puri puri squad
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puri puri squad

Together with The Man, they would go to the Choujin world and occasionally cull the Choujin population. He returns in the Perfect Origin arc, fighting the Perfect Origin Thingman. His descendants are what would become the Kinniku clan.

He wears a traditional prison jumpsuit with white and blue stripes. The match soon escalates to a tag match as the ring they were fighting on is destroyed, and they land on the ring where Springman and Grim Reaper were fighting. Perfect Eighth: Thingman is a large, metallic Choujin made out of an indestructable material from outer space. Perfect Sixth: Justiceman is a Perfect Choujin who was known as the God of Judgment. He is voiced by Yonehiko Kitagawa in Kinnikuman, Takkou Ishimori in Kinnikuman: Scramble for the Throne, Kenji Nomura in Kinnikuman Nisei and Darren Dunstan in Ultimate Muscle in English dub. However, while powerful, he self-proclaims himself to be the weakest S-Class hero. When he loses an arm, he is able to steal a deceased Choujin's arms to replace it. He subsequently commits suicide with Strong the Budo's sword, setting the tone for the Perfect Large Numbers' ideals of taking one's life after a loss. She returns in the Scramble for the Throne arc, where her face was damaged, although this was fixed by Kinnikuman's Face Flash. It is further explained that Tatsunori's rule had been a tumultuous one. He is voiced by Ken Yamaguchi, and later Ryouichi Tanaka. Later, when Sweet Mask berates the S-Class heroes for A-City's destruction, Puri-Puri Prisoner refrained from being argumentative and instead tried to defuse the situation, showing that despite his flamboyant antics, he is capable of demonstrating calmness, reason and tact in serious situations. [48], Puri was capped by Estonia at under-17, under-19 and under-21 level.
He is also able to do the Muscle Inferno, one of the sacred techniques of the Kinniku clan, but it was revealed that it is an incomplete version, allowing Kinnikuman to escape the move and defeat Zebra. Black Hole would accidentally suck in his brother Pentagon, and Pentagon would then emerge from Black Hole's body. Mister VTR (ミスターVTR) is a camera-type Robo Choujin, and the second guard of Team Mariposa. After Buffaloman defeats him, he goads Buffaloman to kill him, after which he apparently disappears. Japanese VA Eventually, Super Phoenix decides to accept the God of Intelligence to possess him once more, gaining the upper hand. Perfect Rise Marvelous is a dragon-themed Choujin. A lot of prisoners stated that he always skips prison labor.

He faces Kinnikuman Super Phoenix at Azuchi Castle, and he takes a commanding lead as Super Phoenix's techniques is unable to do significant damage to him, although Super Phoenix himself is able to avoid the full brunt of Aristera's moves by using his calculating mind. Prior to the finals, he ambushes Warsman, rendering him incapable of participating in the finals. He and Skull Bozu were defeated by Kinnikuman and Terryman.

プーリ・エンジェル Specialman is a Choujin in the form of an American football player, hailing from the northern part of the United States. Omegaman, along with Kinnikuman Super Phoenix, fights Kinnikuman and Neptuneman in a tag team match for the climax of the Scramble for the Throne arc.

Mariposa ended up fighting Robin Mask himself, making use of the stolen staff. Afterwards, it was revealed that he was human all along, and he succumbs to his injuries as a result. He is voiced by Kazuhiko Kishino. Puli Angel (VIZ, Funimation)

Ultimately, Atlantis uses Robin Mask's signature move, the Tower Bridge, to kill Marlinman, but Atlantis himself succumbs to his injuries and dies himself, resulting in a draw. His goal is to show Kinnikuman the True Friendship Power, in order for Kinnikuman to be able to face Super Phoenix. Rather than being turned into a human, he chose to die fighting as a Devil Choujin, having his head destroyed by Strong the Budo's Helmet Breaker.

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