fuel stops inside passage
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fuel stops inside passage

Plus the ferry terminal is a fair way out of Juneau so walking to downtown wasn’t really an option. Since it’s south of Juneau, it’ll take around a day from Prince Rupert. I also have my chart program, GPSNavX open, as well as the tide and current program that we use on our navigation computer. The Learn to Cruise — Inside Passage to Alaska trips follow our 12-Day Canadian Inside Passage Itinerary.

Other people might prefer tying to docks. Cruising the Inside Passage through channels surrounded by mountains that tower out of the sea, I realize just how immense and diverse BC’s coast truly is. Rainbird Trail with views of Ketchikan and surrounding islands and fjords, Stay overnight at the Ward Lake or Settlers Cove Campground, Wander the streets and boardwalks of Petersburg: That’s really all I want to do (plus take an insane number of photos if it’s really as pretty as they claim), Explore a couple of the local hiking trails, I’m always up for that, Walk around Juneau on a non-cruise ship day, Hike one of the many trails, maybe the West Glacier Trail or maybe the trail to Herbert Glacier (so many to choose from, apparently over 250mi of trails! Hello, Thanks for this site.

We try to avoid fixed destinations because you never know when you might spend and unexpected hour with a pod of killer whales. The other thing to check is what’s included in the rental. Your interests might to tie up at small marina/resorts or towns. There are still plenty of historical buildings dating back to the Klondike Gold Rush, and I really loved exploring Dawson City so maybe Skagway would be just as much fun! This 30 min vigorous exercise gave us just enough time to meander down parts of Waterfront Promenade, take a quick zip up and down Main Street, and skedaddle back to the ferry dock via a supermarket for a few supplies. tour of Alaska’s Inside Passage.

You can apply for a Temporary Resident Permit.

The David B cruises along at about six and a half knots. I definitely don’t want to poke around Skagway on cruise ship day, that sounds like my particular version of a nightmare. Privacy Guaranteed - your email is never shared with anyone, opt out any time.

That way, you can make the most of being able to hop around and you can also bring a campervan along to create your very own itinerary. Backtrack to this morning and I’m driving onto a spaceship-like vessel as its bow opens widely for passengers to board.

If you don’t want to see the south of Vancouver Island, this would be a good option as you’ll save the (busy) drive from Swartz Bay (the port you’ll reach from Tsawwassen).

, Hi Kati, sorry for sending my question twice, I didn’t think that it had sent the first time.☺️ Currently you have JavaScript disabled. john, Hi,My brother and I are planning to head north from La conner.Although I have tons of boating experience,I’ve been on kauai for 45 years so it is all on canoes in big water.Steve,my brother fished quite a bit off his small boat in Forida.WE are total greenhorns when it comes the inside passage and was wondering how we could hook up with another boat that knows where there going{local knowledge}Thankyou,mary.

The mileage between Bellingham and Ketchikan is roughly 680 nautical miles so we plan make an average of fifty-eight nautical miles per day, which works out to being about eight hours underway. Once I’ve decided on what our itinerary and I know what the rules are for customs, I can begin to concentrate on some other aspects of the trip. On our last trip, we just paid the additional km as we knew we weren’t going to drive quite as far.

I love walking in the woods, watching birds, whales, and other animals, and I love having an hour or so to hop in a kayak and slowly paddle around an anchorage. I’ve talked with retired people who cruise one section of the Inside Passage for a whole summer, then another section each subsequent year.

The experience is usually easy and painless. These islands and passages were historically used as a buffer from the North Pacific Ocean.

It’s got ‘grizzly bear’ in its name! In Canada, you cannot bring in any food that has: a pit, a core, or an eye. Clearing into Canada – Most US boaters will clear Canada Customs in Bedwell Harbour, however, customs docks are available in Victoria, Sidney, Nanaimo, and Vancouver. Lots of people think the Inside Passage just covers Alaska.

Here are 7 stops that I’m keen to make (again) next time!

98227, Direct – 360-201-8184 Skype – motorvesseldavidb, A Northwest Cruising Guide, Boating Resource Guide and Magazine.

We also leave early in the morning (5am) since it’s usually a little more calm. If that’s the case you’ll be able to check out the destinations section right here on Cruising Northwest to do research for your trip. Next week I’ll talk about outfitting your boat for cruising in the Inside Passage. A good anchorage for going north before Queen Charlotte is Blunden Harbor and for Dixon Entrance is Brundage Inlet on Dundas Island. Haven’t been up there since 1958. Since the Inside Passage isn’t a static body of water, we also figure in the currents, which can change the number of hours per day we’re underway. We’ve done both – on our first Canada trip we knew we’d clock up at least 8000-9000 km so we wanted unlimited mileage for our 5-week road trip.

The customs experience is usually simple. Christine is up in Alaska right now, just beginning an 8 day cruise. Also while you are on the phone with customs, your passengers and crew must remain on board. Prince Rupert is also perfect for taking a stroll around. Time Constraints: In years past we’ve done the Bellingham to Ketchikan leg in six-days, eight-days, and twelve-days. Hi Kati, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your writings, they’re both informative and so interesting.

), Drive across to Douglas Island for views of Juneau, Maybe visit SeaAlaska, a traditional clan house, but I haven’t worked out yet if it’s super touristy, Poke around the Alaska State Museum for a dose of local indigenous culture and history, Visit the St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church for its stunning architecture, Learning more about Alaska’s Russian history at the Russian cemetery or the Russian Memorial. If you have those they will kindly ask you to place them in the garbage provided. In a couple of months we’ll be taking the David B on a 12-day trip from Bellingham to Ketchikan. From just docking at the harbour, I can certainly see the allure. Some of them are accessible by the Alaska State Ferry system, while for others you’ll need your own boat or fly in by float plane.

Daily Itineraries: I like to consider the distance between anchorages for each day, so we can plan where we’ll anchor each night. The hike is pleasant enough, just don’t expect too much from the rapids. It’s a little redundant, but I’m less likely to make a mistake if I double check my math. After leaving Prince Rupert on the Alaskan ferries, we made our way to Ketchikan and docked there for a couple of hours. Alert Bay is a common stop along the Inside Passage How Far: Everyone’s boat goes a different speed. I don’t exactly know why I think it’d be cool to visit Sitka, maybe because it’s played a role in the Russian exploration of Alaska or maybe because this is where Alaska was sold to the US in the mid-1800s. If I think a bit more, I can probably come up with a few more things to consider.

Also, if you are traveling with children and only one parent is on board you will need to have a notarized letter stating that your child is legally allowed to cross the border.

We were lucky with own VW campervans, they’ve mostly had manual transmission.

I’m fairly sure I picked up a murals trail map from the visitor information but we either didn’t tick off all 30 of them or I’ve lost some photos as I only seem to have limited photo evidence. See instructions, A Year of Not Reading Much: My Best Reads of 2018, Gorgeous bright bottle brush (callistemon) in bloo, Daintree National Park: I want to call these airy, Cairns Botanic Gardens has one crazy tree: The mig, I’m not one for boats, just the thought of being, The unhappy consequences of cassowary crossings ni, Mangroves at lowish tide, north of Cairns 〰️ I, Wild horses at Kroombit Tops: I haven’t seen too, A gorgeous, fluffy Kookaburra on our recent campin, 5 reasons to travel the Inside Passage by ferry, Tracing the Klondike Gold Rush: Things to do in Dawson City, 5 Reasons to Travel the Inside Passage by Ferry, Incredible autumn in Canada: My favourite places, Our Highs and Lows During Six Weeks in Canada, Call of the Yukon: Tombstone Territorial Park, Getting ready for moose and bears in Canada, The North Pacific Cannery, a national historic site: With boardwalks connecting this historic village, I can’t imagine not loving it.

Founded by Norwegians, Petersburg is apparently one of the prettiest towns along the Inside Passage. Maybe your ideal trip in the Inside Passage is different. If you are thinking about, or getting ready to do your own cruise in the Inside Passage, here are some planning tips that you might find useful.Each year when we get ready to head north, I go through a series of questions about the trip such as: The Killer Whales come to visit us sometimes. © 2014-2020 Queensland & Beyond. Either way, I find it useful to pre-plan some potential locations for each day. A consideration that Americans need to be aware of is that Canada considers a Driving while Under the Influence (DUI) offense a felony.

The waterfront and Cow Bay with its cute but not tacky cow patterns everywhere, tiny but quirky shops, and cafés is easily walk-able. When the officer arrives, they will ask you if you bought anything in Canada and will question you about your galley stores. The cost is two hundred dollars. If you need more convincing that exploring the Inside Passage by ferry is the best idea, peruse my 5 reasons why.


So, here’s what I’d definitely want to see….

We’ve been searched by both several times. I’ll spend more time on charts in an upcoming article.Planning for Activities: My favorite activities are nature based. I’m just wanting to Know if we fly into Vancouver how far away is the ferry terminal and how long does it take to go to I think Tracey’s arm I think it’s called.

We left Prince Rupert at 3:30pm, I think, and got into Juneau around 8pm the following day. We arrived here at the ungodly hour of 4am, and basically rolled off the ferry, found a spot to park our van and went to sleep.

They will also ask you about specific food items. We sailed north in 2006 from your region to AK.

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