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lego brick template printable

Awesome!!! (Thanks to Gabriela who received the workaround from Brother customer support, and Lauren for helping diagnose this issue.). Thanks Delia! I just re-opened that file, and I am not seeing a large whitespace. I have printed several sets of labels from updates., Chapter 5: LEGO Storage for Large Collections,,, The box Lego brick favor boxes. My question is…Is there a way to enlarge the labels slightly, so are easier to see at a glance (I wear glasses but sometimes find them too small) ? Love this!! . The parts in the collection are here: and you can find a longer list here although the longer list is just an excel drop, and not officially maintained. That contact sheet is the ‘picture’ which tells me where each piece goes. I made these for my sons favor boxes for his 4th birthday a couple of months ago. Spring LEGO Calendar | That Brick Life. Oh and…if you are a Lego collector. LEGO Brick Labels were designed to be printed on ½″ laminated label tape using a compatible Brother Label printer (such as the PT-D600.) Thank you for not only sharing your ideas but also for sharing your templates and printables so your ideas can be achievable! I love them and love that you share them as well. These are amazing! Thank you again!!! Thanks again!!!! September 17, 2020: Version 35 adds 77 new labels for a total of 1340 unique parts. Required fields are marked *. My son wants a Lego party for his 7th bday…thank God we are finally done with the $500+ parties at the moon bounce places. I love, love that your daughter wants a LEGO party! What a great party! Matt, thank you – you’re right! Can you please fix the links so we can access the PDF files again? Raft: no, Be the first to share a picture of this printed object, collections where you can find Lego Bricks by, Subscribe to MMF+ for a FREE mini and exclusive access to 50% off over 100 STLs! Download and install the ‘P-touch Editor’. The LEGO Parts/Sets/Colors and Inventories of every official LEGO set in the Rebrickable database is available for download as csv files here. Dave, The lego boxes are adorable – did you have them printed on paper bigger than 8 1/2 x11 – I trying to figure out how it would be possible to make them bigger! You are a genious!More: you are a gracious and giving genious!!! Can you help, please? Thank you so, SO much for these! p.s. When prompted to enter a serial number for your device, enter “B2Z112233” (a serial number for the QL 500). Birthday Clips Lego Birthday Party Crochet Lego Sign Templates Printable Templates Free Lego Lego Bedroom Lego Man Lego Blocks. This box will look a little bit different than the ones in the pictures above. The labels are designed to work with a wide range of storage solutions, including my favorite: The affordable 64-drawer cabinets by Akro-Mils. my son will have an even better party now!!! Many of the new parts in LEGO Brick Labels version 3.3, alongside my Brother Label Printer. Nice favor boxes. (You can move them to a different container as your storage system evolves. Thanks! I have tried scanning the sheet or copy n paste as mentioned, but I find this distorts the information and makes it pixelated. Have fun party planning! It is ranked 932, which means that I’m likely to add it to the collection in a future update. fourteen Thank you for being so generous to share your ideas and downloads. LEGO Brick Labels were carefully designed for Brother P-touch label printers, which I selected because the labels are printed on durable plastic tape with a strong adhesive. Dustin, I’m glad that the labels are working well for your collection. Thanks for sharing your talent and making my guy (and me) happy!!! 2) You use ONE image in a round up or feature post with a link back to the appropriate post or the main site for credit and for full posts/tutorials. Most of the LEGO Storage products which work best with LEGO Brick Labels are featured in Chapter 5: LEGO Storage for Large Collections. Click below to download: lego-gift-box-template-large. function() { Enjoy! They can probably give a good guess just by looking at it so that you don’t waste lots of paper. of things, therefore I am going to tell her. I'm so impressed. I had not tried this, but another reader confirmed that this works fine. All those little details, the games, it just looks like it turned out perfectly for the kiddos We may be revisiting these posts for a birthday party in the future! Of all the lego party websites and blogs I have browsed for party ideas for my son, I found yours to be the most helpful. Further down in this page, you will find a list of compatible printers, and detailed instructions to help you print these labels. Thank you for all of your supportive comments concerning this party. About How it works Help / FAQ Blog Careers. Also, for some reason my printer is not automatically cutting between parts – I just get one long strip. And here are the free printables: 1. You may not use any images from this site unless you meet one or more of these requirements: 1) You receive permission in writing from Delia Randall for each specific image you would like to use. That said, I feel bad pointing out that (in v. 3.4) the minifig head (3626) is in both the Curved” and Minifig sections, albeit with slightly different graphics. When loading one of these files I get an “Unsupported font detected. I printed out your LEGO gift boxes on a 8×11 paper but it seems so small for an actual gift box. Phew…almost done. Which fonts do use there? How many lego creations can you make with that set from Wal-mart? We used them for invites but if we had a little more moolah I would have printed a big poster with Owen’s name on it or something to welcome everyone to the party. When someone writes an piece of writing nine (I keep meaning to follow-up with Brother support to clarify the high-res printing issues, but I’ve been too busy! Thank you so much for the LEGO box template!!!! The labels are waterproof, smudgeproof, durable, and they come in a variety of colors such as White, Black, Pink, Yellow, Lime Green, Clear, and even Gold. having trouble with the "Lego Bump" printables… help?! 3) The Arm, Mechanical – you have the item number 53989 listed twice (53989/ 53989). I love you!! You really did a great job! Not many people in my country throw LEGO theme party to kid , Thank you SO much for sharing all your hard work with us. I made them small boxes and just used 8.5″x11″paper. I’m going to leave this one to you – do whatever makes sense given the scope of your collection and storage containers you have. Freyr, We also included a bag of some Lego candy which you can actually build with. It's just a smidge too small for my loot! Thanks so much! He is so excited . I can’t wait to tell them the idea tonite. Anyway I can access your printable for the party favor bricks? I’ve already started working on v3.5 and added these items to my todo list. I use Catalina and P-Toch Editor 5.3.1 with a Brother Cube. I am trying to replicate it for another detail of the party.Thank you again for making my party planning a little easier and a lot more fun. Thanks for the ideas and printables! We have LEGO worksheets for math, literacy, science, challenges, and coloring! Thanks so much for all of the printables and great ideas I think this is definately going to be the theme for Christopher's party. ), E-hugs are encouraged and welcome. I get emails asking for Lego stuff all the time. Thanks for sharing your ideas and printables:) I am not able to open the lego bumps document via google docs, either. I’m glad to hear that it’s a helpful starting point for organizing your own collection! You have saved me SO much work! I use regular printer for labels. There are about 30 new general-purpose LEGO elements every year. Is this issue know to affect printing your labels on the PT-D600 as well or is the PT-D600 better for printing your labels on high quality without making images too light? timeout Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :)), I would love to use your lego printables for my son's birthday, however I am having trouble downloading them from google docs. Search for ‘QL 500’ (even though we have the PT-D600). I will save it for next year though. Hello, I am planning a lego party for my son’s birthday next week. Thank you. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Thanks for providing the labels, and thanks for the PDF contact sheet. Thank you! Hi, I love your lego ideas and my favorite is the lego box favor. I am debating between that and the party favor set. It's so easy to add your bricks and figs to make these LEGO activities extra special. Thank you so much, Tom! What a treat to find your site. can i just say AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! Found an issue in Technic-Gears 4 – there’s a big chunk of whitespace before the last element. For folks who want a darker look for their LEGO collection, the black label tape looks great! I got them at our local grocery store’s bulk candy bins. If you have wishes for other brick sizes or special brick shapes, please let me know. The Technic collection was added in April 2016, and the collection grew to more than 1000 labels by September 2017. Your box should end up slightly smaller than the ones I pictured above, and looking more like this…. I love your ideas! I'm going to use your picture that says what type of food each platter is since all my good is lego & it will help the boys & girls!! You are most welcome. My son is turning 4 and we would be drilled with these ideas since he is in to Legos. ), Your email address will not be published. I never expected to find so much relaxination while organizing bulk lots of LEGO for my collection. Happy birthday to your son! Click to subscribe, MyMiniFactory - Credit - Remix - Noncommercial, 270 Lots of great ideas here! Patrice, thank you. Also, on the updates I see parts like 4214 which have moved to retired in version 35, but I cant find them in the retired folder. I just took ring bases {3 adjustable rings in a pack at Michaels for $2 and some cents, and then even less with a coupon} and glued on a square Lego with E-6000 glue. What a blessing! This site might rock your world: You are the COOLEST mom ever and this is such a GREAT party! That goes for anyone that has issues with the links actually! I printed up a couple of sheets of each color, cut them into bricks and used them to make my Lego mosaic wall. Once I had a basic box I added Lego bumps to the top, much like with the juice boxes, and filled them with our goodies…, We bought the $15 pack of generic Legos from Walmart and Owen made some creations for each of the boys…. Your email address will not be published. Layer Height: 0.2mm thanks so much, my Charlie will love it!! Hi Tom, just finished my first round of printing with my new PTD600. Thanks again!! 2) Rotor Blade 62743 is 2 x 16 not 2 x 12 Printer: flashforge dreamer These are some of the most common Lego Bricks. I found a lot of useful information at here. 4214 was missing in the “retired” folder in the initial Version 35 release, but added the following day. 313 Thanks for the great labels! My son is turning 5 this year, and your ideas and links saved me beau coup bucks! Hey there, this is super handy for quickly finding the right part(s). I know this post is from forever ago, but I just wanted to thank you for all the free printables…I am doing a lego party for my kiddo this weekend and this is PERFECT! As for issue #1, the first wrench is meant as a “category” label, in situations when you want to dedicate a drawer to miscellaneous minifig accessories, and the second label is specifically for the wrench part. You have saved the day for me! They were wonderful.

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