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grouper rod and reel setup

April 2016 in General Fishing #1. what you got. Drop the jig, bounce on the bottom and retrieve 10-15 feet upwards. I hope this information helps. Made from metal typically lead,  most jigs have one or more hooks that swing freely off the top or bottom (or both) of the jig. On the jacks I like to clip the tails off. Alutecnos gorilla, and some other very high end reels can take it, if you can take the price. grouper rod and reel setup. The 400lb mono acts as a shock leader and it has superior abrasion resistance. I have been pier fishing for most of my life but more recently I have seen people start to target Goliath Groupers for Sport. Ditto above; the rods we use for grouper fishing with bait are pretty much broomsticks. Because this information can be used in a variety of ways to fit various purposes, Chuck Muth and Citizen Outreach Foundation will not be responsible for any damages (including, without limitation, indirect, consequential, special or punitive damages) suffered or incurred by any person arising out of such person’s use of or reliance on this publication. We keep pre-rigged leaders with a swivel and clip on each end ready to go in the jigging box. We like to use a good drag rated reel such as a Stella 10k. The arsenal of jigs we carry on our charter boats range from 3 oz to 8 oz and you can choose a center weight or tail weight jig. af | okt 2, 2020 | Ikke-kategoriseret | 0 Kommentarer. Center weight jigs dive slowly and flutter toward the bottom. A large spool size, on the other hand, of 6000 (60) or more, will be best for large fish like snappers, salmon, grouper, or tuna. These are both effective and will catch a lot of fish. kenack Posts: 5 Greenhorn. I love these reels and I think they are the best reels for the money. The top 10 jigs we use for saltwater jigging are (in no particular order): Probably the most critical part of landing a big fish is your jig rigging. Using a tail weighted jig, drop the jig over the reef. The type of weight, shape of jig, hook, knot and the type of terminal tackle used is critical to ensuring our guests land that trophy fish of a lifetime. Welcome Ambassador! Key to the setup are parabolic rods, compact reels with high retrieve rates, heavy drags, and no-stretch braided lines. This technique works fantastic for grouper and corvina. Please select from account profile menu below. This set up allows me to fish with my drag close to maximum as well as being able to pull fish out from underneath pilings and piers. Jun 19, 2018 #2 . As we mentioned, fishing can be expensive. This way jigs can be swapped out quickly if we are on the fish. Chuck Muth and Citizen Outreach Foundation expressly disclaims all warranties as to the contents of this publication including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, infringement, and makes no warrant as to the results that may be achieved by using this information contained in this publication. The Rod of choice is a Star Rods Aerial Boat 7'6 and 50-80lbs with Foul Proof guides. Guys, I live in the Clearwater/St Pete area and fish offshore in 30 to 150 feet for grouper, snapper, amberjack, kings, cobia, etc. Because of the physical style of this type of fishing, small light reels are important if your going to be saltwater jigging for a large portion of the day. On the retrieval, crank the jig up 10-15 feet then let it flutter back down 5 feet, then retrieve back up 10-15 more feet in a rhythmic motion and repeat. They are not terribly expensive when bought in bulk and they are a great investment. This help keeps the bait in the strike zone longer and gives you a better chance of catching a fish. You’re NOT Alone…, Website Designed and Maintained by Virtual Ally. Many of the larger fish are located not directly on the hi-spot but on the edges where the drop off takes place. When it hits bottom, in a rhythmic motion, jerk the rod while cranking the reel to retrieve the braid in a rapid fast motion until it reaches the boat. They are made by a local tackle shop and I think I paid like $130.00 each for 4 of them. Types of Jigs. The Reel I use is an AVET 30 narrow. Welcome Super User! The knocker rig is a common snapper rig but can work well for any fish that is likely to dive for cover, including grouper. If you’re already spending your money on countless other pieces of fishing equipment, you might not want to drop hundreds of dollars on a conventional reel for bottom fishing. Bait or jig? Rod For Goliath Grouper Are You Ready to Get Started on Your Book? This will help prevent snagging on the reef. El Rio Negro Sport Fishing Lodge Playa Reina, Mariato, Veraguas Republic of Panama, Central America, US +1 (562) 295-7175 CAPT ALEX 011 (507) 6206-0721 LODGE 011 (507) 6936-1121, Edit some articles today. Aug 9, 2012 #6 . This will also help make the jig look more appetising as it jerks through the water. Both center weighted jigs and tail weighted jigs work for bottom jigging. Whether you prefer speed jigging, flutter jigging or bottom jigging give these techniques a try. possibly got a Spj rod and cash to trade for. Drop and repeat in a tight compact circular motion, and remember cadence is key. Buy Your Fishing Line Brand Direct Online Now! 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