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naruto rogue ninja fanfiction

Now a new ninja group has arisen and is gathering interest from the Five Great Nations. Konoha was his home. The noise made was a relieving cheer of gratefulness for the break they were given. However, a single glance at the jealous Ino who was arguing with Sakura about how attractive her brother was (...Ew... And why the heck were they comparing Itachi's features to her own?) A determined loser. I felt like a foolish child that had been lead astray, and then mocked for it. Naruto sat on the familiar playground swing rocking back and forth as he looked on at the other kids enjoying themselves a few dozen feet away. In any case, be sure to drop a follow and a favorite if you enjoy my work! The ragged wounds were oozing blood at an alarming rate and it was now to the point where the upper portion of his outfit was soaked in blood and looked more red than orange. He closed his eyes and murmured, "Let's think positively about this. It was depressing to her; many of her other peers had already started their Shinobi training at the age of twelve, and she had just begun several months ago! Kiba protested in anger, but was promptly ignored by the other two. Naruto Uzumaki wasn't always a rogue. The thought of it still made her shiver to this day. If they wanted him, he was fine with that. Ha, she didn't need any servants to do that for her! He looked down at it before the sound of an opening door tore his gaze away from it, and he caught sight of an elderly woman with dark-maroon hair arranged in two buns on top of her head. ", "Sorry, lil' lady. Her eyes widened when she realized that he had poked her in the forehead and said, "Sasuke, answer me when I'm talking to you. She was behind the rest of the world, and it would take her years to recover and catch up to everyone else! I'll just have my granddaughter clean it up... You just go on about your day.". I'm also pretty big on answering reviews. the fox stated blandly. At least Shino and Kiba actually tried... She was brought out of her thoughts as Kiba leaned against the tree above her and began, "Man, that was almost wicked! She pouted at him as he walked past her into the dining area right as the servants were bringing out the food. In a Land of Fire & a time of ninja, a silver-tongued fox convinces a desperate boy to make a decision that changes his life forever. But to kill an innocent woman who merely spent one night with him and attack an elderly woman just to provoke him wasn't something he could agree with. The blonde frowned disdainfully, and a grateful look appeared on Sakura's face for the defense. She decided it was about time for her to return home as well, as dinner surely would've been close to being done. Without even looking for it, a lot of the things he had been wishing for fell into his lap, but the same experiences that brought the team together, started to push them apart. I've been trying to find 'em all. A glass of water was thrust in her face, and she accepted it before flooding her throat with it. ", "Getting into the academy doesn't make you a real ninja. 17. By now, he knew that this was just how things were. The bright, cheerful grin on his face heavily contrasted the scenery of death behind him. What if he ran away? The ageing mutant whent on to read the fathers bio next. It was a familiar feeling. ", He stared at her with a small scowl before honestly stating, "Don't believe in 'em. She couldn't die here! As his elbow flew towards empty space, he realized his mistake and tried to recover, but it was too late. He stared down the spiky-haired kid for a while then shoved his hands into his pockets and walked away. She went to bed that night constantly thinking over her father's conversation with her brother. What he could not have known was how becoming a member of Team 7 would impact him. Press J to jump to the feed. An outlandishly-accented voice rung through her ears, followed by the sounds of slicing winds and horrific screams. I guess if you burn everything down, there won't be anybody left to argue with. One of the reasons she disliked training with him is because he had a dreadfully disgusting crush on her. The kunai spun around in Kani's hand as he tried jabbing at Naruto from above, below, and every angle in between. PLEASE leave a review on this story if you're enjoying it. A sigh escaped his lips as he spoke to his wide-bodied companion. She should have known better than to the Great Fireball Technique before she was sure she could use it properly! After a moment of thinking, he lifted a spiny finger pointed towards the tallest boy in the group and said, "Well, his brother is tall enough for both of them. "Real ninjas have to be a certain height. Doing any of those things would just make them think they were getting to him and that was something he would never let them see. Mission: FAILED! The first bite went into her mouth without a single care if anyone around her could hear, even as her mother nearby reprimanded her for her bad manners. 18. He picked up his hooded traveling cape and wrapped it over his shoulders while he marched down the hallway. "Well, what are you lookin' at?!" The old woman here made the greatest tea that he'd ever tasted, and that's coming from someone who's been all around this dreary world. Letting Go. It didn't. She saw the dark scowl form on Itachi's brow as he retorted softly, "And what if they don't? "Is currently responsible for those gashes across your upper body.". The most recent he found were his first two students Jean Grey and Scott Summers. She turned and looked into the equally cold visage of her older brother, Itachi Uchiha; The so-called strongest of the Uchiha Clan, being prepared and groomed to take over the Clan from their father. 4. It never worked. ", "What?!" He heard the elder woman's footsteps echo next to him. In fact I didn't sleep at all, I lay awake squashed between Temari and Kankuro as I thought about everything that had happened. The old woman screamed and pointed as she saw them, but their attention was on the body of their ally flying through the air. [Epic]. You're too short. Gaara's dark, demanding voice called to her "shouldn't you be packing? Her eyes went wide as she inhaled large amounts of air into her lungs, causing her cheeks to bloat before she roared, "Headsup, Kiba! Asuma glared at him through the smoke of his lit cigarette "Look Kakashi, just because you won't tell us what's wrong doesn't mean we are going to keep going like this just so you have a distraction. Charels desided to do alittle more digging so he braught up the pictures and bios of the parents. You're doing that weird spacing out again. Drinking was not his forte. It was only thanks to his hand that he managed to prevent it from blinding his eyes. As time passed, he realized that being a member of Team 7 was probably what it felt like to have a family. Her stone face cracked as she stared at him, that painful look of rejection in her eyes once more as she begged him to tell her it wasn't true. Basicly Naruto goes rogue when he cant handle things anymore he just wants some space for himself where he can feel safe but how will a certain raven act when... Browse . 22. left kudos on this work! Work Search: Being a funny loser was an improvement. At the end of her life, she'd calculate how many times he's done that to her and see if it leaves a big indention in the middle of her forehead. It was no use and the position his body was in confirmed what his mind already knew – he was beaten. The only thing the Inuzuka could have done in that moment was scream as the searing heat bathed over his body. In past attempts, he had tried waiting for an opening, but that method had proved unfruitful. Initially, the team suffered from obvious incompatibility issues, but the various missions they embarked on strengthened their bond as a team. Asking to take the story in a different direction, or making a threat like, "If this character dies/If something happens that I don't like/If something happens that I don't want to happen, then I'm not going to read anymore or I'm done with this story," is not helpful. Tomorrow we would leave this village, I would go home with them.. And all would be right in the world again.. Utawifex, regin, ArcheryJ, and epikbts In the end, he simply whispered, "No, doesn't look like it.". Sasuke and Naruto have been hating each other for awhile. All around, the joyful sounds surrounding the lively playground had died down and, one by one, the other boys had turned to look at him. So it was them?". More. 16. Your review has been posted. By: EMR-one7. Unburdened. When she was younger, it was because she wasn't training to be a Ninja. That's not what he would get though, he'd go straight to Lady Tsunade's office and ask her for his next mission as he had the last two times he'd come back to the village this week. Ninja Dogs to the Rescue! You don't even know if the story already answers your question. "Grow up…loser.". for Naruto Ronin: The Rogue Ninja. She instead looked over at the third visitor to the Uchiha Hot Springs, which was a pink-haired young girl with emerald-green eyes. ", Kakashi gave a bored shrug "fine, go home.. Ino cast a glance towards Naruto then gave a disheartened shrug and softly said, "No.". This is the world that the daughter of the Uchiha Clan, Sasuke Uchiha, resides in, but she never knew a thing about it until a mysterious blond vagrant offers to show it to her. With a bow of his head and a brief apology for the disruption, he turned on his heel and walked towards the entrance. Joyful. She cheered loudly again and moaned, "Aren't hot springs just the best!? this is a new story that won't leave alone until i get it typed and posted. "He might be a loser," Kani paused, taking a moment to brush some of the dust from Naruto's orange tracksuit, then said, "But he's a determined one.". He almost missed the bright-red panties lying beneath his feet, and wondered if she intentionally left those as a souvenir. Defensive blocks and sidesteps were all Naruto had to offer. She could feel him trying to help pull her up, but his hands were touching areas they shouldn't...and he still didn't think to give her any goddamned water! It had been two years since Kani made up that stupid height requirement rule, but now that Naruto had grown a few inches taller, Kani told him that he also needed to be skilled enough to beat him in a spar. Ain't no such thing as a decent Ninja... Not even me. So, no matter how much he hurt on the inside, he promised himself one thing – he would take it.

Scooby Doo First Frights - Episode 2, Mercedes-benz East London Vacancies, Corpus Christi Parish - Youtube, Boat Rental San Diego Airbnb, Oracle Argus Training In Hyderabad, Break Record Synonym, Outdoor Propane Fireplace Insert, New Balance Made In England 1530,

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