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spero dedes nba

“Any announcer wants to be in the arena, you want to feel the energy of the crowd, and we want to convey that to the viewers, so I think it’s a huge, huge help for us.”. “The really cool part of this, I think, is that of NBA fans, a very small percentage get to actually experience games in person, very few buy the tickets and have an opportunity to go to the game. WarnerMedia Privacy Center | Accessibility and Closed Caption |. Er begann seine Karriere bei WFAN in New York. It’s not like the broadcast, traditional, you get to actually go in and say ‘Hey, check this out,’ even guide them in how to use the different cameras, say ‘Don’t forget you can check out different camera angles on your own, but come back to us if you want to see X,Y,Z.’ So it makes you feel like you’re watching the game with Spero instead of him just talking to everyone. And, except for that last one, we make our cameras selectable, so as a viewer, you can pick whichever camera you want to watch the game from, or you can watch the VR cast, which is us producing, directing and cutting the whole game for you.”. Februar 1979) ist ein amerikanischer Sportreporter.Er wird derzeit von beschäftigt CBS Sports, den Aufruf der NFL, NBA und College - Basketball.Vor der CBS kam, war er das Hörspiel-by-play Ansager für die Los Angeles Lakers (2005-2011) und einem Radio und Fernsehen play-by-play Ansager für die New York Knicks (2011-2014). Moreover, Dedes previously worked for the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks from which he surely earned a fortunate amount of money. An example would be the integration of 2D content; our experience isn’t just the 3D content that we’re capturing with our cameras, we’ll put a picture-in-picture up, and we’ll throw any kind of 2D content in, whether it’s showing our announcers…we’ve had Spero calling the game, and we’re showing him in the little box while free throws are being shot, or we’re putting together little packages, we’ll even take TNT’s programming, like, if they’ve got a better replay than we do, we’ll pull that up in a picture-in-picture and show it. greats Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter, and James Holzhauer to participate in ABC’s ‘The Chase’, ABC’s three CFB windows all recorded season-high viewership Saturday, with Ohio State-Penn State their best game so far, NFL Week 8 viewership: another strong week of Sunday afternoon windows, “Big Noon Kickoff” cast off air due to COVID-19 quarantine protocols, with NFL on Fox cast and Emmanuel Acho filling in, Louisville-Virginia postponed to Nov. 14 after 10 Cardinals’ players test positive for COVID-19, Ohio-Central Michigan, one of the first MAC games back, was interrupted by a power outage, The rumored ESPN layoffs are reportedly coming this week, with a focus on those behind the camera, Your 2020 college football Week 10 announcing schedule. In den Jahren 2001 und 2002 war Dedes der Radiosprecher der New Jersey Gladiators der AFL. He has also called NFL action on FOX, and this past August was in Athens as a reporter/play-by-play announcer on NBC's coverage of the 2004 Summer Olympics. Dedes, 32, had done play-by-play for the Los Angeles Lakers on 710 ESPN, but had agreed to the same position with the Knicks, whose broadcasts are on ESPN 1050 in New York. As of 2019, Spero Dedes has an estimated net worth of $2 million. He said the truck setup worked well in its own right, though, and it gave the announcers the chance to work even more closely with the producer and director. “It’s almost as if you’re sitting in that seat at center court. Before joining CBS, Dedes worked as the radio play-by-play announcer for the Los Angeles Lakers from 2005 to 2011. Im Jahr 2005 hatte Dedes die größte Unterbrechung seiner Karriere, als er als Radiosprecher für die Los Angeles Lakers eingestellt wurde. He said it’s been a great experience calling these games in VR, and he thinks VR broadcasts will be a bigger and bigger part of sports down the road. Derzeit ist er bei CBS Sports beschäftigt und nennt die NFL , die NBA und den College-Basketball . Darüber hinaus wurde er in diesem Herbst die Nummer 2 der SEC auf CBS hinter Verne Lundquist . I just finished the NCAA basketball tournament — “March Madness.” We worked the games in Spokane, WA – 6 games in 2 days. Am 17. Im Jahr 2005 füllte Dedes die NFL auf CBS . He was born in Paramus, New Jersey in 1979. 10 Louisville players and five staffers recently tested positive for COVID-19. If you make a request through If you make a request through the WarnerMedia Privacy Center, Dedes has an estimated net worth of $2 million and earns an annual salary of $300,000. Im Jahr 2011 verließ Dedes die Lakers und wurde die Radiostimme der New York Knicks . It’s the camera that’s right at center court on the floor, and you have an incredible vantage point, 180 degrees, both benches,” he said. As of 2019, Spero Dedes has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Spero Dedes, who has agreed to be the New York Knicks' new play-by-play announcer, was arrested for driving while intoxicated in the Hamptons over the July 4 weekend, according to multiple media reports. Er wurde 2009 Mitarbeiter von CBS Sports und war Kommentator für das NCCA-Turnier 2010. Terms of Use | Für die NFL-Saison 2010 wurde er zum Vollzeitansager der NFL auf CBS ernannt . But the difference is it’s such a visual thing and dependent on what angles fans are watching, meaning we kind of don’t know what they’re looking at. Greek-American sportcaster Spero Dedes has become a rising presence in the world of TV sports broadcasting in the U.S. and a well-known name to basketball fans everywhere after becoming the radio voice of the Los Angeles Lakers in 2005 at the age of 26, and later the New York Knicks in 2011. You can be in China and be like ‘I want to go to the Garden tonight.’ You put that headset on, and it’s not like you’re watching the game through a lens like you would be on TV. Dedes was the radio voice of the Los Angeles Lakers for six seasons,1 hired by the franchise in 2005. Copyright © 2020 NBA Media Ventures, LLC. He is currently employed by CBS Sports, calling the NFL, NBA, and college basketball. So elements like that, we learned a lot with baseball.”. the NBA Privacy Center, it will apply to data controlled independently by the NBA. Moreover, Dedes previously worked for the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks from which he surely earned … But you see what does and what doesn’t, and we took a lot of those learnings and applied them to basketball. Similarly, Dedes was named the fill-in announcer for New Jersey Nets games on the YES Network in 2002. At this point, we have a pretty good feel for how the games are being cut by the director, kind of where to look, so it’s helping, we’re way more comfortable than we were at this point last year. And to be honest, every game there’s been something new that’s come up that we haven’t encountered before, so it’s been really cool to A. experience something new like this and then B. see the technology, which is off the charts.”. Dedes covered the 2004 Summer Olympics for NBC Sports and further served as a fill-in commentator of College Basketball on CBS. Likewise, he was further named a full-time announcer of the NFL on CBS and NBA on CBS for 2010 NFL and NBA season. “The difference is the mechanics during the game. We started adding talent, things like that. …We have a camera position over each basket, just hanging right on the stanchion, and that camera angle has been really fascinating to watch because you can see spacing, you can see depth perception, so you see plays break down differently than if you’re watching on linear TV. 2 All-Stars! Spero Dedes (born February 27, 1979) is an American sportscaster. However, Dedes hasn't revealed any information about his parents and siblings yet. So this is really fun, it’s been really interesting, and I think it’s something that could become really prominent in the next couple years if it continues to go the way it is.”. Playerswiki “This is cool, because we’ve done so many games and you do it in the same way all the time, this is kind of refreshing and forces you to think about things differently, to look at things a little bit differently. Dedes, who attended Fordham, was charged with DWI and posted $500 bail. Steve Smith, who I worked on VR casts with at the Sweet 16, Elite Eight and Final Four, that was his favorite angle because he could see the spacing on the floor and he was able to break plays down differently, more in-depth than he was if he was calling the game on regular television. Accessibility and Closed Caption |, The Point: Lakers Understood the Value of Consistency—Especially in Volatile Season. “We just came out of a huge one with the Olympics, which we broadcast all around the world with different rightsholding broadcasters in each country. Furthermore, there are no records of his past relationships and affairs too. So it gave us this platform where the guys on the ground just got to be creative and test whatever they wanted, and not everything always works, right? Dedes, has served as the voice of the YES Network's collegiate sports coverage (football and basketball), and served as a fill in as YES' play-by-play announcer on Nets' telecasts behind Ian Eagle and as a studio host for the Yankees' and Nets' pre and postgame shows. Do Not Sell My Personal Information | Dedes currently works for CBS Sports where he covers NFL, NBA, and college basketball and earns an average annual salary of $300,000. He previously worked at Yahoo! Banks said Intel has learned a lot from the different sports they’ve broadcast in VR, and basketball’s been particularly interesting for them because of the arena setup. Dedes was born in Paramus, New Jersey. Privacy Act, please use the links below to visit each company’s privacy center. And one of those things that Intel wants to do is really help fans get more immersed into the game and help our partners deliver an immersive experience to fans and let them interact with sports in ways that they never have before.”, “If a partner just wants us to use their feed, we can and will, but what’s cool about having your own announcers, like with Spero and Stephanie who have been our primary announcers, they get to call the game based on how the cameras are calling it. Dedes has been doing various VR broadcasts for over a year now, but said while he’s gotten over the initial learning curve, there are still new things that come up.

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