suzuki intruder 1400 mods
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suzuki intruder 1400 mods

You will need to give it a fraction more clutch from the off it wanting to pull away at full bore but from the moment you are no longer still its is all gain. I've ordered the the seals and circlip and also the spring. Dave...can you give me more info on this stopper plate that needs modifying please? Hi - Just joined as have just got my M800 back! When you have the shaft milled it should take you know more than a couple of hours max to do the rest. I want to get it milled while waiting for the drive to be sent. Even if you manage to score a good deal, will match it. Hi - Just joined as have just got my M800 back! Am I reading it wrong ? I don't really think a picture of a chrome cap on the diff is earth shatteringly useful Justin & seeing as photobucket & I do not work together it will remain forever just a thought to some of you who have NOT done there own diff swap & anyway you'll see it in Wales next month so will have to wait till then sorry. Nice one. I'm gonna get it all done. So far I've not really found any negatives to this mod. hello. The Suzuki VS1400 Intruder was a four-stroke, air/oil cooled, 45 degree V-twin, SOHC, 6-valves Cruiser motorcycle produced by Suzuki between 1987 and 2003. Suzuki GT500 Yamaha RD250. Buy now! there are any power up mods to be instaled to compensate? You don't get a lot less vibration. Lol yeah I'm not paying that. Anyone know where I can find the part numbers for the VS1400 drive filler and drain plugs? You don't have to be an expert to put everything together on your own. At, you'll find millions of parts, components and accessories, ready to revive your bike and help it perform like it did when it rolled off the showroom floor. I'm posting this video just for reference as to what the bike sounds like at various speeds with the longer gearing of the 1400 drive. To perform this un-cork I removed the front air box and modified the rear air box. Hi all, just fitted the final bit to my diff swap! thanks for replying simbo, my vs 1400 diff,ex usa. Living on a tight budget isn't easy, especially when you've got motorcycle repairs coming up. now i need the mod. Your #1 online source of new genuine original OEM parts for Suzuki VS1400 Motorcycle (31496) at discounted prices from manufacturers' warehouses in Japan, USA, UAE. Riding Positions: The Intruder 1400 has one of the best engines in cruising, and the new tranny has improved the bike without any trade-offs. Copyright © 2020 Motorcycle Cruiser. VS1400 Drive & Shaft Modification ......................How To Thread. I used my stock spacer milled down by 2mm otherwise the drive sticks out to far from the wheel, I didn't get a 1400 spacer with mine so I don't know the measurements for that one sorry, As for seals, I ended up ordering off Ebay (usa) because after going to my local Suzuki dealer, they never got back to me grr, All original part numbers for the VS1400 end with 00 now if ordering from a suzuki dealer.

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