gaelic girls names
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gaelic girls names

122. And…Aifric is the first hehehe!…..we win! Bard: Gaelic name meaning “Poet” (Baird is the modified and common version). 83. I’d love if anyone had information about it? It’s misleading. Delaney: Gaelic name meaning “Challenger or trained warrior”. 93. Thank you I had I once had a person say to me I got the spelling of my daughters name wrong I spell it Aisling a girl in my class also spelt it that way with a fatha over the A. Christie: Gaelic name meaning “Bearer of Christ”. The -een is a diminutive, so little noble one. Ailen: Gaelic name meaning “Handsome”. Orchil: Gaelic name meaning “Prayer or dark haired”. 20. 103. Thank you so much for the list. 54. Colleen is an Irish name, your wrong on that one, In Ulster they say Row-sheen, I grew up with a Rosein. 4. Gwen: Gaelic name Meaning “Blessed, white, pure” ( Also spelt as Guinevere). Kelsey is definetly not an irish name!! 70. Is it an Irish name or not? And this list a good compilation I think. I have never heard it used as a girls name in Ireland, but it has been suggested as one. Merewin: Gaelic name meaning “Famous Friend”. Kelsey isn’t an irish name!!! Where’s Anne on this list? 60. Vevila: Gaelic name meaning “Sweet Lady”. I was in Ireland recently and some people there pronounced my name with long A –  ie, Ahhn. I am American with Irish heritage. The names listed on these pages are mainly of Irish origin, some of them very old and dating back to pre-Christian Celtic times. Researching Irish Property & Land Records, Christmas Bazaar – Arts, Flea & Vintage Market, Proportional Representation: How it Works. I think that the “rock” interpretation is people assuming that is as a female form of Alan. My brothers have just agreed that all web pages lie… aren’t they sweet. Names fluctuate in popularity and it seems strange that in the current top Gaelic Boys Names and Gaelic Girls names lists that there is no Séamus, Brendan or Úna . Deimhne: Gaelic name meaning “Proof or assurance”. While some have been fairly common, such as Erin, others are more exotic. Why am I reading all these comments in my head with an Irish accent? Alot of fadas are missing on these names the letter k is not in the Irish alphabet as is v, w, x, y, z and j so any name begging with those letter are not Irish however the may have Irish derivatives, If you need more here is a list of Old English names. Elfred: Gaelic name meaning “Autumn harvest”. my son is Tiarnán,  Tiarna means Lord so I presume Tierna  is the same just spelt differently cos you can spell Tiarnán Tiernan. That’s all i can actually be bothered to correct, so forgive me. I’d always imagined it was a geoname; pulled off the R Brosna. Choosing a Gaelic name can be a way of saying 'I am proud of my Irish heritage and I value its uniqueness and difference'. It is on here but they have a different spelling for it. Gawain: Gaelic name meaning “White hawk of battle”. Elath: Gaelic name related to “Skill or learning”. , Im and Irish Anne, and while its a traditional name its not an Irish name, Áine is the Irish version of it. Niamh is ‘Knee-yav’ in Munster but in Ulster it’s ‘Kneev’. It’s a member of the Celtic family of languages that includes Manx, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Cornish, and Breton. It is another form or at least is pronounced the same as Aideen which is the common english spelling of the name. 112. My name is tierna it’s an old Irish name not there for some reson ???? That’s why we’ve included pronunciation, both here and on our Irish Names for Your Baby Main Page. 94. The fada over the i lengthen the vowel so it is pronounced ee. Fenella: Gaelic name meaning “Fair shoulders (or very beautiful)”. Ireland was one of the most forested regions in Europe until the trees were chopped down. Judwara: Gaelic name meaning “Ruler or lord”. Linet: Gaelic name meaning “Lake/Waterfall/Pool”. The River Clody flows through Bunclody in Co. Wexford And when I was in New York on a working visa for a summer in 2001, my workmates used to think it was hillarious the way I pronounced my name, as they all would say “eyhnnee” phonetically, to my “Ahhnne” 49. It has been recorded as an Irish name as far back as the 11th Century and is still quite popular to-day. My name is Keelyn and my name is also spelled keelin. No Irish-speaking person would name their daughter Cailín or Colleen. But I’ve only ever met one Cróna but lots of Bronaghs! My name is Roisin and my daughters name is Aoibheann, I’m from Tipperary so we stay AY veen. 77. I’m from Ireland and I am an Irish speaker coming from an Irish speaking family. 90. 105. Copyright © 2020 Bitesize Irish Gaelic Ltd.   Pronunciation and spelling can be tricky with Celtic names. 124. Same with the Shannon. This is why we’ve selected 100 Gaelic names with their meanings for your male and female babies reflecting the beauty and cultural heritage of Scotland. Clarisant: Gaelic name meaning “Light or clear”. Others are commonly encountered Irish versions of well known English names. It’s a good list, no one could make an exhaustive list ffs. Hayley: Gaelic name meaning “Escape”. Cathmore: Gaelic name meaning “Great Warrior”. Blaine: Gaelic name meaning “Narrow, hollow OR white, fair”. , TY for such neat info and ideas! 22. 29. Unlike a lot of unique baby names, however, Irish girls’ names are also deeply traditional, calling to mind the centuries of proud Irish women who have born them: warriors, saints, queens — even a pirate! Grainne = most well known as a woman in an irish legend (graw-nya) 98. Yes, that is the way people pronounce Anne in Ireland! Cedric: Gaelic name meaning “First Choice”. I want to rename HIM right now with all the morning sickness! 121. Glenys: Gaelic name meaning “Valley girl”. 86. Per my insisting! From a translation into Irish of the Latin Alba meaning ‘white’. 89. Clodagh is named after the river clodagh in tipperary not the clody as far as i know there is no such river. Heilyn: Gaelic name meaning “Cup bearer”. Also used as the Irish equivalent of Anne. Hi my name is Aifric, Sorry, but Ciara is not the feminised version of Ciaran. Cathrine isn’t an Irish name. So contrary to what most people think, it has nothing to do with the continent. Clancy: Gaelic name meaning “Red headed warrior”. Not church. /{{ pronunciation }}/. Daimhin: Gaelic name meaning “Little deer”. I think some of the info on this site  is wrong. My grandmother and particularly my great grandmother would call us a leanbh (Alana) or a chuisle mo chroí (a chusla ma Cree – meaning my heart beat). “Ashling” is spelt Aisling in Irish, and that means a dream or a vision, especially a dream where a homesick person dreams of a woman (who can be either old and ugly or young and beautiful). Darby: Gaelic name meaning “Without envy”. Many Americans think that Megan / Meaghan/ Meagan Sexy Russian Female Names You Would Really Love, Common Greek Last Names And Their Meanings, Spectacular Scandinavian Names For Boys And Girls, Unique Italian Boy Names That Would Make You Jealous, © 2019 - All Rights Reserved, Chartcons – Communications, Inspiration, Relationship and Entrepreneurship, 100+ Beautiful Gaelic Names For Girls And Boys, 100 Unique Scottish Names And Their Meanings, Best Egyptian Names And What They Really Mean, 90 French Names That Sound Really Interesting, 100 Turkish Names That Are Simply Amazing, 100 Necromancer Names That Sound Intriguing, What Does P.S Mean? My name is Adine im from dubin, Ireland. Barra: Gaelic name meaning “Warrior”. Is there another way to spell it. 13. Tegan: Gaelic name meaning “Beautiful”. Padraigin: Gaelic name meaning “Noble Birth” (Female versions of Padraig and Patrick). 27. Your email address will not be published. 44. 59. 42. Cledwin: Gaelic name meaning “Blessed sword”. 17. What of Brosna. I am in the prosses of writing a book that has 200 year old Irish names. These Celtic and Gaelic names come from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, and areas of northern Spain. The husband is American and we live here now so I wanted a good traditional name. {{ translation }} lol, Nice list of names! Waylon: Gaelic name meaning “Son of a wolf”. I loved it! 41. 33. Get occasional updates with news, events, offers and more to help you plan a vacation in Ireland. There is a dad’s on the last I but I don’t know how to get them on the phone. Daren: Gaelic name meaning “Little Oak” (Has a variety of spelling including Darin, Darren, Darran).

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