urbex gold coast
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urbex gold coast

We use cookies to ensure that you get the best experience on our website. The old roller rink is around the corner from me but I don't think you can get in there anymore, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. More and more people are paying tour guides to take them around locations that have been left and forgotten by most of society. Photographer. Date Completed 2007, Moorebank, Sydney RELATED: Four top shopping streets in Brisbane. Bodie State Historic Park is a genuine California gold-mining ghost town. 200 Lots They left it untouched because of the large amount of asbestos in the building until it got demolished in 2005. In an effort to protect the beloved landmarks, most locations aren’t revealed to the public. We can build equity on the house and use it as a stepping stone to purchase another property,” Alex said. Forgotten Melbourne. We, urban explorers, like to venture into abandoned buildings because we want to see places forgotten or left behind by society. With little heritage from this era left in Woollongabba it's a contentious project. School papers were scattered all over the place, complete with graffiti all over chalkboards and walls. It was claimed as a national historic site in 1962 and tours of the town happen almost daily. Which is incredibly dangerous but also so fascinating to watch. It was formerly known as the Brisbane Mental Hospital, Goodna Mental Asylum, and Wolston Park Asylum. You can now go there and get to explore the many decaying buildings the island has to offer. Pet Breeder. On the other hand, if you’re the type of person who would like to visit and explore places with incredible histories, places that paint a story in your mind as you’re walking around and exploring them, then urbex tours are just the thing for you. Create New Account. Date Completed 2011, Epping North, Melbourne Details: The 80s golf club looks drastically different from its luxurious heydays in 1975. Urbex, a BMD Group company, is an innovator in residential and commercial development, undertaking development projects in sole ownership, joint venture and consortium partnerships throughout Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Darwin, Townsville and Mackay. Details: This hidden gem has gone through many transformations since the 1920s. Details: They built this textile factory between 1941 and 1943 during the WWII era, along with machine shops, a rolling mill, and other industrial facilities. I'd be keen to join you if you are, https://www.facebook.com/AbandonedBrisbane?fref=ts. The 80s golf club looks drastically different from its luxurious heydays in 1975. community, Brisbane’s abandoned places have gone viral on the internet. I want to show this lovely building. You’ll find a few bats flying around, too! Site by Thirteen Digital. It’s become a big deal for Aussies too, and you can find lots of cool posts about it on, In an effort to protect the beloved landmarks, most locations aren’t revealed to the public. Cause Westfield Carindale is the biggest. Tours of the abandoned city are possible but you can’t go any closer than 12 miles to the nuclear reactors (exclusion zone). Hello, my name is Viktor. $60 Million Sadly, hundreds of workers lost their jobs when it closed down in 1992. With 49 home sites planned for the new development, Alex says the couple were also attracted to the lifestyle Harriet Lane promises, embracing large open spaces and nature while being close to everything. Selling generous sized lots (634m2 to 1761m2) from as low as $275,000*, a new breed of young investors are taking on older wealthy Australian’s who are purchasing property on the Coast. During the early 1900’s several hundred patients would end up dying there. , urban explorers have seen it all. $5.5 Million It’s become a big deal for Aussies too, and you can find lots of cool posts about it on Abandoned Brisbane. 11 Lots Over 10,000 people once lived there and now its streets and buildings sit alone and deserted. I only a few small tunnels. Some of the most popular urbex tour spots around the world include mental hospitals, underground mass burial sites, entire abandoned towns, and islands that were used as prisons for the most notorious of criminals. Lots of Urbex enthusiasts visit to check out the lines of old school machinery and torn fabric. It was once a state theatre, then a nightclub, and finally, a skating rink until it burned down in 2002. “We are seeing a lot of home buyers attracted to the development because of the current interest rate environment and the benefits of the Queensland First Home Owners’ Grant,” Stacey said. 8 talking about this. These abandoned locations in Brisbane will give you thrills and chills! After a few years, the inhabitants of the town just up and left. Pic 3 of 3. Now, all that’s left are a few brick walls, old equipment, and empty railroads. The abandoned arts college has been closed since 2001, explaining all the trashed hallways and ruined classrooms from vandals. The earthquake also managed to produced a 14-meter-high tsunami that hit the powerplants backup generators which resulted in full nuclear meltdowns. As you’re walking around the city, it’ll feel as if you’re in a studio set of a post-apocalyptic movie. Explore: You can’t miss the structure while driving down the park road. $750 Million “Purchasing land and building allows us to live in a brand new house and add value through a pool and outdoor entertaining area. Date Completed 2013. Urbex and The Lancini Group, Castle Hill, Queensland About a two hour drive from the coast. save hide report. Renee Robyn Photography. Details: Constructed in 1988, the railway tunnels stopped operations in 1964 when the South Coast railway closed down. $100 Million Anyone find anything interesting. Nowadays you can take a tour of this building and get to see how so many sick people during the early 1900’s lived the last years of their lives. $34.3 Million RELATED: Is this Brisbane’s healthiest hotel? People flocked to Bodie in the late 1870s in search of gold. Nothing beats exploring the unknown! The interior of the buildings remain as they were left and fully stocked with furniture and goods that were once used by the people who lived there. Beauty Salon. or. Date Completed 2009, Observation Rise I’ve heard people say that urbex tours defeat the whole purpose of urban exploration. Where have you been to? Be warned: ghost hunters have heard some. To this day, it remains haunted by tragic stories of torture and violence, with over 200 bodies found in the graveyard. Video Creator. The island is about 22 acres of land located in the San Fransico bay about 1 and a half miles offshore of the city of San Fransisco, California. 15 Lots #FBF exploring the #LeopardStreetTunnel #BurfordsBatcave way back when I was young and stupid @jstrakertroublemaker hit me up if you go back down! They’re old, mysterious, and dangerous – but that hasn’t stopped brave souls from delving into their dusty depths! 10 Lots share. 141 Lots Details spread through word of mouth from one explorer to another on Urbex forums. Be warned: ghost hunters have heard some spooky sounds down there! See more of Abandoned Gold Coast - Urban exploration on Facebook. Since its establishment in 2003, Urbex has been quick to establish itself as a major force in the national development market. Yes I walked through it alone and yes it was a little creepy but worth it. If you ever get tired of exploring the same type of locations and you’re looking for something new and exciting, then urbex tours might just be what you’re looking for. I've been lookin for a while for any places to urbex explore around Brisbane, if anyone has any ideas that would be helpful, anything from drains, abandonments, caves, warehouses or other places to explore. Date Completed 2007, Birkdale, Brisbane

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