window tint canada
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window tint canada

Back side windows and rear windshield can have any tint darkness in most of the country. In some cases your vehicle may even get taken off the road and require an additional inspection before you can legally drive it again. Below is the list of some of our new products. Another huge perk is that you won’t have blade scratches on your vehicle’s glass surfaces, as our window tinting application is cut prior to installation. In Saskatchewan you are not permitted to install any aftermarket window tint on the windshield nor on front side windows. Feel free to contact us with any additional info if you are able to provide, thank you! Technically there is no aftermarket tint darkness percentage which is legal in the entire country, but if you wish to minimize the risk of traffic fines you can consider: Excluding Manitoba laws, you could apply any tint % on back side and rear window. Protex uses XPEL’s Design Access Program to precut tint jobs before completing the window tinting installation. Window Tinting Installation ServicesTop Quality Film - Life Time Warranty, Automotive Car Wrapping Custom Designs and Decals, Automotive Car WrappingBest Film - Best Price3M | Avery | VViViD | Orafol. rays. Light reflection on front passenger windows may not be over 35%. Newfoundland vehicle equipment laws prohibit installing window tint on the windshield and front side windows that does not conform with Motor Vehicle Safety Act. Compare products, read reviews & get the best deals! Canada regulations don’t take into account residency, and even in case your car window tint is legal in your province you can still get a citation in other Canadian provinces. Shop Window Film & Applicators top brands at Lowe's Canada online store. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or factory-made cars can have 70% VLT (30% opacity/light block), and tinting may not extend more than 75mm from top of windshield. As Protex has several hundred years of combined experience from tinting thousands of vehicles, our teams have the skills to make your car tint perfect! 74.2). There are no window tinting restrictions and any level of darkness can be used on back side windows and rear window. Violating Nova Scotia vehicle equipment laws and having unlawful car window tint typically results in a fine of $109 – $227. You can use any tint percentage on your rear window as well, however in that case your car must have left and right exterior rear view mirrors. However if any tint is applied Manitoba as well as the rest of Canada requires your vehicle to have exterior rear view mirrors on left and right side. You can use any level of darkness on your back side windows and rear window. Only relevant regulations concerning vehicle windows relate to obscured windows (Motor Vehicles Act section 190), where no person shall drive a vehicle if the view is obscured in any way to make driving hazardous or dangerous. Getting your windows tinted is an effortless way to improve your vehicle’s look. Penalties for unlawful car tint involve a fine of $23 – $52, but you may also incur additional costs. Nunavut Motor Vehicle Equipment Regulations prohibit the use of any sunscreen material on windshield and passenger front side windows. Without the proper shrink technique, you will not achieve a flawless tint job. This Act may technically allow up to 70% VLT (block no more than 30% of light), but we do not recommend tinting front side windows or windshields. On windshields only glazing installed by car manufacturer is allowed, as are clear non-tinted frost shields or window stickers which do not impair the driver’s vision. **Online prices and sale effective dates may differ from those in-store and may vary by region. A Classic Touch on a Modern Vehicle. Take two identical cars side by side-the one with tinted windows will always stand out. Put the innovation of 3M to work for you. Failure to inspect your vehicle makes you liable for a $438 to $865 fine. Those of you who research Ontario window tint laws elsewhere please ensure you are reading up to date content. We noticed. In case of a gradual gradient light transmission may not be reduced below 5% in top 64mm, and 25% in the area between 64mm and 127mm from the top of the windshield. Windshield and front passenger windows are illegal to tint in almost all provinces, and we strongly advise against it. This section may be interpreted differently depending on each individual police officer, therefore we do not recommend tinting car windows in Yukon. In British Columbia you are allowed to tint only the top portion of the windshield up to 7.5 centimeters. Yukon province has no relevant regulations which specifically permit or restrict window tinting. Our Manitoba tint laws are always up to date! New Ontario vehicle inspection regulations state that vehicles manufactured after January 1st, 2017 may not have any aftermarket window tint applied to the windshield. Penalty for violating Saskatchewan vehicle equipment regulations results in a $115 – $150 fine. Any level of darkness can be used on back side and rear windows. Tinting windshield and front side windows is not allowed in most provinces. Rear window can be tinted with any level of darkness, however in that case in BC and the most of Canada your vehicle must have exterior rear view mirrors. In New Brunswick you are allowed to tint your entire windshield but your window film must block less than 30% of light. Penalties can be harsh and police officers in Canada are not forgiving about illegal window tint. Some newer factory-made vehicles already come with tinted windows, and Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Act permits those vehicles to have as much as 70% VLT (maximum of 30% light transmission block). Even in provinces where light transmission percentage isn’t clearly defined officers can still issue notices and fines if they determine they don’t have a clear vision of the driver. Our tint protection is so great you might even want to stop wearing sunglasses when you drive! Laws in NWT province do not specifically restrict tinting back side windows nor the rear window, therefore based on other regulations our interpretation is that any car tint darkness is permitted. Protex will take your ride to a new level of cool! You can use any tint percentage on your rear window as well, however in that case in Quebec and most other provinces in Canada your vehicle must have exterior rear view mirrors. Back side windows may not block more than 65% or light. Note: installing clear UV filter film is not prohibited and does not require special medical exemptions (source). Residents who often travel between provinces or even car owners looking to sell their vehicles some day may consider installing car tint which is legal in majority of Canada’s provinces. Alberta vehicle equipment laws prohibit installing window tint on the windshield and front side windows. Shop now! NS law does not restrict tinting back side windows nor the rear window, therefore our interpretation is that all tint darkness levels are permitted. Below we’re providing you with a quick overview of tinting laws, but also more detailed information for each Canadian province. Canada tint laws are different for most provinces. Take another closer look at our Province laws comparison table for quick info about each province, and see Legal tint % in Canada section of this article to find out what level of tint darkness is permitted in most of the country. You can now cross the country, go to work, bring the kids to soccer practice or do your Sunday pleasure ride in comfort and style. While in other provinces you are subject to their laws, meaning you should always ensure your window tint levels are legally permitted in most of the country. You will also receive an order to have it removed, and not complying with it can result in another $595 fine. In Quebec you are allowed to tint only the top portion of the windshield up to 15 centimeters. Every member of the Protex family benefits from the joint knowledge of the Protex installer community, allowing them to succeed with any tinting challenges. Among several of the benefits to having window film protection applied to your vehicle is the reduction of heat and glare from the sun.

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