Gardening Revolution: How To Start It In Your Urban Garden

Is this an Urban Gardening Revolution?

Is this an Urban Gardening revolution?

Do you want to be a part of a gardening revolution in your area? Learn how you can be a part of a greener community! Read on!

Its fascinating by growing things. Definitely no expert, but intrigued by the magic of planting seeds in the ground. It also comes with watching things appear – some of which can end up on your plate.

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Living in a city can be seen as a disadvantage if you’re a keen gardener. But it’s also an opportunity to get creative and use any space or container available. Most London dwellers see a lack of room, so we can well adapt gardening for balconies, windowsills and tiny back gardens. You’ll be overcome by surprise at what will grow in the most unconventional places. This indeed a gardening revolution.

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With the number of urban gardeners on the rise, it is exciting that more websites, books and events are popping up. These give advice on making the most of space to grow plants and vegetables. Links to health, wellbeing and relaxation are also in recognition. A recent article in The Telegraph are talking about the benefits of gardening both mentally and physically. They are calling it  ‘the antithesis of shopping’. With seed packets available relatively cheaply and grocery bills slashing by ‘grow your own’ produce, it really is a logical activity for city citizens with stress and on a tight budget.

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There’s even a social scene developing for people wanting to reconnect with neighbours as well as the earth. Allotments and community gardens are experiencing a boom in interest. This is with more locals meeting up in outdoor spaces and working together to grow fresh produce. This is sharing between new-found communities. Apps such as OLIO and RipeNearMe help distribute harvests locally and feed the food sharing gardening revolution.

I’m lucky enough to have a patio and raised flower beds in my garden, as well as a mini lawn of fake grass. This is cheating, but convenience is key. Even so, I have hanging baskets overflowing with salad leaves and questionable containers strapping to the fence in attempt to grow as much as I can and expand the limited space I’ve got to work with. Many edibles can also grow inside, which means I have pots positioning on windowsills and in the conservatory growing everything from cuttings to herbs.

With all the information, events and support of the online community at our fingertips, there’s never been a better time to get develop an existing garden or sow the first seed. A bit of imagination and inspiration to grow means that even those with limited or no outdoor space can call themselves urban gardeners – as the saying goes… where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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I'm a young professional living in the city, growing things in a small urban garden and encouraging others to do the same. Enjoying green space and eating home-grown veg boosts health and wellbeing, providing a connection to nature and much needed respite from stressful corporate life. I provide busy people with easy and enjoyable ways to get their green fix!

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