mrs butterworth bottle markings
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mrs butterworth bottle markings

Many of those types of ‘generic’ medicine bottles were made by many glass companies, in a large range of sizes over many decades. Today I found the 2″ wide oval base of a bottle inscribed with the Owens-Illinois logo, and the Duraglas logo. However, unlike Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s, which both stated earlier Wednesday their intentions to change their logos and, in Aunt Jemima’s case, the name of the brand, Mrs. Buttersworth’s didn’t commit to a full rebrand just yet. One says Duraglas and has what looks like E-1841 on the heel. Any help you be greatly appreciated.

Perhaps as time goes on, they will gain in value and interest to a wider group of glass collectors. I ALWAYS THOUGHT THOSE JAR “BUMPS” WERE BRAILLE SO THE BLIND DONT HAVE TO BE SURPRISED BY WHAT’S IN THE JAR. I have a clear glass 4” bottle from the T.C.W.Co. Thanks for the kind words about my site, and for the link to your photo.

Again, thank you.

No bottles from the late 1800s or early 1900s have numbering or lettering on the bottom like you describe. (My emails probably landed in your “spam” or “trash” folders.) Any ideas? Here is a webpage that has more info on various bottle bases and mold types:, I have an old glass bottle with DuBouchett Many Blanc written on it.

Best regards, I think they are usually 4 or 5 gallon in capacity. The “70” may be a date code for 1970. Hoping you can help me with this.I am 62 yrs.

Oh, and mine is about 4-5 inches tall. The “95” (along the lower heel of the bottle) is a date code. You can find similar “1845” amber bottles by searching ebay with the keywords “amber”, “1845” and “bottle”.

From a quick google search, Larvatox was evidently a very short-lived product, presumably one of countless numbers of U.S. products of every description that saw poor sales, or failed to “catch on” for some reason or other.

I don’t know much about those huge jars, but I understand that some were made as “conversation pieces” or gift items, and some of the same (or very similar) design jars were made to serve as large-size (institutional size, restaurant size) pickle jars.

The weird logo is supposed to be “FF in a circle” and please check out my entry for that mark in my alphabetical lists of glass marks. They identified the particular mold (or “mold cavity” on the jar-making machine). More information on this invention (which is rather involved!)

David. These bottles are in excellent condition and all have their yellow metal caps with the white liner inside.

(Readers??) Thanks Sherry, Hi Sherry,

I would guess the bottle was made by Consumers FOR Heinz and contained some type of sauce or condiment. Thanks, Hello I found a small amber/brown bottle with two circle humps on the back, and the markings on the bottom say 8 to the left and flag symbol with a capital P in the middle of the triangular flag, and also U.S.A, Christy, I’ve seen this “P in a flag” before but don’t have info on the maker. Thanks Christy, Hi Christy,

They are typical containers for medicinal products such as iodine or merthiolate (for minor burns, cuts and bruises). I’m not 100% positive that the mark is meant to be a “stylized M”.

Sometimes it was considered too expensive to engrave the molds with marks (information) that would help identify the maker.

Each individual mold was numbered (engraved), and “4 A” is the designation for the particular mold that specific bottle was made from.

Scott, I sent you a direct email, with no reply. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about mrs butterworth bottle? Thank you!

Thanks. One of the “4” digits is a mold number, but I’m not sure about the other “4”. I have a small pink or rose colored bowl, (possibly a fruit bowl?) It sounds like an old 5-gallon water bottle. Shortly after Quaker’s announcement, Mars said it will change its Uncle Ben’s brand, which features the image of an older black man.

Any ideas? It is sealed with a cork, and it has a very fine white powder in it.

I have no info on value, but in my opinion there is not much collector demand for chemical/cleaning agents/pesticide and similar product bottles/jars/jugs by antique bottle collectors at the present time.

They seem to be found quite often so I assume huge quantities were made over several years. David.

The “58” is a date code for the year 1958, when the bottle was manufactured. You might check out the article on that company here on my website. Michele, I don’t think there would be any connection, since that logo appears on an olive oil bottle.

By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, By Allison Schonter I have several from this company, and all I have determined is that after 1995 the EO was dropped so I’m sure these are prior to that year. I strongly doubt that anyone can be sure what glass company made any particular NOV 30TH 1858 variant (That is, assuming there are no recognizable glass manufacturers’ marks or logos on the jar). with a unique design I haven’t been able to find online yet. Kevin. Thank you for your interest, understanding and support! I would guess 1936, but I can’t guarantee that to be correct.

I would suggest you try posting an inquiry and pictures on the site, where a lot of bottle collectors (of all genres) hang out……there are many discussion groups there and someone may have more information for you. Perhaps you could try that.

David, Hello David, In your case, the “7” is a plant code for O-I’s glass factory at Alton, Illinois, and the “8” is a date code for 1938 or 1948. They are very nice but I’m getting the notion they may be foreign made.

marks on antique bottles & fruit jars, Milk Glass~ Vintage Cold Cream, Salve & Ointment Containers, “N in a square” mark – Obear-Nester Glass Company, New Albany Glass Works, New Albany, Indiana (1867-1872), Newark Star Glass Works, Newark, Ohio (1873-1904), Ohio Valley Glass Company, Pleasant City, Ohio (1902-1905), Owens Bottle Company (O in a square mark), Reed & Company, Massillon, Ohio (1881-1904), Rawleigh’s — W. T. Rawleigh’s / Freeport, Illinois, “Robin in Tree” children’s mug – Bryce Brothers & Mosser Glass Company, S G mark on glass containers – Saint-Gobain / Verallia, Southern Glass Works, Louisville, Kentucky (1877-c.1885), Surname-oriented Antique Bottle Collecting, Wax Sealer Fruit Jars – List of Primary Markings, Whitall Tatum Company, Millville, New Jersey, Whittemore Boston U.S.A. / Antique Shoe Polish Bottles, WEB LINKS to some other sites / Other interests (Not glass-related). However, in commercials, the talking syrup bottle was portrayed by a White actress. I have 2 bottles that appear to be for syrup. Here is a photo of it: Any idea as to who, what, when or where it is from?! Unless this is something “top secret” (not accessible by mere mortals who don’t have the proper “glass-industry security clearances” ;-o) perhaps someone can chime in and reveal exactly how these dot codes are interpreted.

I read that the number may correspond to the Mold number.

By the way, the number “7” in this case is a mold number.

Best regards, The “.3” is located opposite of the other numbers, I guess if the “7 0 70” numbers are north, the “.3” would be South.

The “76” may be a date code for 1976. The “3” might be a mold identifier number.

Tam, I suppose you mean the markings are on the bottom, or is this on the front / side? Pictures would help but maybe a baby bottle of some sort are what I have come across with this description. I wish I could better describe it but maybe this will help figure out what the marks mean.

The only markings are on the bottom. David, There are numbers on the bottom of a clear glass bottle I found Naturally i assumed it is a old pepto-bismol bottle, but everyone says that those have a P mark on the bottom. Any ideas?
The metal top still on and some dry blue substance inside.

HI I found a glass bottle in upstate NY that appears to have the words “Jo-CUY” inside of a pine tree embossed on the front.

705 Meadowlark Pl Hi Julie,


PA. To be honest, I’m simply not sure. The “10” is probably the plant location code. There is also an I in a circle as well as a single number 7. I have just found a similar bottle.

Found it buried and really wanna know what year it’s from.

Best regards,

Some had hobnail bumps, some had crosshatch patterns to indicate toxic contents; some said “Lysol” but not always…, DAZEY CHURN Sorry I have no other information. Please let us know if you're having issues with commenting.

The announcement follows decisions by the parent companies of Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s to overhaul their imaging in the wake of renewed calls for racial equality, which have been sparked in following the police killing of George Floyd. I have a very small brown bottle with a white plastic lid. It is brown with a metal top for inserting a needle. Hi Lori, Age of it?, Hi Julie, L.G.CO.export-style beer bottle, typical mark as seen on Lindell Glass Company, St. Louis product. Hope this helps, sorry I don’t have more info.
The “3” is a mold identifying number.

Btw, the only piece I can positively identify as to glassmaker source is your cobalt blue piece, which has the “M in a circle” used by Maryland Glass Corporation. Any ideas?

Thank you! Hi. This was done by hand until the first fully automatic bottle machine was put into production in 1904.

The photos below of these old amber brown glass Aunt Jemima or Mrs. Butterworth's syrup bottles will enlarge when you click on them for a good view. I have a clear glass qt. Do you have any idea on what type of bottle it cold be???

Thanks, Hi Dalla, Best regards, Perhaps a reader will know. David. This bottle base has 1949 date code to right. Does anyone know the maker of this bowl and if it’s valuable? Could the “bird with outstretched wings” possibly be the Bacardi bat symbol?

Please check out my webpage on that glass company. Can you tell me how old the bottle is?

The site was near a late 19th c seahore “Reeds Hotel” on what’s now Island Beach State Park, There have been many kinds of cod liver oil bottles made over the years.

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