yonex poly tour pro vs luxilon alu power
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yonex poly tour pro vs luxilon alu power

Feel / Comfort

Vous vous demandez avec quels cordages jouent les joueurs professionnels de tennis et avec quelle tension ? 67/65lbs. I tested the 16L gauge and was able to get into double digit hours before I broke it, which is usually a good indicator of durability for me.

I couldn’t paint the lines as much and the string just had a deader, firmer feeling response to it. For a string manufacturer, Luxilon is a brand that doesn’t suffer from any shortage of exposure.

I felt like I could swing away from anywhere on court and transition from defense to offense with one swing of my racquet. Power/Spin/Control

This is particularly true when it comes to... by thetennisbros | Nov 19, 2018 | Luxilon Strings, Polyester Strings. Famously leading the way for polyester strings in the 80s, Big Banger original is still tremendously popular today; showcased by professionals such as David Ferrer, Richard Gasquet and Nicolas Almagro. 25/25kg.

This enabled me to take big cuts at the ball with confidence the ball was going to land in. The bigger issue was with the playability of the string.

I had no problem amping up the topspin on my groundstrokes, making it a challenge for my opponents. Je conseille tout de même de faire attention à l'usage des cordages en polyesters si vous souffrez du bras et je vous conseille également d'utiliser la tension de cordage qui vous convient et de ne pas copier celle utilisée par d'autres joueurs. A pre-stretch may be useful at reducing the tension drop and extending the lifespan of the string.

Building off the controlled, durable response of Alu Power, the Rough version adds a textured finish to the string for maximum spin and bite on the ball.

Anyone looking to maximize and extend the playability of Alu Rough might consider doing this when the string it up.

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Cette page présente la liste des cordages utilisés par certains joueurs professionnels de tennis, en indiquant la raquette et la tension du cordage. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Les informations sont issues du site d'un cordeur de raquettes de tennis professionnel américain (http://www.colinthestringer.com/pros-strings/).


It’s the string all other polys are compared to and, although it’s not a string for everyone, it perfectly exhibits the characteristics of … Amélie Mauresmo Head Microgel Radical MP Babolat VS Touch 24,5 Kg. Babolat RPM Blast/Babolat VS Team. The comfort level of this string really comes down to the individual player. The strings let me carve through the ball and kept everything low and skidding away from opponents. Often when it comes to string setup we have to sacrifice one quality for another, but that doesn’t stop us looking for the holy grail of... by thetennisbros | Sep 5, 2019 | Luxilon Strings, Polyester Strings. I took to the court recently to get a firsthand look at how one of the most popular strings on the planet performs. It didn’t become springy like a lot of newer polyester strings do. I definitely would not recommend this string for a beginner or someone with a sensitive arm. Michael Llodra Wilson Juice Pro BLX Wilson Natural Gut . One option I didn’t use that could potentially help minimize the drop in playability was to pre-stretch the string. The string just felt lacking in response and was a bit tougher to control. I found it to have a low powered response off the ground. Yonex V.Core Tour 97. Feliciano Lopez Wilson Juice 100 BLX Luxilon Alu Power/Babolat VS Team 23/21 Kg. While its playability duration lends to more frequent re-stringing, it offers a confidence inspiring feel out of the gate and the spin and control will send the confidence of any player through the roof as they crush winners from all areas of the court. 23/22kg. However, the perfect racket is nothing without the right string, so the string reviews are back and we’ve got a great one for you with Luxilon... by thetennisbros | Jul 10, 2019 | Luxilon Strings, Polyester Strings, Tennis Strings. Players could also consider dropping their tension more than the 10% Luxilon recommends to try and gain some additional comfort. Intro Its unique poly-ether-ether composition exceeds all quality standards for near-zero string variance. I’ve always felt that Luxilon is so popular because of the way it plays in the first couple of hours.

About the Reviewer: Matt Locke currently serves as the Junior Programs & Development Coordinator for USTA-Idaho and is an active USTA League and Tournament player. Call Us at 713-435-4800. A few hours into the string though and it seemed like the magic kind of died out.

Yonex V.Core Tour 97.

When it comes to any kind of tennis equipment, you’ll often hear us talking about compromise.

Les raquettes des joueurs de tennis professionnels sont-elles spéciales ? Our pick for the best polyester tennis string is Luxilon ALU Power, which has dominated much of the market since its introduction.

Widely used on the pro tour, Luxilon has become synonymous with performance polyester string.

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