ssrf in java
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ssrf in java

An example of such a request is the following using the file:/// URL schema. Some applications accept and process URLs located in files uploaded to the server, including configuration files, scripts, and import-export formats. they're used to log you in. Querying APIs are another common example. Get latest developments in web application security, DevSecOps, and cloud security from the Hdiv Security blog. Examples of these actions are browsing server private directories, remote execution of code in the target server, accessing local machines behind the network firewall (port scans), and many others. The SSRF acronym stands for “Server-Side Request Forgery,” as the attacker forces the server (forging) to perform malicious unintended requests. Server Side Request Forgery attacks are attempts to exploit an SSRF vulnerability by sending a payload that makes the target server take an unintended action, as described above. A common example is when an attacker can control all or part of the URL to which the web application makes a request to some third-party service.

This approach has serious shortcomings because it is not 100% reliable, so it will miss some SSRF vulnerabilities. DevSecOps: The 7 Key Factors To Secure Your DevOps Practice, The difference between active IAST and passive IAST. In this blog post I’ll review the technical details of SSRF, how it was utilized in the Capital One breach, why it’s so critical to understand for today’s cloud-hosted web apps, and how organizations can protect … Authentication is a good example.

A type of unauthorized action that deserves special attention is when the attacker takes advantage of the vulnerable server as a stepping stone to enable larger compound attacks, in particular combinations of SSRF and XXE. Some detection strategies, typically used by DAST web scanners involve sending probe commands to the target applications, and then monitor whether or not the probe command is successful at connecting to an external resource used as control element. This information can help the developers identify the source of the problem and fix it. SSRF lets attackers send requests from the server to other resources, both internal and external, and receive responses.

As a general rule, all untrusted input should always be validated, and SSRF vulnerabilities can be avoided by using good coding practices. Like many other high-exposure cases, the root cause of the breach is a combination of risky practices and bugs. The vulnerability happens when the unvalidated input data is used to open a different request and return it to the user. Above all else, under no circumstances should the raw response body from the request sent by the server be delivered to the client. SSRF Class URLConnectionVuln Method URLConnectionSec Method httpURLConnection Method request Method openStream Method ImageIO Method okhttp Method HttpClient Method commonsHttpClient Method Jsoup Method IOUtils Method HttpSyncClients Method. For more information, see our Privacy Statement.

This post will review the SSRF risk, both from a vulnerability and attack perspective, the two different types (blind and basic), describe the typical attack scenarios, and provide practical mitigation advice. The alert contains information about the HTTP request that was performed including the IP address of the server that made this request and the User-agent string used in the request if any were used. However, it is better not to rely on the human factor and also incorporate automatic validation tools to ensure that all code is free of SSRF vulnerabilities at all times. In the above example, since the attacker has full control of the URL parameter, in addition to being able to make arbitrary GET requests to any website on the Internet, an attacker can also make requests to resources on the server. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use so we can build better products. In other words, there is no universal “fix” to SSRF since it highly depends on the application’s functionality and business requirements.

Join the DZone community and get the full member experience. In combination with other risks such as XXE or open redirects and forwards, file processing is one of the most common features that constitute SSRF vectors. SSRF: What is Server Side Request Forgery? Over a million developers have joined DZone. | Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy, Detect vulnerable points insight into application logic, Enable applications to protect themselves, Improve the productivity of business logic flaws detection, Open-source application security framework, Helping organizations to achieve regulatory compliance, Learn about web application security and DevSecOps, Contribute to promote application security, the difference between active and passive IASTs in this other post, SSRF Vulnerability detection and mitigation, Hdiv Security detects and protects the SSRF Risk, What is IAST? SSRF is a type of web application vulnerability and the associated family of attacks that force a target server to execute requests against other resources that the target server has access to, including read and write operations to local and internal assets. This approach also requires a third-party control server to detect the outgoing probe requests, which is cumbersome and complicates the deployment. Here are some examples of common use cases that can lead to a server side request forgery vulnerability when the proper validations are not introduced: download and fetching of resources, Webhooks, request forwarding, and open redirect. However, although Fortify is known for false positives, I have not seen it make that type of mistake (i.e. In a Server Side Request Forgery, a vulnerable application takes a request parameter and uses it to perform a subsequent operation. Apart from the http:// and https:// URL schemas, an attacker may take advantage of lesser-known or legacy URL schemas to access files on the local system or on the internal network. By tracking all input data in real-time and seeing how the application is actually using it, an IAST will reliably detect that an untrusted input is involved in sensitive operations, both internal and external. Essentially, it is a trial and error process. * http://localhost:8080/ssrf/request/sec?url=, * http://localhost:8080/ssrf/openStream?url=file:///etc/passwd, * http://localhost:8080/ssrf/httpclient/sec?url=, * http://localhost:8080/ssrf/commonsHttpClient/sec?url=, * http://localhost:8080/ssrf/Jsoup?url=, * http://localhost:8080/ssrf/IOUtils/sec?url= In case of sockets client, determine available U RI schemas 7. Runtime Application Self Protection technology (RASP) shares some of the architectural advantages with the IAST approach discussed above, in the vulnerability detection section. This results in SASTs missing SSRF vulnerabilities, and also false positives due to the SAST pattern matching approach. A Server Side Request Forgery vulnerability is a security bug that happens when an application takes untrusted user input, typically a POST or GET request parameter, and uses it without proper validation to generate a subsequent request. This means that there is no need to validate all the input, but only those pieces that reach a critical code hotspot. Hdiv Security detects and protects the SSRF Risk.

SSRF is usually used to target internal systems behind firewalls that are normally inaccessible to an attacker from the external network. In general, blacklists are a poor security control because there will always be bypasses not envisaged by a developer. If your application only makes use of HTTP or HTTPS to make requests, only allow those URL schemas. As applications gain modularity and complexity, the reliance on external services increases. There are two main types of Server Side Request Forgery: Basic Server Side Request Forgery occurs when the attacker actually receives back the response to the SSRF payload, meaning that the request loop closes back to the attacker. r/netsec: A community for technical news and discussion of information security and closely related topics. This is similar to how a web scanner DAST would attempt to detect the presence of the vulnerability. You signed in with another tab or window. Server-Side Request Forgery vulnerabilities could provide an attacker with the opportunity to access some of these services without any authentication standing in the way. For production systems, Hdiv Protection, based on RASP technology, protects SSRF vulnerabilities from attacks without using blacklists or pattern-matching. Webhooks are a modular way to extend the functionality of an application by including flexible and standardized “plugins.” The external site plugins (webhooks) are called after a triggering event in the origin application. SSRF is exploited by an attacker controlling an outgoing request that the server is making.

The Overflow Blog Podcast 268: How developers can become great writers. Imagine a use case to create user accounts, including a profile picture for each user. All About Interactive Application Security Testing, What is SAST? The SSRF exploits are not limited to web access. An attacker can even get creative with SSRF and run port scans on internal networks with this approach. An attacker takes advantage of the access rights of the target server to perform a broad array of unauthorized actions. SSRF attack protection SSRF is a dangerous web vulnerability caused by bad programming.

They are similar to APIs, but simpler and more standardized. Ensuring that the response received by the remote server is indeed what the server is expecting is important to prevent any unforeseen response data leaking to the attacker. Learn more. This service is only available to the server and not to the outside world. Another tactic is to block specific protocols, such as file or smb. Acunetix solves this by making use of AcuMonitor as its intermediary service during an automated scan. Therefore, it’s best to enable authentication wherever possible as another defense mechanism. From the point of view of the API, the origin of the request is the SSRF-compromised server, which opens the door to abuse. Passive IASTs, in particular, do not need to use specific inputs or probing traffic, and can reliably identify SSRF vulnerabilities with no false positives. The morphology of the attack and the particular payload structure will greatly depend on whether it is a basic vs blind, as well as on the intended action. The CapitalOne breach is relevant because the application WAF (ModSecurity) was unable to identify and block the attack.

Disabling unused URL schemas will prevent a web application from making requests using potentially dangerous URL schemas such as file:///, dict://, ftp:// and gopher://. In this case, bypass by an attacker is as easy as using an HTTP redirect, a wildcard DNS service such as, or even alternate IP encoding. See the original article here. Server Side Request Forgery is easy to understand by seeing a code example. Typically Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) occurs when a web application is making a request, where an attacker has full or partial control of the request that is being sent.

A SSRF occurs when the application includes a component that takes untrusted input to fetch a server resource and it does not perform security validations. If uri is indeed hard-coded, then the attacker has no ability to influence where the request is going, so it would indeed look to be a false positive. The user uploads a picture, and it is placed in a separate storage service, such as an S3 bucket. Some applications store images and other resources in the server filesystem. For a comprehensive list of attacks and URL schemas that can be used, ONSec Labs maintains a detailed document with a lot of useful information about Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) attacks.

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