inventor ipart variable length
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inventor ipart variable length

Right-click a table row and select Set as Default Row. You can create the parameters Length and Width as you add these dimensions or you can open the Parameter table and rename them to Length and Width. Benutzerdefinierte iPart-Varianten werden immer an einem Ort gespeichert, der über die Schaltfläche Durchsuchen im Dialogfeld Benutzerdefiniertes iPart einfügen in Baugruppen definiert wird. Right-click the Length column and set it as Key1. Save the part, which is automatically saved as an iPart factory. Review the columns in the iPart table to determine which columns to designate as Keys, such as material or size, by identifying primary characteristics of the iPart. When creating an iPart factory, use Suppress and Unsuppress features to make significant changes between members.

You can edit custom iPart members by adding additional features, sketches, and so on. In the spreadsheet, Width, Height, and Length are in columns A, B, and C. In cell D2 (the first data row) of the Description column, enter the formula: In the browser, click to expand the iPart. In the iPart Author, specify five columns: On the Parameters tab, select Width, Height, and Length. Give some thought to the order you add them so that related parameter columns are grouped . Es wird empfohlen, die Bauteile in einer Bibliothek zu speichern, deren Pfad in Ihrer aktiven Projektdatei enthalten ist.

In contrast, custom iPart members can be stored anywhere other parts are stored; you specify a location in the Place Custom iPart dialog in assemblies. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Then you can use the variations, called members, by selecting them from a table. Once the table-driven iFeature is saved to the catalog location, use the iFeature Author to make changes to the table. Weitere Informationen finden Sie im Abschnitt Wo werden iParts gespeichert? For standard iParts, each table row is a member of the iPart. In iPart Author, right-click materials, sizes, or other critical values in the right pane and designate as keys. Custom iPart member columns appear with a blue background. On the Suppression tab, add features whose suppression status you want to control. Any of the following sets the current row: The name of the iPart table column you want. Use the Create iPart command to define table rows that represent versions (members). Mithilfe der Elementunterdrückung können Sie verschiedene Konfigurationen eines Bauteils in eine Datei einbeziehen. To access the iPart and iAssembly functions, expand the iParts node on the System tab in the Snippets area of the iLogic Edit Rule dialog. Bauteile, die aus Norm-iPart-Teilefamilien erstellt werden, lassen sich nicht verändern. Im Autodesk Services Marketplace finden Sie erfahrene Branchenexperten, die Sie beraten können. A column for each work feature indicates whether it is included or excluded. This technique is helpful if, for example, you want to group table-driven components by category. Norm-iPart-Varianten werden für gewöhnlich in einer Bibliothek gespeichert.

This is not an official translation and may contain errors and inaccurate translations. For example, if your factories are stored in a library named Bolts, define a library named _Bolts. Werden Ihre Teilefamilien z. When you place an iPart member in the assembly, Inventor creates the iPart member file in C:\temp\Bolt. specification of Sheet Metal Unfold Rule. Use the Extract … For example, if your factories are stored in a library named Bolts, you can define a library named _Bolts. In the right pane, right-click an attribute and select Key. iFeatures and table-driven iFeatures. When creating an iPart factory, use Suppress and Unsuppress features to make significant changes between members. Then use dimensions to make the sketch geometry precise. Work features, including which should be included or excluded and visibility status. If you want to allow the user to select a row manually, you can combine that event with this function to react to the change. © Copyright 2020 Autodesk Inc. All rights reserved. Use iPart.CurrentRowStringValue to read columns containing text values.

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