Kitchen Garden Sowing Tools: How To Choose Them Wisely

Kitchen Garden Sowing Tools: Top Picks

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Choosing Kitchen Garden Tools: My Experience

I’m always so excited when I’m sorting my kitchen garden tools. Now I’ve started my 10th round of cleaning and sorting in order to see what tools I already have. The truth is that I secretly know already what I have, but when I’m doing this, I really get excited to start the new season. This new season will start soon, because March is only 2 months away. My guess is that the heat will come later this year, but it’s always a guess. Time will tell what mother nature has in store for us.

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After sorting all my sowing kitchen garden tools for the 10th time,

I thought it would be a good idea to show you my favourite tools.

The majority of these kitchen garden tools I collected over the years, because we all know the saying: waste not, want not! I really love collecting things like jars, lids, toilet rolls, and plastic fruit trays. I collect anything in which I can grow my tiny plants. The only problem that’s arising now, is that I’m running out of space to store it all.

  1. Every week at breakfast I eat a bit of yoghurt with granola and a lot of fresh fruits, like bananas, pears and kiwi’s. In the supermarket they sell these fruits in plastic trays with a small net around it. These trays I collect to sow my vegetables in. This is for example ideal to culture your peas or beans in. The advantage of these trays is that there are small holes in the bottom, so that the water can flow out and the plants won’t grow mouldy. So in this case, it’s very useful not to throw away these trays.
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  1. In this picture you can see my sowing trays. This is where I grow my tomatoes in, because you can easily distinguish the seeds from each other. In addition, this way it’s easier to repot compared to the plastic trays (item 1), because then you would have to separate each plant, without damaging the roots. If the roots are damaged, the plant will most likely not survive.
  1. These are currently my favourites. Sometimes, I start sowing inside and that’s when I use my soil blocks and plastic trays. The soil blocks fit perfectly within the plastic trays and the plants will have enough room to grow. As soon as the leaves hit the cover, you have to remove the cover. Afterwards, you can repot them to a normal sowing tray with universal potting soil or vegetable garden soil.

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  1. Another alternative is de use of peat pots. These peat pots fit perfectly within a plastic tray and are biodegradable.
  1. Soaking pots. In these pots I soak my beans for a few days before I plant them. This will make sure that the beans will geminate better and quicker. It can never hurt to help mother nature a bit from time to time.
  1. These are the most important pots. These pots I’ve also gathered over the years. You can find them when you buy herbs, plants for on the balcony and geraniums for grandma. Do not throw them away, because eventually you can plant your small vegetable plants in these pots. You can also buy new pots that look exactly the same. However, I like to recycle things, so I just collect them. I also like the look of the different type of pots next to each other.

Other Tools

The following things I found on pinterest and seemed nice to try out (you can find the links below).

Sowing in toilet rolls:

Sow in milk cartons:

Sowing in toilet rolls in big plastic boxes (as a small greenhouse):

Good luck with sowing! If you have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can also follow me on Instragram. I post a lot of pictures on there and you can easily ask me questions. My account is @_floorkorte_

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