navamsa chart with degree
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navamsa chart with degree

So you can use this chart to best determine the bride and grooms perspective. All Rights Reserved. He or she will have interest in religious practices. Done by dividing each sign of 30 degrees into 3-1/3rd degrees. Secondly the ninth lord of Navamsa should also relate to the trines of Navamsa. But this kind of Vargottama where the planet is debilitated in both Rashi and Navamsa is not good. There are some combinations to determine the possibility of marriage. Mars (Mirgasira, Chitra and Dhanishta) do not have any Pushkar Navamsa. The 10th house of D9 chart is known as the Lakshmi Sthana. For example, if Sun is your 10th Lord and is in Aries Navamsa, the ruler of Aries Mars can indicate your profession. Birth Chart = Sign degrees = Navamsa working out. There is quite a more simple method to calculate Navamsa without any Hassle. Whenever a planet is Vargottama, the qualities of that planet will become the part of your character. If you want to know the status of the family of your prospective spouse, you should judge the strength of the Lord of 7th house. It helps us to understand the most beneficial or suitable stream for us. So the placement of Venus in Navamsa or D9 chart is equally important. So, after understanding whether you have late or early marriage, we have to check the appropriate Dasha and transit. Then you place the planets in their navamsa positions to see your Navamsa Chart. Navamsa D9 chart is based on 9th Division of a 30° degree Sign. What is the Ascendant, Descendant, Imum Coeli, and Midheaven, Are You Attracted To Them? He or she will have fair complexion with a silky smooth and spotless skin. If planets like Saturn, Ketu etc occupies the 7th house of Navamsa it will create delay in your marriage. The Navamsa for fixed signs will start from the 9th sign from the fixed sign under consideration. Your ultimate path, or marriage chart, is seen as the mirror to the birth (rasi) chart. But we should also use the divisional chart for career as well. The trines of the birth chart are also dharma houses. On the other hand, Venus in Virgo, Scorpio or Gemini Navamsa sign is also not very auspicious. Planets positioned in the 7th house of Navamsa, 7th sign of Navamsa and the 7th Lord of Navamsa or D9 chart will be the main factors to indict the nature, character, look and profession of your life partner. In the Navamsa chart Jupiter must influence the Lagna or Lagna lord of Navamsa. The 10th Lord or ascendant Lord or 6th Lord of D1 chart should not be debilitated or afflicted or in enemy sign in D9 chart. Spiritualism is not bound by them and is the inner urge of a person. In Astrology, there are certain parts of the Zodiac where we can be healed and our soul can be purified. Navamsa is also referred to check the devotion of a person towards his/her religion. But one may not have any planet in 12th from Atmakaraka quite often. It offers more detailed information about your married life. Marriage is promised in the Dasha of planets posited in the 7. It is the main house of religion. But if there is a malefic Mercury with bad association, your spouse may not have these good qualities. The trine lords of Navamsa must be related with each other and with the trine houses of Navamsa to make a person religious. Because the Navamsa is like your “ultimate path”, its the added guide behind your rasi, the boost” if you will. We must differentiate between religion and spiritualism. The Lagna Lord of Navamsa, 7th Lord of Navamsa, planets sitting in the 7th house of Navamsa plays an important role in predicting marriage. This combination is classical sanyas yoga. Planets in the Navamsa Lagna or in trying of Navamsa Lagna indicated our inborn talent. Now we will discuss the calculation of the Navamsa chart. It can allow for exact and accurate prediction. These positions are known as Puskara bhaga and Pushkara Navamsa. Then you place the planets in their navamsa positions to see your Navamsa Chart. So if we minutely analyse the 7th house and 7th Lord of D9 chart, we will get a lot of information about your prospective life partner. You have entered an incorrect email address! Benefic relation with Moon give a calm mind. First house must be strong. The total zodiac sign consists of 360 degrees, each sign is arranged as 30 degrees. It is used to find your inherent qualities. It will also give a lot of information about your life partner like his/her physical appearance, profession etc. Vedicknowledge © Copyrights 2020. This lord must influence trines from the Moon in the Navamsa. Ninth lord of the birth horoscope should occupy a trine or Kendra sign of birth chart. This 3 degree 20 minute is the span of each Navamsa. Benefic association makes the Moon soft and the person lacks endurance. Accordingly Venus in Libra in Rashi chart and in Taurus Navamsa, is also considered Swa-Navamsa. It literally means the 9 aspects in our life. He or she will have interest in photography, movies etc. He/she will have a research oriented mindset and will try to dig deep into everything. So the entire Zodiac of 12 signs will be 360 degrees. For example, It is like cutting a fruit mango and into nine same parts or like cutting a big pizza into nine equal pieces. Part 1: Ascendant Compatibility, All About Sidereal Astrology Rahu North Node, All About Sidereal Astrology Ketu South Node, How To Get Your Own Free Sidereal Astrology Chart From Jupiter influence on tenth house of Navamsa is equally beneficial. For example, with the Sun in Sagittarius in the birth chart, its in a friendly position, yet within the Navamsa it is in its mooltrikon position within Leo (so stronger). That 30 degree is further divided into nine equal parts. Lack of compromising ability will be seen within your spouse. Marriage can happen in the period of Navamsa Lagna Lord. The real strength of the planets is seen from this divisional chart. This placement indicates your spiritual and professional life. Your ultimate path, or marriage chart, is seen as the mirror to the birth (rasi) chart. Navamsa chart is very important for analyzing your chart in full. Navamansh or Navamsa, or D9 is one of the divisional charts and the 16 divisional charts as well. We need the help of fortune or luck at every turn in your life. For example, the Sun is placed in the 10th house of D1 chart. The ninth lord of birth chart should be in the first or ninth house of Navamsa. Ketu Nakshatras (Ashwini, Magha and Mula) do not have any Pushkar Navamsa. If these malefic planets also aspect or conjunct with the 7th Lord of Navamsa, it will also give late marriage. The Sun in the same situation will be said exalted Vargottama. After checking the Rashi chart or D1 chart, most of the Astrologers study the D9 chart. But, a benefic planet will make the way to realize that one easily with its blessing. The Navamsa will tell us the actual strength of any planet. Navamsa will indicate whether your marriage will be happy or not. The malefic influence on the Moon is required. Check the Atmakaraka Planet of your D1 Chart and Check it’s position in D9 chart. In case of child birth we also need to check the D9 chart along with D1 and D7 charts. Another important factor is the ninth lord of birth chart. He or she will refuse to accept any kind of orthodox thought. Meaning the Sun’s boosted by extra strength :). It will show the luck and smoothness of your soul to achieve the above. Signs ruled by them are also considered malefic. She or he may be irritating and quarrelsome. Then we need to check the condition of the 7th Lord of Navamsa. This rule must be seen for devotion to religion. Sun = Sagittarius 15.7 degrees = 13.20-16.40: Leo, Moon = Virgo 4.18 degrees = 3.20-6.40: Aquarius, Mercury = Capricorn 1.3 degrees = 0.00-3.20: Capricorn, Venus = Scorpio 21.56 degrees = 20.00-23.20: Capricorn, Mars = Pisces 25.41 degrees = 23.20-26.40: Aquarius, Jupiter = Taurus 3.14 degrees = 0.00-3.20: Capricorn, Saturn = Sagittarius 11.16 degrees = 10.00-13.20: Cancer, Rahu = Aquarius 13 degrees = 10.00-13.20: Capricorn, Ketu = Leo 13 degrees = 10.00-13.20: Cancer, “So a planet can be strong or weak depending on how much it likes its position based on its likes and dislikes…”.

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