Op het Dak, a rooftop organic garden in Rotterdam⎢UGR

Op het Dak, a rooftop organic garden in Rotterdam

Op het Dak

Rotterdam “a city into turmoil”, also called the city with green roofs because it is easy to find terraces and balconies of the buildings prepared with vegetable patches and vertical gardens. An example is Op Het Dak, where the ingredients (vegetables, fruits, herbs, edible flowers and hives) are all from the rooftop garden.

The new vue on Rotterdam: Op het Dak

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The concept is easy: from the roof to the kitchen thanks to the skillful hands of Valerie Kuster, a young woman self-made chef, that creates the dishes following the seasons and the times of nature”Everything that grows on the roof ends up in the pot”.


This rooftop organic garden is the largest in Europe and it is in the heart of the city on the top floor of a very grunge palace with panoramic views over the city.


A cafè bistrot where you can sit inside but also outside (if it is not a rainy and freeze day)  walk in the garden, drinking herbal tea with slice of cake or make a complete meal, where meat and fish (only from ocal hunter) become the outline of dishes.


You can at Buddha bowl with brown rice, oysters, crisp mixed vegetables and herbs or bread homemade with saffron mayonnaise and mustard butter or Miso&Coconut with soba noodles en freshly chopped herbs but fruit sorbet, ice cold granita and summer salads, too.

A relaxing place with a view of Rotterdam, where you’ll be touched by the friendly smile of Valerie and her kitchen, an interesting mix of oriental  Latin American, Nordic cultures with her wonderful fresh ingredients directly from the garden!


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