Extend Growing Season: Tips on How To Do It Successfully

Tips to extend the growing season

Tips to extend growing season

How do you extend growing season? If you don’t have the answer yet, here are some tips to get you started. Many people have a hard time adjusting to the dark time that we’re entering, including me. It’s a dark and gloomy time. That’s why I’ve come up with a tip to extend the gardening season.

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My tips to extend growing season

There’s so long until spring when the bulbs start coming out of the ground and you start to feel the liveliness in the garden again. My garden is wild right now, some may call it decay. It’s fall and it’s starting to get cold. To maintain the feeling of lushness and vigor, that special greenhouse like feeling, I’ve made my very own energy filled cave in my office. I’m cultivating my window frame. I refuse to be in a lack of plant life.

It’s actually quite easy to extend the gardening season and to keep the feeling of life and lushness. You can easily do it many places, in a window frame, on a shelve in your bathroom, on a dresser, or anywhere else you find fitting. I’ve taken my cactuses, chili plants, geraniums and other summer plants that I used to have I pots on my terrace, and put them in my office with my winter houseplants. The effect comes when you gather so MANY plants in one small spot.

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My energy cave will help me through the next couple of months. Because when I cultivate my window frame, there’s watering to do, nursing – just like I used to do in my garden. My garden has moved into the office. There’ll go a month or so before I’m ready for candles and Christmas spirit.

Tips to extend the gardening season - Urban Gardeners Republic

After I moved my garden into the office, the mood has completely changed. It’s an amazing way to extend the season, by cultivating the window frames, and it’s completely free! I enjoy sitting and writing in my new lush cave, this way the winter doesn’t seem just as long.

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