hms cumberland crew list ww2
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hms cumberland crew list ww2

E.R. Disembarked her three passengers and then took off without much interference. R.V. All was ready for the passage to Dakar but at General de Gaulle request the opening day was deferred to 23 September. G.H.E. British battleship HMS Queen Elizabeth (Capt. Robertson, RN), HMS Ceylon (Capt. G.H.E. H.C. Bovell, CBE, RN, with Vice-Admiral Sir B. Fraser, CB, KBE, RN, second in command Home Fleet on board), heavy cruiser HMS Cumberland (Capt. At the root of the trouble was the fact that General de Gaulle was in a separate ship. Later that day 13 fighters from the carriers intercepted a Japanese counter attack with 10 aircraft. R.V. E.G. Later that month she attacked Dakar and French coastal batteries opened fire on the assault fleet. The force now retired to the north-east for her cover position during operation Dracula. Symonds-Tayler, DSC, RN), HMS Cumberland (Capt. The old ‘Force X’, the Strasbourg (Capt. Hammill, RN) departed Freetown to conduct exercises before proceeding on patrol. Pieter de Hoogh (7168 GRT, built 1941). HMS Niger (Cdr.ret.) Everything possible had been done to improvise additional lines of communication, but these proved inadequate to meet the situation. W.J. It does not seem to have been viewed in this light at the Admiralty, until the 1st Sea Lord himself, who was attending a meeting in the Cabinet Offices that forenoon, telephoned orders for HMS Renown and all available destroyers to raise steam for full speed. HMS Cornwall had departed Freetown on 16 September to meet HMS Delhi (Capt. Gloire (Capt. Nemaha (6501 GRT, built 1920), At 2152 hours, while in position 71°38’N, 31°05’E the German ships reversed course and returned to Altafjord. HMS Sussex intercepted her but her crew set her on fire. Alma Ata (3611 GRT, built 1920), J.F.E. A remainder of the fate that might be in store for any of them. But whatever the reason, the orders for his own force were clear, so he remained his westerly course at 25 knots. At 0550/29, HMS Barham passed the boom at Freetown followed by the rest of the force. S.H. B.C.B. In view of these reports and of other pointing out that German merchant ships in southern waters were being outfitted as armed raiders the Commodore ordered HMS Hotsput to escort the Laofona to Port Stanley. She had orders to move up to Pernambuco and show herself off Cabadello and Bahia as a number of German ships in Pernambuco were reported ready to sail to Cabadello to load cotton for Germany. The situation was now as follows. He held this course until 1710 hours and then altered to the southward to regain contact with the British transports. Fallowfield, RN) for Simonstown, South Africa, after fuelling from RFA Olynthus (6888 GRT, built 1918, Master L.N. V. Hammersley-Heenan, RN) , Menestheus (Capt.(rtd.) Empire Byron (6645 GRT, built 1941), He at once ordered the Olynthus to watch for her between Manos and Cape San Antonio and took the Ajax south to the same vicinity. If there appeared to be a good chance of a favourable reception the Free French sloops would land their troops at one of the wharves while the French troopships made for the harbour.

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