subnautica disease research facility purple tablet
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subnautica disease research facility purple tablet

The two Purple Tablets needed to unlock these doors can be found onsite; three on Mountain Island, two in the Mountain Island's Caves and one inside the facility in the room before the deactivation terminal. Assessment: While it is unlikely that the emperor specimen is still contained within the facility described, it may be possible to acquire further data there on the aliens' attempts to develop a vaccine. 1 specimen unaccounted for. Its digestive and pulmonary systems have been replaced by an onboard battery receiving energy directly from this facility and distributing it around the body. Bone samples from emperor specimens indicate some potential for kharaa immunity. Alternatively, they can scan an intact Purple Tablet either before picking it up or by discarding it. Immediate specimen destruction protocol initiated. Large Carnivore Theta: Leviathan Embryos: When the facility collapsed this specimen was either left to die, or killed on the spot. A fast and fearsome stalker of small creatures in the dark. Built around one thousand years ago, sometime before the imprisonment of the Sea Emperor Leviathan, the main purpose of this Disease Research Facility was to infect creatures with the Kharaa Bacterium to study their reaction to the disease. It would have most resembled the ghostray in size and appearance, with translucent skin for camouflage and forward-mounted eyes for hunting. The exterior of the Disease Research Facility, Various fragments including panels, large chunks, and cables, Skeletons found inside and outside the brine river, An Ion Cube found in the balcony area, right next to the entrance, A small room close to the entrance containing a data terminal. This species has likely gone extinct in the past thousand years, and its evolutionary relatives have evolved almost beyond recognition. Bacterial Mechanisms: Attaches to healthy living cells and mutates the basic genetic structure. Assessment: Programmable Hunter/Killer - Avoid. Floating IslandDegasi SeabasesMountain IslandMountains CavesQuarantine Enforcement Platform Red Tablet, a cut tablet with a red symbol resembling an R. The Disease Research Facility is a destroyed Alien Base located in a cave that can be accessed from the Lost River Junction and the Mountains connection. Organic matter indicates the habitat once supported extensive plant life, though it has since decayed. A catalog of information on the organisms previously contained within the alien facility. Category Equipment It is craftable after the player either picks this Blue Tablet up, or scans it. Fragments The interior of the Disease Research Facility is accessible via an entrance on its northeast face near the top of the structure. Small sample of eggs has been retained for continued, high priority research on leviathan hatching mechanisms. These thick cables were designed to anchor the nearby facility to the surrounding cave walls. 3 seconds Shows some capacity to transmit enzymes to other specimens. You may already be experiencing flu-like symptoms and skin irritation.

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