how to make acrylic keychains with pictures
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how to make acrylic keychains with pictures

With this purchase you will receive a Zip file that contains the following files: SVG, DXF, EPS, and Jpeg. I found these on Amazon and they work perfectly for Epoxy projects! Selected your options and ready to go? You can still export in layered PSDs, and their CMYK color space is much better than CSP. I just bought a silicone basting brush at the Dollar Tree and cut the pieces off and use them to plug the holes. They include a jump ring for attaching the keychain, however, I have found larger keychains require larger more substantial jump rings. They’re just cool peeps.). Before starting, be sure to tape off the stem and leaf at the top so you can make the top part green. Notable Alibaba producers: Juno Charms, Vograce. Plus tips and tricks on how to use vinyl with electronic cutting machines. This is just a guide for you to know what they mean when they refer to these terms. Creating the art. An adorable keychain for your favorite teacher that she’ll love sporting on a keychain! Generally speaking, special keychain rings and black phone straps are the most popular options. See more ideas about Keychain, Acrylic keychains, Vinyl projects. Hopefully this post helped clarify any questions you might have about the charm-making process. Quantity. I’ve ordered many times from them, and have always had quick shipping and been very satisfied with my order! Unfortunately, it was developed specifically for computers, and can only be in RGB, not allowing CMYK. From general topics to more of what you would expect to find here, has it all. This vinyl is from Zindee and is amazing. I also cut out some letters. Be sure to do so quickly before it dries. These are so quick to make there’s still plenty of time to make them as a simple yet very personal gift for Christmas this year! Making a good resin piece requires some setup, but the project is suitable for many ages and skill levels. Is your art ready? We hope you find what you are searching for! There are two different kinds of manufacturers: domestic versus global. Most likely you will have had epoxy run over the edges of your keychain, and possibly in to the hole where you apply the key ring. You can see more of my work with these in my Etsy store! So to play it safe, I skipped this shot! As I said, this post will focus on beginner level designs anyone can make. SINGLE / DOUBLE BOARD (international only). PSDs, or Photoshop files, were once the standard of sending acrylic charm files because they are lossless, can hold multiple layers, CMYK information, and transparency information. Let the manufacturer know where you want the charm hole to be by marking it with a simple X. JPG? Either way you’ll need to start with your design in your cutting software and then cut. I only used the smaller in my design. This website is for sale! TIFF? A pristine-feeling charm due to acrylic being on both sides, often featuring some kind of holo or sparkle effect. The owners are awesome. I’ve made a ton of different styles and colors! While the materials list and time commitment for such a small project may seem daunting, you’ll be thrilled with the final result! Instead of using glitter vinyl, I used Mod Podge and glitter to cover the design. In other words, blue is eaten for breakfast. If you’re an artist who’s ever wondered how to make your own acrylic charms, then here’s a thorough tutorial on how to do so… without perishing. Some manus will send a formal invoice via Alibaba, whereas others will request sending payment via Paypal, plus screenshot proof. And there you have it! Obviously, this makes an awesome teacher appreciation gift! Please include the name and vinyl color for the personalization in the notes section. When I return to teaching, I’ll be adding it to my classroom keys so that they won’t be easy to misplace on the playground! If this is your first time cutting on your machine, or cutting vinyl, be sure to check out my Cutting with Vinyl tutorial. My main concern was the fumes. Now go out there and have fun making your own charms! First things first: you’ll have to make your art! Illustration Blog Work Shop Contact. For my Soccer Mom design, I used the same method of mirroring the design. Their blanks are extremely affordable and start at just 75 cents each. She recommends three different products for sealing them: Triple Thick, Diamond Glaze, or Dimensional Magic. But as we all know, Adobe went off their rocker and jacked up the price beyond what lowly artists could afford. Notable domestic producers: Chilly Pig, Ink It Labs, Acorn Press, Zap Creatives for UK*. I discovered a fun craft that is great for all levels of crafters. So you put your keychain into the dryer looking perfect, and it often comes out full of bubbles. You’ll want to center it, and may want to break out your ruler before committing to a final placement. PROSCheapTons of optionsComes pre-assembledNo setup time, CONSSlower shippingHigher rate of shipping damageLarger risk of art theft. After you’ve added your layer of Epoxy, you need to set it on a silicone mat and let it cure. This will need to set for 45 minutes, but during this time you’ll need to start step 6. I usually add a tassel to jazz it up a little. HOLOGRAPHIC / PRISM / BROKEN GLASS FINISH (international only). It’s important to use the smaller circle in the cut file so that you don’t get overhang of the vinyl. Alibaba is a global trade marketplace where you can commission custom products directly from factories in other countries, mainly China. Usually only offered by domestic manus, who will require extra white if the design is different between the front and back side. One of the best things about them is that they offer free templates that are correctly sized for each of their keychains! The following information will be necessary to complete your order on time. It’s good practice to draw your art at at least 2x the size you plan it for, … This decal is great for any hard non-porous surface. Epoxies adds significantly to the thickness and weight of the charm, which can either make it feel more substantial or overly heavy. If picked properly, working with Alibaba can be a very smooth and easy process. Let the Mod Podge dry overnight before sealing it with the Diamond Glaze. Domestic producers each have different templates and requirements for their charm orders, so for this section, I’ll be covering how to order from an Alibaba manufacturer since those are more standardized.

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