Twitter Urban Gardening Accounts To Feed Your Green Soul

Twitter Urban Gardening Accounts: Which One Should You Follow?

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Twitter gardening is a new trend for millennial urban gardeners where they could get honky-tonky on social media. Twitter urban gardening sites are great platforms to discover the best influencers or community like us.

This is a social nook for members to share their own gardening experiences on their feed. It is also used to explore other user’s tweets through various different devices. Twitter gardening accounts are especially helpful if you need advices and know the latest trend on DIY gardening ideas.

The Best Twitter Gardening Accounts

1 – Urban Gardeners Republic


Let’s start with us: our Twitter urban gardening account has grown into a huge community of committed urban garden bloggers and influencers. We offer guidance and help on starting a garden.

With over 50,000 followers and influencers and more than 3,000 tweets, we try to take  Twitter urban gardening trend into a different level. We do this through sharing informative and inspiring links and trends of great articles and useful gardening tips. They also offer tips on how to start a garden and other related write ups about urban gardening and whatnots.

2 – Garden Collage Magazine


This is a New York-based influential online magazine. Garden Collage Mag is a Twitter urban gardening account that has been successful in featuring superb articles. These articles include how to start gardening at home and some trend blogs. They also talk about urban gardening, green designs, environmental news and even about travelling, local food and natural skin cares. This Twitter gardening account is a blessing to any green thumb!

3 – Epic Gardening


Epic Gardening is by Kevin, an urban gardener and blogger from San Diego. His Twitter gardening feed is updated regularly with interesting topics, information and latest trend about gardening in general. It also contains information on how to start an edible garden. This info is for for his 15.5K followers and influencers in Twitter urban gardening world. Epic Garden also does YouTube vlogging and live gardening streams in Periscope. These are all found in their Twitter gardening feeds.

4 – Gotham Greens


An innovative urban agriculture company, Gotham Greens is a must-follow account. They own a huge, technologically advanced green house in New York and and Chicago. This company is producing high quality produce without compromising environmental sustainability. They have 5,862 followers and influencers on their Twitter gardening account.  Gotham Greens disseminate the goodness of growing your own food and trend of having a backyard garden or mobile green house in the middle of the city.

5 – UGRnews


This is the second Urban Republic Gardener’s Twitter account. This is the place where you can find latest breakthroughs, trend and news feeds on gardening all over the world. It is like a beehive of information filled by random gardeners and influencers. The feed serves to keep everyone updated on the current happenings and trend not only locally but as well as across the globe.

It is said to be the biggest DIY Urban Gardeners Community. It is followed by nearly 20,000 Twitter urban gardening fanatics.

 6 – You Grow Girl


Gaila Trail, the creator of You Grow Girl, is from Toronto, Canada. She is a gardener, artist and author who had already published five books about urban organic gardening. She also talks on topics like starting a home vegetable garden.  Trail’s Twitter urban gardening account is an interesting account to follow. It is like a personal online diary of her journey in urban gardening trend and starting a garden from scratch. She is  followed by more than 7,000 Twitter users and influencers.

7 – Growing Organic


This fascinating educational Twitter urban gardening account is starting to pave its way in promoting sustainable organic lifestyle trend. They do this by talking about indoor gardening, how to start an edible garden and others. Growing Organic is by couple AJ and Rebecca of Florida. Their love for producing organic led them into creating an open-source educational resource center. This site is for anybody who shares the same interests and container gardening trend as theirs including influencers. Enter their world by following their Twitter gardening account feed!

8 – Modern Farmer


Modern Farmer is all about farm, food and life. It’s a quarterly magazine and a daily website with a wider range of topics and trend. This has led them to earn more than 57,000 followers and influencers on their Twitter gardening account.  A team of talented individuals and influencers run this Twitter urban gardening account. This is is why it’s a must-follow for the richness of information. One can pick up from their blogs and articles on growing vegetables indoors and urban gardening.

8 – Lovely Greens by Tanya


This Twitter gardening account has a personal touch of Tanya from the Isle of Man. Its Twitter gardening feed reaches 3,640 followers from different parts of the world. Their feed gives tips, trend and useful reads for green souls.

9 – Botany Geek by James Wong


James Wong is also one of the biggest influencers in Twitter urban gardening. This account has more than 55,000 followers.  He is a Kew-trained botanist, broadcaster and science writer in London, England. Wong  is duly recognized internationally because of his award-winning works in the field of Botany. In 2014, he was one of the Top 20 Most Influential People in Horticulture by the Sunday Times. He’s worth following, right?

10 – Greeniefy

This is a Twitter urban gardening account specializing in urban gardening, urban farming and Permaculture.


It has over 3,000 followers and influencers on Twitter. Their goal is to inspire and connect people who have interest in urban farming. This is through hosting events and sharing knowledge on urban farming trend around Canada. You can find a lot of interesting pins in their Twitter urban gardening account.

11 – Gardening Know How


This is a successful Twitter urban gardening account with a solid 86,000 followers and influencers. Garden Know How is quite an interesting place to explore about gardening and protecting gardens in general. Heather Rhoades started Garden Know How to help gardeners find a friendly and non-intimidating place to get information.

Their sublime Twitter gardening tweets and wider range of gardening subjects and trend in social media are for both aspiring and expert gardeners all over the world. You can also tweet questions and tag Garden Know How and they’ll most likely give you the answers that you needed.


Now that you know the must-follow Twitter gardening accounts and influencers out there, why don’t you follow them? If you want more information that cannot be found in these Twitter gardening feeds, send our urban garden experts a message and we will help you out!

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