Keeping Urban Backyard Chickens: How To Do It In The City

Thinking of keeping urban backyard chickens?

keeping urban backyard chickens

Last spring, I started a new backyard adventure, I got chickens in my backyard. I had considered keeping urban backyard chickens for a long time, because I thought it would be great to be able to get eggs from my own small production. But I have to admit, I was a bit nervous to throw myself into this, because I don’t know anyone in Denmark with chickens in their midtown backyard.

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Keeping Urban Backyard Chickens

The Reasons Why Owning Backyard Chickens Is a Fantastic experience

I bought 3 Orpinghton dwarf hens, I choose this sort because I wanted calm chickens who nearly never flew. They are also very beautiful and trusty of their owners.

They are perfect for a backyard. An old tip says that you should have as many chicken as you are people in the house, to be covered as far as eggs go. However, the Orpinghton hens aren’t very good at laying eggs frequently, there are other sorts of chicken that are much better. Because of this I had to buy 3 more hens a couple of weeks ago, so now we have 6 chickens to cover 4 peoples egg needs.

As a start I bought a used henhouse and a fence to keep the chickens in. The fence is 90 cm tall and protects them during the day, at night, when the sun sets, the chickens go into the henhouse on their own. Inside the henhouse they’re protected from the fox during the night.

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When they laid their first egg I was very proud, imagine that it’s possible to produce your own eggs in a residential backyard! Yes! This is how good keeping urban backyard chickens is!

I was surprised by how quirky creatures chickens are. They’ve got individual personalities and temperaments. When I go out to the gate, they come running to greet me, when it’s my husband they hide in the bushes. Sometimes I let them out in the whole garden, and they love it! I’m working on keeping them in some parts of the backyard when they walk freely, I’m sure it’ll be a success.

The chickens poop a lot, it’s very good for the compost or the flower beds. These days I’m preparing my raised beds to plant garlic and remove all the weeds to put in some new soil. It’s great to be able to better the earth in raised beds, simply by emptying the henhouse. It’s a wonderful manure, and it’s free.

In Denmark it’s beginning to get colder, which means that I don’t usually not spend as much time in my garden as I do in the summer time. But right now I do, I go out in the garden to get the eggs, feeding the chickens leftovers or just to talk to them. And yes, the chickens eat almost all of the leftovers I used to just throw in the trash.

I can highly recommend for others to take the chance and start their own backyard chicken adventures – it is really possible to produce your own eggs, even in a midtown villa.

So, why don’t you keeping urban backyard chickens now?

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