ishpatina ridge directions
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ishpatina ridge directions

We followed Gervais Road, slowing our speed as the road narrowed and became rougher. 07.0 km – Turn right onto bush road #2 Closer to the top, the firetower at the summit will come into view. Ishpatina Ridge North Peak on, Discovering Ontario's backcountry high peaks, © 2020 All Rights Reserved The bushwhack portion of the trail was exactly as described on various posts (IG, FB, etc), lots of scrambling over downed trees and multiple ribboned points making finding the proper trail confusing at times. The area at the start of the trail was fairly open as there had been a small bush fire here, but nature was returning: wild raspberries and blueberries were everywhere. – The bridge crossing at little scarecrow is no longer there so expect to get wet again (knee deep). We carefully made our way to the south end of the Lake and pulled up onto the swampy shoreline at the portage to Apex Lake, just before 6:30 PM. Height: 2228 feet / 679 m

There are no views at the summit, but if you make your way west for 150 meters you will come to the top of the cliffs where you’ll be able to get a nice vista of the surrounding area. There is no trail to the North Peak of the Ishpatina Ridge and several approaches are hindered by cliffs surrounding the peak. i have no canoe.

The Ishpatina Ridge traverses several rounded bumps and under the Ontario 2100 Footer criteria, 3 of these qualify as being distinct 2100+ foot peaks. Discovering Ontario's backcountry high peaks, © 2020 All Rights Reserved If camping within 120 meters of the Sturgeon River, a back country pass will be required. Darcy’s video montage of our journey to the South and Tower Peaks of Ishpatina Ridge: Ishpatina Overland Ridge GPS Track (.gpx format), Related Links: It is reachable via a trail from Scarecrow Lake. Along the way we encountered an old cabin, that was obviously still used occasionally. We decided we would hike out along the shoreline, in the dark, as we had friends camping on Scarecrow Lake, if we needed help. We made the “easy” (I don’t remember it being so easy with a canoe on my shoulders back in 2007) trek to Apex Lake, and decided to filter water for the day’s hike there instead of pulling swamp water from Smoothwater. Taken from We left the campsite and quickly arrived at the trailhead. He was planning to canoe down the Sturgeon to Solace, but would be returning to hike to Ishpatina later in the week. View of The South Peak of Ishpatina from the Tower Peak, View of the North Peak of the Ishpatina Ridge. After pushing further west, we came upon a small rock slide which opened up to reveal the Ishpatina Ridge Fire Tower Peak and the steep canyon that separates the two peaks. Hi Jay, what do you mean by “intersection at Portelance Road to the Sturgeon River” ? The highest point, the familiar Tower summit of the Ishpatina Ridge is the highest point in Ontario and a popular hiking and canoeing destination. The South Peak, the lowest of the 3 peaks, ranks as Ontario’s 5th highest point. He insisted we bring a satellite phone, which was probably a good idea considering I had had some car troubles a few weeks earlier with my aging Pontiac that would have to traverse the 65 km of rough logging roads. There is no trail to the North Peak of the Ishpatina Ridge and several approaches are hindered by cliffs surrounding the peak. It is reachable via a trail from Scarecrow Lake. – A lot of the trail shortly past the no bike portion is overgrown or covered with dead fall, it is relatively well flagged but easy to get off track in some locations. After enjoying the views, we turned around and started our trip back to our campsite on Smoothwater Lake. Instead, begin the trip on foot at the southern shore of Smoothwater Lake. *Last update: September 23, 2011. Lots of blueberries too. Rob Farrow ATV 2,839 views. Overview: There are 2 routes to the Ishpatina Ridge: Click here for my trip report to Ishpatina Ridge via the Montreal River (traditional canoe route). Date Summited: August 21, 2009. Height: 2275 feet / 693 m

There is no trail to the North Peak of the Ishpatina Ridge and the route from Ishpatina – Tower Peak is hindered by the steep cliffs surrounding the peak. Ishpatina Ridge (Tower Summit) Directions : Having visited the area in 2007, I discovered first hand that the main Ishpatina Summit (Fire Tower peak) and the North Peak are separated by a deep valley and steep rock faces, which would make a bushwhack between the two peaks hazardous.

We had to bushwhack the remaining 2.5 km to the Ishpatina trailhead on the north shore of Scarecrow Lake. would mid june be a good time to try ontario highest peak%?

The map shows the fastest and shortest way to travel by car, bus or bike. I'll take another whack at it another time. Somewhere along the next bit of our midnight bushwack we encountered a deep narrow gorge blocking our route to the trail, that was nowhere to be found on any topo maps. As I was enjoying the filtered lake water, I was rejoined by Darcy.

Distance and road itineraryIshpatina Ridge, ON Sellwood, ON. Related Links The last stretch of our bushwack took us across the north side of Dick Lake, and straight up the side of the last peak to the fire tower, bypassing the trail up to the top on the other side of Dick Lake. Change route: To change the route Ishpatina Ridge, ON-Sellwood, ON simply move the arrival and / or departure icon, or create intermediate locations. Head northwest around the edge of the lake / wetland area and ascend the hill up to the secondary candidate high point at N47.3088, W80.7612. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Once we were on the trail it was quite straight forward in terms of finding and following the markers. It’s a short hike to the summit along trails that depart from a sand quarry located near the corner of Hwy 101 and Hwy 672. Key Col: N49 35.298 W85 41.667 (997ft / 299m) }); So we tried to get to the ridge in July, but the universe told us to try another day (LONG story that involves car troubles, weather troubles, bug troubles and broken equipment!). 64.4 km – Gravel pit camp near Sturgeon River, 00.0 km – Ford Sturgeon River and hike/bike along gravel road Completed the round trip in 12 hours at a decent pace. Overland to the summit ( We headed into camp a short time later. From the trail head to midway of the peak there is a lot of bushwhacking and lake crossings. Slippery rocks and moss covered paths and occasional streams.

The Ellis Fire Tower, a lonely sentry and reminder of days of old, sits on the tallest of the bumps and looks out across the vast expanse of Canadian Shield wilderness. Directions. We left Southern Ontario early Friday morning on our three day adventure into the heart of the Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater wilderness. Then continue north past Capreol to the turnoff onto Portelance Road, travel 65 km along narrowing logging roads and finally make camp at the Sturgeon River. If you go, please bring more and reflag. Clean Prominence: 581ft / 177m Past the Reservation turnoff, the road narrowed and we slowed down a bit (50 km max) as we had to be more vigilant looking for oncoming vehicles, especially logging trucks. Lat/Lon: N47 23.225/W80 20.097 However, there is a small makeshift log bridge just east of the road, which crosses the stream. About 1.7 km from Scarecrow Lake, the trail passes through a lowland marsh near a second lake along the trail. Key Col: N47 19.742 W80 44.593 (1640 ft / 500 m)

I raced down the 3.7 km trail in just over an hour and refilled my water bottles. DIY Cheap Exercise Ball Pizza Oven - Duration: 10:17. Trail was well marked, a little wet and a few down trees.

It was only a few hundred meters further to our campsite. Take the left fork and proceed along the road which runs in a north-northeast direction for 15.5 km until meeting up with the Wanapitei River.

Directions: 12.3 km – End of bushwhack, beginning of the Ishpatina trail Listed below are the county high points of Ontario: It is the highest point in Ontario’s Cochrane District.

It is 64.4 km from the intersection at Portelance Road to the Sturgeon River, so it would be advisable to make sure you have proper provisions before making the trip. From the trailhead on Scarecrow Lake, follow the Ishpatina Ridge Trail to Dick Lake. This is the road you want. The trail then descends slightly to Dick Lake, the third and final lake on the route to the summit.

GPS recorded height: 2116 feet / 645 m The remaining distance to the Ishpatina trail trailhead on Scarecrow Lake must be bushwhacked. We didn’t mind the extra mileage, especially as we walked across the occasional sandy section instead of struggling against branches and fallen trees along the animal paths which paralleled the edge of the lake. 20.7 km – Road reaches Wanapitei River, stay on the west shore of the river Ishpatina Ridge is the highest point of land in the Canadian province of Ontario, at an estimated 693 m above sea level. 07.5 km – Take left fork onto overgrown trail Ironically, the MNR seems to have forgotten that a tower was ever constructed here. Jim and Derek at the summit of Ishpatina North Peak. The Ishpatina Ridge, set in a remote corner of the Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater wilderness park, is a series of worn and rounded bumps spanning approximately 13 km. Warning the trail is marked with many different tap markers. Hotel: In the route information you will find a link to select the hotels for Ishpatina Ridge, ON. From the end of the bush trail, bushwhack 85 degrees (magnetic north) for 900 meters to the shore of Scarecrow Lake — stay along the southern edge of the hills along the route, as there is no need to climb them.

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