hmas australia crew lists
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hmas australia crew lists

R62108 LME T. E. Gray R62850 EMPJ. R65553 ORDQMC W. G. George R94794 AI3UW W. C. S. Eaglesham R63606 LSAN R. J. Schultz R94269 ROS J. J. Maclachlan R62073 LSTD R. C. Tapp R62460 MFJ. R59008 LEMWR A. R53366 POEC F. J. Varris R65571 ORDEM B. S. S. Knight, R29008 CPOSN K. C. Burchall B. James RAN Officers Commander F. 0. R93520 LSUC C. A. Hargreaves R64874 ABUC M. R Ryan N. R. McDonald R42340 SAP2 N. A. R59922 ABWM K. V. Needham R57162 ABFC C. J. R93073 LAPHOT B.R. R94611 ME2 K. Delaney R54969 MECH2 R. McDiarmid R93110 ME J. Holmes R59875 ABRP G. Eglitis Franklin R42059 CERA K.J. Wood, RAN R65043 ABUW L. Van Theil R54352 MECHI W. B. Fischer Erwin, RAN 5. C. Hampton R93489 LEMWR E. Creslin R93368 LEMP R Williams, R65460 EMP R H. Barnes R94691 ME2 C. Marsh R95966 ORDCO N. Sierak R35750 CPOUC D. W. Livingstone R58018 ME K.J. HMAS Australia was a battlecruiser of the British Indefatigable class R59478 LEMP M. D. Baldwin R95033 ABUW R. W. Saunders R58334 LEMC PC. This is the best I could come up with, apologies for the length. R58042 RO C. W. Dodds R94644 ME D. W. Hammer R56886 ABWM D. M. Thomson R57861 ME K. R. Fox R64293 ABCD S. C. Howarth R55145 TO L. F. Sutherland R93748 LSTD D. L. Stone R56883 POUC M. J. Thistlewaite, R57286 I.SWM B.I. A. T. Verbeeten R56643 LSFC B. Taylor R58210 LME A. K. Bowra R62135 ABRP M. R MacDouall R57687 ABRP T. T. Morris R56603 EMWR R. V. Jackson A. Wickham, R54413 LASE P. A.Waplington The following officers flew their flags in HMAS Australia (I): Vice Admiral Sir George Edwin Patey, KCMG, KCVO; Rear Admiral Sir William Christopher Pakenham, KCB, MVO; Rear Admiral Arthur Cavenagh Leveson, CB; Rear Admiral Sir Lionel Halsey, KCMG, CB; Rear Admiral John Saumarez Dumaresq, CB, … R62303 LSRP J. J. Also in the group were three Australian storeships and a tanker. Second Deployment First Deployment l&65499 ABFC C. A. Logan R66599 ORDUC K. R Noonan Marshall R62219 LEMP H. G. Roeloes R42003 CEAP R. M. Moule Alvisio R65057 MEJ. A. Wickham R57450 ABFC R. D. Evans Lieutenant D. N. Peterson, RAN R63307 AI3QMC J. R. Parker R93504 LSFC H. D. Frost R65581 ORDCO C. Mitchell A. Marrison R57608 CY D. Q. Ryan, R62191 LTO R Gooch R66572 ORDRP M. J. Gibson R28062 CPORP J. F. Saunders Lieutenant Commander D. W. Daish, RAN De Koning R64100 CK I. P. Grimes HMAS Australia was one of three Indefatigable-class battlecruisers built for the defence of the British Empire.Ordered by the Australian government in 1909, she was launched in 1911, and commissioned as flagship of the fledgling Royal Australian Navy (RAN) in 1913. K. Lynch A. Myers Iles R62518 EMWRJ. R56605 LTO G. A. Jones Chief Petty Officer David Smit is pictured here with the Australian Prime Minister Mr John Howard...More. R57926 ME D. W. Baker She was launched in October 1911 and commissioned with a crew of about 820 officers and men. Lieutenant Commander J. D. Young, RAN R59778 LME I. Elsley A few days ago I indicated that I would prepare a breakdown of the crew of the battlecruiser HMAS Australia. R65385 ME B. V. Lacey R59949 ABWM W. H. Stokes N. Bell R56621 POME R. C. MacNevin R50191 CY R. A. Robinson, R57109 LROS C. J. Arthur R63633 ABQMG W. H. Ross Lieutenant D. H. Blazey, RAN R94055 EMWE A. R Kirkman R93541 LCK K. D. McAuliffc Lieutenant A. source in each. R63608 EMCJ. R62666 STD J. C. Lord Lieutenant Commander R. C. Harris, RAN R62155 CK V. L. Simpson Fogarty This totals around 400 crew members being RAN. Commander I. R. Jones, RAN R58037 LME R. F. Condon Lieutenant Commander I. R64505 ABRP Chegwidden R59101 ABRP R. P. Boxall Lieutenant Commander R A Wood, RAN R65247 ABQMG B. R64095 RO K. M. Dyson R58232 LEMWE J. C. Edwards R64370 ABRP J. L. Komarek A. Perkevicius R38755 LAMET B.A. R58010 LEMWF R. F. Young, R59754 EMWEJ. R62061 SAN K. J. Rowe R59033 LME P. R. Dyson R64713 ABUC J. J. Nankervis R57448 LME F. Ellingworth R94020 ABRP W. A. Godenzie .J C. Scott R54509 NS2 J. R55958 LTO L. J. Rodgers, R59853 ROS P. K. Alman R 58586 LME R Nicholas R62613 ABRP R. H. Bojtschuk R62305 WTR J. C. Pretty R59939 ABRP M. L. Semfel R62601 LROS K. J Wade, R59853 ROS R K. Alman Cough B. Findlay In no particular order, so as not to offend anyone. R64868 STD D. W. Penney R94762 ME2 J. R64417 EMWE B. R. Breach R63732 ROT N. Minogue The ship also had a final deployment in Australian Waters prior to the Decommissioning in November. R62801 EMWE T. N. Smith R58007 LME R. E. Wright, R65458 ME C W. Aikman R94664 ME2 P. D. Jones R58557 TO C. J. Edwards R65562 ORDQMG S. M. Haidle R64617 ME R.J. Dickson R52385 PORP R. A. Ferguson R57495 LCK W. Dyksma Handley R62456 EMPJ. R93305 LSUC J. Martin R57750 ME N.J. Graham R57113 POEWR J. M. A. Hakkennes R58172 ME W. A. Palmer R94611 ME K. Delaney R. Cooper 1992-93 Damask VI Northern Red Sea Deployment. HMAS Sydney (II) crew - Portrait of the crew in full uniform after a successful mission in the Mediterranean Image courtesy of the Australian War Memorial (P00795.001) Captain Burnett - Took command of HMAS Sydney (II) on 14 May 1941 HMAS Sydney (II) - A celebratory march through Perth, Western Australia R50525 POME K. E. Jacobs R93305 LSUCJ. Miscellaneous (medical, schoolmaster, cooks, stewards, storekeepers, writers) 80 half and half RN or RAN. R38672 MECH1 C. H. Francis Posted on MARHST-L 24 June 2007 by Bob Nicholls, it's reproduced here by permission: A few days ago I indicated that I would prepare a breakdown of the crew of the battlecruiser HMAS Australia. R63145 STD I. S. Sleeman R42532 SAC2J. R63241 WTR B. J. Hambour R. Parker R63343 ABQMC J. C. Thompson

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