gray colors that go with red brick
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gray colors that go with red brick

Gray colors that go with red brick! Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit, repainting a wall or two is a cheap and easy DIY project that can have fantastic results. The most popular cabinets paint used these days are white, gray or cream and brick just so happens to go beautifully with all of them. I really like natural brick on Southern homes.ReplyCancel, Shoji white trim and Urbane bronze door and shutters look lovely on red brick especially with bricks that have some dark brown, oranges and dark purple tones mixed in.ReplyCancel, Shoji is Sherwin Willams. And, I think the house will look better as well. You gave us the nerve to paint interior brick (fireplace, BM Soot). One of our most popular blog posts is “The Best Exterior Paint Colors for Red Brick Homes (and what not to do)“. Brick are a mid tone so surround them with lighter or darker shades. If we keep the brick as is, at the very least we must do the trim, shutters, and three outbuildings/ garages that are near the house. Don’t worry about getting a perfect match, because then the white trim might be too bright and harsh for your house. A clean or crisp white will look harsh. Your decorating style, the home’s overall color scheme and architectural style should all help you narrow down the perfect paint color. Interior paint colors that go with red brick work well in a variety of designs which includes modern. They’re not used that often but when they are you can get some spectacular results. Kitchen design is leaning more modern and red brick adds a nice contrast to all that cold gray and white.

The inclusion of plants and flowers is always a smart choice as long as they’re tastefully done. Here is another fascinating example that we found. A very light grey paint adds freshness and bright contrast against the interior brick. You can also play a bit with the color wheel. Above is a red brick wall. For the fans of traditional design, this next combo might be the one to consider more. It shows a white house with siding material dominating the exterior. I’m absolutely thrilled with it and with the helpful and gracious comments of fellow readers! Even though your painter may truly believe it can be done, don’t do it. This palette uses SW Jogging Path, a mid-toned green-gray the same as the grout color. I wouldn’t go any brighter or lighter than Alabaster for your trim. thank you so much for this! What sheen paint do you use on trim areas?

Note: Because this color is made by Benjamin Moore, ;] and they have too many colors, (IMO) And, someone was asleep (or drunk) there are two Wythe Blues. I’m anxious to hear what you suggest for the gable.

I do love the darker colors, but up close they can look quite messy.ReplyCancel, I love the look of painted brick. It is an option you can pick too is you do not want the house to look too dark because of the charcoal grey tone of the wall siding. More foilage and height variation in the foundation planting could be nice too.ReplyCancel, Hi Laurel, This doesn’t have to do with color, but relocating the downspouts to the side of the house will make a big difference. Some of my favorite whites with red brick are: Benjamin Moore White Dove oc-17 is one of my favorite shades of white paint.

When we moved in, it had been defaulted to the plain taupe (Ottertail) and was pretty lackluster for a beautiful, original arched solid wood door with a small leaded glass window. It is also a pretty color, but a little more green and slightly lighter. This gray has enough red pigments in the formula to pass as taupe. This home has a beautiful mix of materials, colors and textures but they all look so good together because of their common elements. Just my opinion, of course.ReplyCancel, This home is beautiful!

We often get requests for a modern farmhouse look, and this is a lovely simple version, also timeless. There is cedar plank siding too.

Hi Laurel, Otherwise, the majority of the colors I’ve specified in this post are in the Laurel Home Essential Paint and Palette Collection which you can read about here. Thank you again for lovely posts. White paint even looks great against the all wood bedroom accent wall and super dark stained wood floors. Red brick is a growing trend in the kitchen most notably as a backsplash. These large gables on newer houses can look a little out of proportion without such refinements. Lots of white cabinets and pantry storage with gold cabinet hardware. The outbuildings would look great in a shade of the bricks – deep terracotta, say. You can see that color inside this beautiful home featured a little over a year ago. Wonderful information on color palettes red brick, thanks a lot for sharing kind of content with us. Other than that, you can also use other things as the main focus. i just bought a 60s red brick ranch house with aluminum siding and white vinyl windows. The traditional red houses are facades of red bricks, which appeared in the middle Ages. What wonderful insight, and for your kind words! ). I didn’t recall that they had two very deep exterior greens.ReplyCancel. Learn more about: cookie policy, Charming Combination of Red Brick and Tan Wall Siding, Bluish Grey Siding and Red Brick Combo for a Stun, Timeless Exterior with Sage Green Wall Siding and Red Brick, A Classic Combination of Red Brick and White Siding, Red Brick and Black Siding for a Bold Contemporary Exterior, A Traditional Feel with Greige Siding and Red Brick, Red Brick Walls and Taupe Siding for a Cozy House Look, A Bold Alternative with Charcoal Grey Siding and Red Brick, Red Brick and Grey Siding Combination to Create a Trendy Look, 11 White House with Black Trim Ideas for Dazzling Visual, 7 Delightful Carpet Colors for Gray Walls You’ll Love. !ReplyCancel, I think Essex Green by Benjamin Moore could be really pretty in her setting. I hope it’s not offensive to offer a small customer feedback. I apologize if you answered that in the post and I missed it. . I agree about the “Corinthian” columns — but a way of dealing with them without changing them would be to change the porch gable instead, removing the planking and replacing with Bannerman-style fossilized or drift wood. !”), I decided to ‘leave it to the experts’ since I was under a major time deadline* with my painter arriving the very.

I’m not sure of the difference, however.ReplyCancel, Hi Laurel, Thanks again for your wonderful posts.ReplyCancel, I must be an oddball, but I find the brick exterior of MJ’s house to be beautiful. Otherwise the yellow color would look harsh like a caution sign! I like Gray Mist because it leans more towards beige, with a splash or mist or gray in it. Here we see a black trim with black framed windows which looks fantastic against the red brick. But I think some lesser changes would improve the front façade a lot.

If your adding a brick backsplash or brick veneer to your home and you don’t want to paint then of course match the wall colors. And what looks like a soft white inside, can be blindingly bright outside. For small rooms with an exposed brick wall, white paint also creates the clean feel of a more spacious interior space.

I’ll have to look at that later. The real-life color surprised us because the guide doesn’t mention the blue quality. -Brenda-ReplyCancel, Laurel as always a great topic to expand our minds. Keep the floors neutral.

Here is another exterior example in which you can see the pairing between sage siding and red brick. The red brick, on the other hand, is used for the columns and steps. These fees help support maintenance of this website and our Color Concierge blog. It is nothing else but the pairing between white wall siding and red brick material. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us each week! Along with the abiding love of monograms. One thing you must know that there are only some tones that will look nice together with the red brick material. It’s hard to go wrong when you stick with a natural color scheme that’s on the neutral side.

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