revolut transaction declined by location based security
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revolut transaction declined by location based security

(I don’t think there are detailed location informations for merchants available that can be checked in real time.). Had a transaction blocked due to location in Milano as Revolut saw the merchant as being in Rome. Not only is there an issue with reliability of GPS data but you also need to deal with central submitters where the address of the merchant is different to where the device is actually located. Go to the card section and find the security options. Alright, thanks for that detail, that would rule out “country”. Dear Revolut-Community, yesterday it happened to me the first time, that Revolut was preventing me from paying my coffee at a known Café-Branch in London. Thank you for your feedback and your time. Consider also that it is not unusual to use cards indoors where GPS won’t work at all. They are determining merchant location based on POS settings. Must be a temporary failure I can’t influence. I recently went through two French autoroute toll booths, 30km apart, same operator. I can think of lots of places where I could move many miles without the phone being able to get a location. Fail, due to “Merchant location is different than yours” or some such thing. That would have been my assumption, but assuming that diak’s transaction really was refused because he was in Milan when Revolut assumed the merchant to be 500 kilometers south, there ought to be at least the possibility of finer control. All in all a poor experience, as there is no indication of what is going on at the point of failure. However now, location based security seems to block his transactions. May be the “snoozing”-function could be added by an adjustable radius of NN km or miles? I held the card at the edge of the transaction device to pay contactless. I then turn off the location-based security and try again, this time the transaction goes through without any problems. Today, a regular payment to a US merchant has been declined. thank you for your tip. mikepauljones. Just to clarify, that if you have enabled the location settings on your app, your card and your phone have to be relatively closed to each other at the time of the transaction. An other idea would be, that you snooze the “Location based security”-function a defined time span. 10km, 20km, 50km. Are you able to help please? Do you know that you can disable/enable the security features of your card in the security section of the app? Later the two transaction tries were shown up in the app and I understood what the problem was. Thanks. Two French autoroute toll booths, 30km apart, same operator. How far exactly, what distance, do the card and phone need to be from each other for the payment to be declined? I am sure they will get it right eventually given time and a lot of machine based learning but in the meantime the incidence of false positives will cause a lot of people to switch it off. That was fantastic but felt also a bit odd, cause again in the same Coffee-Shop in Central-London I couldn’t pay with my card and the flight-modus was not activated. “City” probably next. On paper Revolut … my smartphone was in my pocket so may be 30 to 50cm distance to the payment machine. No reason. Had a transaction blocked due to location in Milano as Revolut saw the merchant as being in Rome. If the App can’t recognize what my position is, then I could give me a hint and ask me, if it’s ok or not. It was ok last month, the only difference is I have enabled location based security (online transaction has been always enabled). May be I should have written some more information about this practical experience I made in this situation. E.g. On top of that merchants have a habit of moving PoS devices around and not telling the Acquirer. @MampfderEchte i suspect that the payment in the airplane was done offline. As you might have guessed it was in the same city. Whats the solution? Location security is only for physical card. Few hundred meters? yesterday it happened to me the first time, that Revolut was preventing me from paying my coffee at a known Café-Branch in London. It most likely has a radius of 10metres. The reason was, that the “Location based security”-Service wasn’t able to determine my position. Shaun. Either it is due to the high buildings or, maybe, there is a noise in the signal being added on purpose by the GPS satellites (as a potential security feature). The first one worked, the second not. But if I set it to While Using then maybe it won’t work properly? Maybe the address if they can pick it up from the POS…, I remember someone from Revolut saying it’s country based and not more granular. Yes.” Hmm. I read these posts and disabled location-based security. the next 15 min, 30 min. I can enable this feature for my physical cards (Visa & MC) but when I check the status a few moments later Location-based security is switched off again. since then, i’ve had the location feature enabled , payed stuff online all across europe and it never failed. I’ll chat with the support in the app and give it a try. Tripit, Sky Guide), if I set the location tracking to Always then the Location icon never goes away, which doesn’t seem right (it’s as if it’s checking it constantly rather than intermittently). I was thinking “Do I have enough money on the card? I live in the UK, flew to Dublin, tried to pay a cabbie with my phone next to me. Hey Fernando, nice to meet you. Hopefully it’s more understandable. Today, a regular payment to a US merchant has been declined. E.g. I recommend disabling online payments for physical card altogether and use a virtual card for online, HI @Juliopp, thank you. The two sites are well separated, see above. She received info about the store where the transaction had been attempted and the merchant somehow held on to the card (no details given about this). What about if the Revolut App would request if the payment should be executed despite the “I can’t determine your location”-issue. Which leaves me now with no money at all and stranded please help? This was irritating. Yes, i know that; let’s say anyway that it shouldn’t apply… yes, I know this function. Had a transaction blocked due to location in Milano as Revolut saw the merchant as being in Rome. She then went to the store and collected the card in person and was able to continue using it. Then the information showed up “… not authorized”. Hmm: just hit this for the first time. Not really, because this is the very thing that is unclear and what the OP asked about. This just happened to me in London (Pure next to Moorgate). I mean for it to be able to do its job as in the story I posted above. On paper Revolut seems great…. so if you are in london, or even UK, it accepts it. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Location based security was preventing me to pay.

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