mini herefords for sale in oklahoma
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mini herefords for sale in oklahoma

Whatever the reason it is an ideal area to raise cattle, especially Miniature Herefords. We have many small, young bulls for you to pick from. © 2005 - 2020 Bryan Hill Farm & Mountain View Product Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Tekamah, NE, Call: 402-377-2309 We have sold bulls and females to commercial and registered herds in ten different states. If you are looking for that deep, red color, that is what she produces. In an effort to promote the breed and educate the general public, we began to take cattle to shows to display them with other Year four we bought a very nice son of CJH L1 Domino 552 from Lone Star Ranch, which was a great compliment to our females. He walked out of his second show with a Reserve Grand Champion belt buckle, and we haven't … Email:, © 2016 KP Ranch, Inc., All Rights Reserved. KP Ranch is the show calf capitol of the Miniature Hereford world. We are breeders of Polled and Horned Miniature Hereford cattle in Amarillo, Texas. The plan was to A.I. we sell 100 bulls and 100 females annually, along with select groups of f1 replacement heifers private treaty from the ranch. Also have a year and half old, polled bull with nice color, conformation and temperament. We normally sell groups of bred heifers twice a year. She has been a part of our herd for a couple of years. Created by Mountain View Product Marketing, Inc. Photos of these animals are to come! We moved our operation here in 2011 from Southeast Texas. In 1994 the inability to exand our operation forced us to liquidate the entire commercial herd and we then purchased our first Miniature Hereford cattle. Utilizing multiple pastures and having the right bull on the right cow has proven highly beneficial for us. 720 County Road 26 We know our cattle well, they are very consistent and predictable. We have really tight calving groups, most of the calves are born in the first seven days of the calving season. We currently have animals for sale, including calves, yearlings and bred cows. Two things this area is famous for: good pasture and chickens. Thank you for visiting our website. We collect all the data possible on our herd. We’have made some changes, Now instead of having over 100 calves to choose from,we have a limited number of “The Best” calves and large selection of embroys for sale as well. ♦   […], “Jemima” is a nice polled cow. We have been in this cattle venture for several years now and our love for Miniature Herefords has only grown. If you do not see animals listed below that fit your needs or if you would like to learn in more detail what we have available, please Contact Us. we sell 100 bulls and 100 females annually, along with select groups of f1 replacement heifers. The bulls that we sell are held to very high standards. Actual birth,weaning, yearling weights,udder scores,calving ease, and disposition. Hereford cattle. We think enough of the breed to not put any problems or bad producers into production. They range in price from $1,500 to $2,500 each. We did not purchase a bull. We cull all weak performers and the mother. Every cow is bred A.I. For their second calf we bred them to C-S Pure Gold 98170 and Star Donald 335F 4 ET. We have spring and fall calving groups. This gives our customers a good variety of outcross Bulls. The KP Ranch, owned and operated by Kenny & Ali Petersen was established in 1992, located in eastern Nebraska about an hour north of Omaha near Summit Lake, running a commercial beef production cow/calf operation. Miniature Hereford cattle were NEW to the cattle industry and no one had ever heard of them. to a bull that we feel compliments her the best, then she is placed in a pasture with one our herd bulls that we feel will do the same. is the number 1 online cattle marketplace to buy, sell and list cattle for sale. Our son started in 4-H and quickly grew to love the show arena. Almost 20 years later by A.I. We have found that with the right matings we obtain are very large percent of quality offspring. A good mother and all around a great addition to any herd. program. I don’t think you could go to a herd our size of any breed and find better udder quality or more eye appeal throughout than our cows. We collect all the data possible on our herd. He is priced at $3,500. Consider the recomended serving size for meat, and a Mini Hereford steak is right on the money – with a little extra just ‘cuz. Miniature Hereford Sales Barn. Photos of these animals are to come! The KP Ranch has a reputation of Championship bloodlines in Miniature Hereford Cattle.Our goal is to continue the tradition in our Miniature Australian Shepherds. The dedication to the breed and the industry has grown and the show success of the KP Ranch has continued. Actual birth,weaning, yearling weights,udder scores,calving ease, and disposition. MINIATURE HEREFORDS & MINIATURE AUSSIES KP RANCH – PRIDE IN PRODUCTION THROUGH PROGRESS… AS PROVEN IN THE SHOW RING. We started our registered herd with buying ten top heifers from Wade Herefords.

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