how to make oatmeal like hotels do
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how to make oatmeal like hotels do

You’re a rockstar. But I know there are a few of you like me. My aunt uses steel-cut oats and cooks them on low overnight. If you don’t want to leave it to chance, call them ahead of time and ask. [The oatmeal below is the pb+banana porridge I made at Allison’s house! Whenever I make frozen food it tells me to pre-heat the oven but I don't pre-heat the oven. The more you stir, the more starches you're releasing into the water which will make the oatmeal overly gummy. If it is, see idea #9! Bigger pots do play a role, also not using aluminum pots, as aluminum leaches into lots of foods. i always make my oatmeal with old fashioned oats, not quick cooking oats, cook and stir until most but not all the liquid is absorbed, the reason yours is mushy is becasue you over cooked it and absorbed all the liquid and made oatmeal paste. If not, lighten up and do the best you can. 3. 1.If corn oil is made from corn and vegetable oil is made from vegetables. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,, That’s it! I guess it's how I relieve my guilt for all the other bad food I've been eating (i.e. Method: 1 cup oats 2 1/2 cups of water Pinch of salt Pinch of brown sugar 8 minutes on high pressure with a 10 minute natural release. Or Au Bon Pain. This is an excellent option if you are road-tripping or any other situation when you know you won’t have easy access to a kitchen. Read the instructions on the side of your oatmeal container and do what they say to avoid a pasty, sticky mess or a soupy mush. So if you have a long morning to put something on the stove for an hour, go buy some oats, and whatever you want to pair with it, whether it's brown sugar, maple syrup, honey, raisins, berries, apples, etc. Steel cut oats, salt, water, and patience. PERFECT! The trick is to stir the oats enough that they don't burn to the pan, but no so much that you're agitating it too much. On Thanksgiving morning, I made oatmeal for Allison and her mom. What is baby oil made from? Ladle into bowls and top with the dried fruit. Now dip your spoon in and savor your oatmeal… This post is for all of you. …Right? Then it’s ready. Still have questions? If you’re staying at a friend’s house, and you know the plan is to eat cereal in the morning, kindly inform them that you wish to prepare your own oatmeal. Some things just turn out better in larger quantities, others in small quantities. Bring your own! ); the top flat sheet is tucked in on the sides and the foot of the bed, with the top folded over (and also tucked.) Great texture and not mushy and I could have an order out in 3 minutes. Enter your email to receive notifications of new posts by email. I guess it's how I relieve my guilt for all the other bad food I've been eating (i.e. , If you’ve read all those ideas and still don’t see an answer, you should probably give up and just eat whatever is provided to you. Boom! :D. Edit 2: INSTANT POT to the rescue! Look at the coffees and teas! The stuff on top? When it comes to packing ingredients, I just bring some oats, bananas, and peanut butter. Or single-serving packs of applesauce. Plan ahead, pack the ingredients you’ll need, and make your oatmeal as usual. The major difference is the quantity cooked at one time, which effects many things, like evaporation/surface area per volume, percent of food in contact with the high temps of the pot surface, agitation per grain. Whole oats are whole unbroken grains. 6. In fact, many of the tips below have been personally used by me within the last month (and I provided photos for evidence!). Or nuts and apples. I use the porridge setting on my far too fancy rice cooker. Still, they’re being super nice for you, so return the favor: be stingy with ingredients (don’t use up all their peanut butter), be as neat as possible, and clean up after yourself. They have great texture, take a … Get creative. First off, add more or less to get the consistency you like. Feel free to sub your favorite milk or milk substitute for the water. I toast my steel cut in butter before cooking almost exactly like you do. Every hotel room has a microwave these days, right? We'd always use steel cut oats and 2/3 of the water needed. They were thrilled, but they also like oatmeal, so…you have to take that into account. Even at higher heats, the oats just need a lot of time to soften and reach that nice texture, and you'll just end up burning them onto your pan if you're rushing it. can you mix fruit juice from a can into a slushie? Nothing fancy but it was a step above continental. 1/2 cup oats to 1 cup water makes slightly watery oatmeal. they definitely aren't using anything special to make oatmeal at the hotel. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. [The picture below is the steel-cut oatmeal with stewed apples at Flour in Cambridge, Mass. In my experience, it is hard to overcook oats, but I also always make my oats in the microwave which means less stirring. For a single serving, 1/3 oats 2/3 liquid (half milk / half heavy cream). I love steel-cut oats, but don’t love the time it takes to cook them in the morning. I use whole cut oats... they are cheap, can get in bulk and decent for you. Edit: Holy WOW thank you all for the responses! It seems that oatmeal cooked at a hotel always tastes better than the one I make. Cooks and serves out of the same device. Looks like I'll be trying the instant pot method and some steel cut on the stove and see what's better! 10. Craving satisfied. Cold cooking is the way to go for fast breakfast prep. I’ve been there. Or Jamba Juice. Chances are high (if you don’t have kitchen access) that your group will be lighting up the grill or campfire for breakfast anyway, so this shouldn’t be a major burden. For some of you, this post may seem ridiculous. Forego cooking oatmeal in the morning and pack granola or oatmeal muffins instead. I try to avoid adding sugar so my add ins are: Cinnamon, dried fruit (the big raisins from trader joes and dates are my fave), Walnuts. 8. This happened to me once. Anyone here a former hotel chef that share the recipe? If you’re tent camping or using an RV that doesn’t have a kitchen, use the campfire or a portable hot plate to heat up some water. Also will need about a 10 min rest when out of the microwave with the bowl kept covered. That’s Apple-Cherry Oatmeal, and it was made and photographed at a campground! water is much thicker. Don't miss a recipe! Can this ever come back to bite me? Oats... 2 portions of water for 1 portion of oats. It should be about 1/4cup oats to 1cup water and a healthy pinch of salt. 5. 1/4cup of oats is probably enough for one person's breakfast serving. In fact, find places that you know offer oatmeal, and suggest those to your group (don’t be pushy; remember, it’s not the end of the world). Go take a shit, shower and shave and by the time you get back they will be done. Instant oats are rolled even thinner and are sometimes even par cooked. You can have your morning oatmeal. They are basically baked oatmeal, and my digestive system can vouch for the quality. Float the still covered hotel pan in an ice bath for another 1/2 hour and refrigerate. If using this method, make sure you use quick or instant oats. How can I do this at home without special equipment? The less chewing, the better =). Or nuts and apples. Your email address will not be published. Some places might just offer packets of instant oatmeal. Whenever I'm at a hotel buffet, I always end up trying their oatmeal. (This page uses affiliate links, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Thank you!) I actually like the mushy oatmeal. Make all the other guests jealous. Basically turn your microwave down to 40% of the power and run 5 mins. If you’re staying in a hotel, and they don’t have continental breakfast (bummer! 15 min pressure with natural release. I do rolled oats. Microwave regular oats... very tricky but can be done with some of the new covered vented bowls if you leave enough room. Super simple. This can be fixed by adding more water to thin it out but it's seen as better if that step isn't needed. Chances are (at least in my experience), the place you go to will offer oatmeal. We want to get behind some oatmeal cookies (or, possibly, oatmeal raisin cookies) too, but they seem to fall just outside of the healthy eating city walls. Now, scour the place for mix-ins and toppings (see above)! Let it sit for 5-7 minutes before serving. Pack some unflavored instant oatmeal packets (Country Choice Organic makes instant oatmeal packets with FLAX!) I mean, c’mon, even Perkins has oatmeal. Steel cut oats have been cut into pieces, making them much faster to cook but they still have some great texture to them. They seem to withstand the pressure cooking without over plumping up. First you’ll need to get hold of a diffuser. Required fields are marked *. Thanks. Whenever I'm at a hotel buffet, I always end up trying their oatmeal. I Googled and I was able to find a Quaker brand of these types of Oats on Amazon. Do what you need to do. Do you own/use a cast iron skillet, comal, griddle or Dutch oven? *You will probably need to experiment with the amount of water. They usually have a few “traditional” mix-ins to the side, like cinnamon, brown sugar, and raisins, but to that, I say “bullocks.” Look around:  there’s probably some fruit, peanut butter, fruit juices, yogurts, and jams around somewhere. Easy clean up. Your oatmeal will be waiting for you when you return. I really recommend the muffins. A few of you who insist on eating oatmeal almost every morning. My wife and I don't even cook oatmeal anymore. Cook it low and slow as mentioned above, it should take about 40 minutes. 9. How the hell do I make plain oatmeal the way they do in those hot pots at hotels? If I want a consistency closer to that served at a hotel breakfast, I just increase the amount of water and cook it for longer. View TheOatmealArtist’s profile on Facebook, View oatmealartist’s profile on Instagram. ], 10.5 Just go to Starbucks. , Your email address will not be published. I’ve also found that different brands of oatmeal can affect the amount of needed water. I’ve done it. Yeah, I said it. eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes). Make sure the implication is that you are an oat-obsessed addict, and not that you’re “above” their food; the last thing you want to do is offend your hosts. For steel-cut oats, the ratio is 1 cup of liquid per 1/4 cup of oats. The main difference is volume. Makes oatmeal a bit green. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Pressure cooker is the answer to the time issue. In a sealable bag or container, combine 1/2 cup instant oats, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 2 tbsp PB2 (the powdered peanut butter), 1 tsp flax seed, a pinch of salt, and a handful of nuts and/or dried fruit of choice (dried apples would be amazing!). [See the picture below? Look at the toppings at the waffle bar. Some diners also have awesome syrups, like blueberry, and I make use of that as well. Daniella Segura / Flickr It's tempting to buy instant oatmeal for quick and easy breakfasts, but it'll never taste as good as a bowl of rolled oats — which aren't much harder to make. These are the instant ones you add boiling water to and then eat, but they're basically just mush. Have fun. You can customize as you want. i would imagine regular rolled oats vs. instant oatmeal and go from there. If you think you’ll need it, add some brown sugar, too. This recipe is wonderful: I’ll cook up a batch and portion it out into small containers for easy breakfasts. Rolled oats are oats that have been squashed flat, enabling them to cook even faster, but you lose a lot of texture here. I'll try using milk instead and see how it comes out. The thicker flake holds up better under long durations of heat. However, I have stayed in hotels that provide a massive heated container of unflavored oatmeal! The oatmeal should be creamy and heavy in the spoon.

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