers instead of planting in the ground.
Due to lack of space, gardens become vertical or suspended. We grow herbs on window sills and potted vegetables on balconies and fire escape.
Indoor plants are real jungles!


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Do you have other resources that could complement this article? I would love to at them here. Please share them in comments!

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