Perfect Office Plants: A Little Green Goes a Long Way

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If you have your own workspace and company regulations allow it, you probably have taken steps to spruce up your cube or office—adding photos or color, even patterning a bulletin board. But have you considered the value of Office plants?

Perfect Office Plants: A Little Green Goes a Long Way

Indoor office plants do a lot more than look good, of course. Just a few plants can help clean the air in the office and actually reduce your stress, too.

However, before you pick up just any plant, you need to take a look at your growing space. How much light does your office get? You can find a plant that needs little light, of course—just make sure to adapt the plant to the sun available. And learn the water needs of whatever plant you choose, too, so that you can keep it properly hydrated.

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Want to discover the right plants for every office space? This graphic can help.


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