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Mushrooms and coffee grounds

Mushrooms coffee

Imagine… a disused swimming pool, an enterprising boy and an urban agriculture project. All this is RotterZwam, a start-up for growing mushrooms on organic waste, in particular the coffee grounds of many local cafes, inside, the Tropicana, the pool of Rotterdam icon directly overlooking the river. let’s talk about this Mushrooms Coffee adventure!

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Growing Mushroom in coffee grounds

We are talking about a case of Blue Economy born from an intuition of , in finance professional, and Mark Slegers, eco-business consultant for companies.

The idea was to find food supply solutions for the city, reusing the waste generated by the city itself, as the coffee grounds (in the Netherlands it is estimated it will produce about 120 million kg).

Siemen and Mark have become urban farmers and even precious coffee grounds have begun to grow delicious mushrooms that sell and now literally be scarce among the restaurants of the city.
The spores are cultured in transparent bags filled with a dark compost made with coffee grounds, vegetables and other organic waste.

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They are hung inside the old showers and changing rooms in the basement, wet and cool. After about 6/8 week the mushrooms grow, white and beautiful, out of some cuts that are carried out on the bags, ready to be marketed.

Today anyone can do as they do: using a special kit, the “RotterZwam Growkit” purchased from various distributors around the Netherlands, you can transform the domestic coffee grounds in small homemade mushroom farms.

RotterZwam is undoubtedly a creative example of urban agriculture, particularly devoted to sustainability and reuse. It has gained its popularity among chefs and abroad (they produce 200 pounds per month) and, in the near future, there is planning a further project of vertical farming and cultivation of algae.

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