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Mobile Greenhouse into an Urban Garden Environment: a logical idea

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When it comes to the topic of urban gardening or mobile greenhouse, knowing how to maximise space will always be one of the most – if not the most – crucial elements. Living in the city, we are often confined to modern architecture built to withstand the rigours of everyday life, as well as the unpredictability of Mother Nature. Because of this, it can be somewhat of a challenge to stay in touch with our inner green thumb.

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Mobile Greenhouse into an Urban Garden Environment: a logical idea

I have read somewhere that pollution is a greater threat now to us, more than Ebola and HIV. I have also read that one of the ways on how to counteract this is to increase the number of gardens within cities so as to create a mobile greenhouse that can eliminate air pollutants, smog and help repair the damaged ozone layer.

Saving the environment is one of our missions here as human beings. In this article, I am going to focus on a vital aspect of the subject: incorporating a greenhouse into small spaces.

Even though it may cost a little more than you would like it will certainly add practicality, having a greenhouse at home – especially for serious gardeners. Screwfix points out that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a keen landscaper or someone who simply enjoys plants, it’s important to give plants the proper care and attention they require. In other words, having a greenhouse provides them shelter, the right space to flourish. Since living in the city presents certain limitations, the ecommerce website began offering mini greenhouses to suit the needs of urban gardeners.

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We can trace the history of mobile greenhouses back to a Danish designer named Line Grüner, who conceptualised this idea as part of her dissertation back in university. Instead of building a huge, backyard greenhouse, she produced a more compact variant, one that has wheels so it can be easily moved from point A to point B. Basically, a typical mobile greenhouse measures somewhere around five feet long by four feet wide, and about seven feet high. In an article by Michelle Slatalla on Gardenista, Grüner she claimed that, in addition to spatial matters, building a mobile greenhouse from scratch has its difficulties.

“Many told me it could not be done, to manufacture something like this locally,” shares Grüner. “But it should be part of the overall narrative, to grow vegetables locally in a product that is produced in our own country.”

At first, it was inevitable how many onlookers were intrigued by the compact greenhouse concept. She revealed how drivers used to slow down and ask her where they could buy one of them. Today, as reflected by the aforementioned website, many have embraced the idea of a mobile greenhouse, because it’s a sure fire way to take care of specific fruit, vegetables and plants in a cramped, urban environment.

Of course, there are many other ways of how to incorporate a garden into a small living space, like these suggestions by Walden Labs’ Paul Clarke. In reflection, this proves that with a touch of ingenuity and a hint of resourcefulness, we can satiate our inner green thumb in ways we sometimes least expect.

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