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Perfect Office Plants: A Little Green Goes a Long Way

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If you have your own work space and company regulations allow it, you probably have taken steps to spruce up your cube or office—adding photos or color, even patterning a bulletin board. But have you considered the value of Office plants?

Perfect Office Plants: A Little Green Goes a Long Way

Can you grow plants in your office? Yes you can! I have tried growing all sorts of plants from flowers to herbs in my small office using containers. Some thrived well but unluckily some did not survive at all. I soon found out that some plants are best suited to an office environment while some are not. I also discovered the right techniques to grow them. If you are looking to grow some office plants, read on! I will show you how!

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However, before you pick up just any plant, you need to take a look at your growing space. How much light does your office get? You can find a plant that needs little light, of course—just make sure to adapt the plant to the sun available. And learn the water needs of whatever plant you choose, too, so that you can keep it properly hydrated.

First, you should pick a nice spot in your office. Make sure that sunlight visits your plants everyday. You should also pick an appropriate container for your plant. It should not be too big neither should it be too small. It should also look good. Also, ask yourself if you are willin to spend some time on those plants everyday at your office. Choose good potting soil that is able to supply much needed nutrients to the plants everyday. Lastly, don't forget to water them even during a holiday!

Want to discover the right plants for every office space? This graphic can help.

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