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luna peak gps track

This was mostly just in case the summit ridge was icy. I packed up the gear I’d stashed, then scrambled back down to the heather slopes. © 2018 – 2020, I updated the page. I will again include Jim Brisbine’s account of the traverse for those who wish to know the details, “...possible routes to the true summit, which sits about 100 yards away along a gruesome-looking ridge. Se the updated main page for more info :). On our way down we stopped by and chatted for a moment. I managed to jog about half of the uphill, reaching the car about 20 seconds before my watch hit 5pm. The Big Beaver Creek bridge is very close to Ross Lake, and some parties take a water taxi to this location. It is also, according mountaineer Sean O’Rourke, possibly one of the toughest dayhikes in the lower 48 states. I kept this in mind for the return. We all wondered if there was a couple still lost in the brush somewhere on their 2nd try. This traverse would be quite slippery with a fresh dusting of snow, but luckily all the snow had melted. From here it is only a question of the traverse to the true summit. On the way back to the rocky gully above the basin we passed a couple trail runners who mentioned a pair in the gulley that had an accident and appeared on of them broke an ankle. It was 6am when I officially left the trail, and I’d kind of hoped the sun would have risen by the time I needed to start bushwhacking. This was a private trip due to the covid restrictions on what we can lead as official trips. So the stream isn’t as high. I wore trail runners and carried some warm clothing, but otherwise tried to go light. So, we split the difference and ran the first 30 feet of the ridge which is exposed but felt more solid and that took us to a ramp down to the ledges. Here is my original route description from many years ago: Drop your heavy gear and pack a summit bag at Luna Pass. This speaks a lot about how tame the bushwhack on Access Creek is if it is actually joggable. (Granted, I may have just picked a really good route to follow and other routes could still be bad). Some parties give up and don’t find a way across. I guess by this time in the fall the upper snowfields that usually melt to feed the stream aren’t melting much in the cold weather. The boat driver mentioned he had dropped of a couple the day before who had gotten lost the week before trying to get to Luna who were trying it again. I think that at the time (I'd only been climbing for a short time) the rope really helped me deal with the exposure. Just adding the trip report for future reference. The bottom half of the gully was talus and scree, but the upper half had a climbers trail of steps carved out of the grassy slope. The party of 3 waiting for us then took off for the true summit while we took a lunch break before heading back. Sitting around taking a lunch break a solo guy came by on his way to do Fury. At the confluence I walked across icy rocks until there was only a 10ft wide gap in the creek, which was only shin deep. To my left a snow-covered cliff dropped several hundred feet steeply onto the northwest face, and to my right a slightly less-exposed but snow-free cliff dropped down the southeast face. From there you'll begin your uphill climb to the summit. ", Images I bushwhacked up through dense brush to Access Creek, and then started ascending the south side of Access Creek. It was definitely deep enough that you would need to swim to cross it, if not for the bridge. We signed the film-can register, took photos, posed for photos, and then traversed back over to the false summit. If you are up there for the view, don’t worry about going to the true summit as the view is the same. Aconcagua mountain itself has many routes, photos, and trip reports as children. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Old Baldy, Clark Peak, Mt McCay, Spur Peak, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. I had gambled correctly by not bringing the crampons and ice ax. This made me think that maybe if I hustled on the way back I could beat my 20 hour time estimate and get back to. I reached the trail at 1pm, and at that point knew I had a good shot of getting back ahead of schedule. But I still had 1.5 hours of dark, so plunged into the woods anyways. Finally some open bushwhacking on the north side of Access Creek. Never caught up to him to say sorry about that. A couple people had gps tracks though that did show someone went to Luna from the Luna Camp split. With pleasant weather we made quick work of the first 10 miles to the Luna Camp signpost. Outils inclus: PEAK-CPL, PCAN-View, PLIN-View Pro et Virtual PCAN-Gateway. But I was feeling pretty strong, so decided to run the trail and make up even more time. Next morning, we took off up the narrow rocky gully, but going wider right and up and then across through the trees works too (probably a bit easier too). The scramble between the two summits does not by any means require a rope, slings or harnesses when dry. This would be an amazing place to camp because there are views of the both the northern and southern pickets from the col. I thought there might be a film roll inside but instead there were a few loose pages of an old summit register. Beta we had said you could run the entire ridge (harder) or take ledges across but requires a bit of a 4th class downclimb. From the pass I turned right and traversed across pleasant but steep heather slopes. Route takes navigation to hit stream crossings and travels through a lot of dense brush that does not always have a climbers trail to follow. Helping people explore, conserve, learn about, and enjoy the lands and waters of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. I soon located the logjam, and it was covered in ice. We did eventually spot him just topping out on Fury as we were on top of Luna the next day. Never caught up to him to say sorry about that. Somehow I’d shaved almost 2.5 hours off the previous fastest known time for Luna. My time constraint was that I needed to be back in Seattle at a reasonable hour Saturday night to get ready for a hiking/packrafting trip Sunday to Blanca Lake. Once on the ridge, traverse south of Point 6,730 on grass and heather and emerge into a large basin to the SE of Luna Peak. However, you have come this far and it might seem hollow not to have actually “summited.” You will have to use your good judgment and make your decision on the spot. I found a trip report from CascadeOriginals where someone had mentioned signing a register in a film canister back in 2003. I flipped through the book and noticed that Sean O’Rourke had signed in a few years earlier and said his time from car to summit was 9 hours 40 minutes. I stopped briefly to fill up another Nalgene from the snow melt, then traversed around to the southeast ridge of Luna. After crossing the heather I scrambled up some talus and class 2/3 terrain to reach Luna Col. Luckily I had a GPS track of a good crossing provided by Jake Robinson from his friend Brad who’d climbed Luna back in June. If anyone goes up anytime soon it could use a new register. For example, the I carefully crawled across on all fours and made it safely to the other side. He seemed to have that response that sounds like he knew where he was going and was wondering if we knew where we were going. My alarm woke me up at midnight and I officially left the car at 12:30am. If I go back I’ll definitely bring overnight gear and camp there. Just a bit up the scramble to the false summit we past a pair of climbers coming back who had stopped at the false summit. I dumped my gear in the car, scarfed down a half pound of pasta I’d packed for this occasion, then started the drive back home. Luna Mountain – San Bernardino Mountains – San Bernardino County – California ... Related Posts The traverse route turned out to be rather enjoyable, with a lot of moderately exposed Class 2-3 ledges in somewhat loose rock, and culminating in a very exposed Class 3 summit block of good rock. More important, though, I didn’t have to bushwhack or hike back in the dark, which wouldn’t have been super fun. Somehow I’d only drank one liter of water so far, perhaps because I was mostly moving in the cold and dark and not sweating much. Traverse across this basin at the 6,600 foot level towards Luna Col, which is the obvious notch between Luna Peak to the right and a small tower to the left. They had everything handled and were waiting for a heli rescue that was on the way and didn’t need anything. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The summit was close and I figured I wouldn’t need any extra weight on the 4th class scramble. The view from the summit of Luna, supposedly one of the best views in Washington, New fastest known time: 16 hours 29 minutes car to car (according to There was only one or two real class 3 spots on the traverse with the rest being exposed Class 2. The Mountaineers teaches skills and leads outdoor activities Even if I took exactly the same amount of time to hike back as it had taken hiking up, I would get back at 6:30pm for an 18 hour round trip. It looked like it would have been trivial to wade across. Another hour (about 4 hours from camp) put us at the false summit where the fun really starts. The next six miles are mostly flat all the way to the Big Beaver Creek bridge. I decided to gamble that almost all the snow on the upper mountain that had fallen over the past month had melted out, so instead of crampons and ice axe I just brought microspikes and hiking poles. Although Beckey recommends a low traverse on the western side of this crest, I spied a higher and more direct (but more exposed) traverse on the eastern side.

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