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exile cycles closed

Bolt-on 3” primary belt kits are available for all HD Softails as well as 2006-up Dynas. Call for quoteSolid Monster Wheels Details on request, LSSMTC Leaf–spring seat mechanism to mount LePera solo seat to TwinCam Softail $349, SAT Seat area trim, TwinCam Softail, black $49, ESM Exile Seat Mechanism, with shock, mounts, tabs and hardware $399. These are the belts we use on all of our bikes: great form, great function, great value. Includes mounting bracket $499. The spiral is twice as steep as the throttle assembly to double the amount of leverage that is applied to the cable. Mid-control narrow primary for Dynas(& Softails). We use it routinely on our bikes in combination with our ‘universal’ Twist Clutch Cable to activate the stock HD clutch or the Primo diaphragm clutch resulting in a smooth, light twisting operation at the grip – and super-clean bars! These grips are open-ended (sport-style) for use with bar-ends. 11.5” front rotor. Please just buy the items individually. The above pipes are for custom builds. Available with or without the spin-on oil filter facility. It cannot be used unless you have a round oil tank as the shock interferes with the conventional horse-shoe style tank. You do not need to touch the foot pedal to shift from neutral to first, or to pull away from a stop. Our Twist Clutch will, of course, work with other clutches, but remember that the stronger your clutch springs the harder the grip will be to twist. There are a lot of cheap, crappy internal throttles out there, but we believe ours to be the best available. CGT-TC Chopper gas-tank direct bolt-on for Twin Cam Softails (carb or EFI) $1199 Note – on fuel injected bikes CGT-TC must be used in conjunction with HD fuel pump 75268-07E $449. Motor Brace PlateBy far the cleanest way to brace the engine and the transmission. In fact, the only time you need to physically operate the clutch pedal is whilst accelerating up through the gears (as the rpm does not drop sufficiently between shifts). Although discreet on the show tour, Russell Mitchell at Exile Cycles is extremely busy creating custom bikes built from the ground up in a style that belongs only to him and also designing new bolt-on parts for customers opting for the Harley make-over. It is our best-selling component and we have been manufacturing it for nearly 15 years. The switch strip attaches by a single wire to a tiny module that can easily be hidden under your tank or seat. These kits consist of a hollow machined steel rod with threaded end, supplied with shift knob of your choice. You will also need: FCSR-MC Stainless shift rod with SS heim joints, for mid-controls $80. Some customers may save more than others depending on the options selected. TCK Throttle cable kit, over-length, designed to work in any application $40. The 1 3/4” header pipe continues inside the larger outer body to maximize scavenging pressure resulting in significant performance gains and reduced discoloration. You do not need to touch the foot pedal whilst coasting to a stop and shifting down through the gears. Wheels have been laced with up to 200 spokes. The front pipe has a captive nut welded in place, but the rear pipe is supplied with separate nut or bracket for you to weld in place as the pipes are fitted. This factor was taken into consideration when fixing the price.The pricing above includes the ‘standard’ finish for each part. KSA Stainless steel kickstand with weld-on tab $249, KSA-TC Stainless steel kickstand with black billet clamp for TwinCam Softails $399. We even developed a bitchin' billet cover to dress the starter and blend it with the other pieces of the drive-train. 200 Metzeler (7.45") $1199, M16-4.25-150F 16"x4.25" Monster front wheel, satin or polished, incl. During a hill start holding the button will lock pressure in the brake-line allowing you to take your right foot off the brake pedal and put your left foot on the clutch pedal to shift into first gear. This billet aluminum brace plate mounts between the motor and the front two primary case bolt holes on the transmission. PC Exile Front Pulley Cover (5” length as used on our bikes) $349. CGT Chopper gas-tank fabricated to order $1199. This is a fixed price deal. OLF-TC Oil Line Fittings (pair) to replace feed & return lines on TC engine $49. Anodizing or powder-coating of parts will incur additional charges, M15-7-230 15"x 7" Monster rear wheel, satin or polished, incl. Use it in conjunction with our motor brace plate, or with no motor plate at all. Please note that the 150 is the widest front tire available. This means that any grips that work with the HD throttle sleeve can be used with our assembly. Pipes are supplied in raw steel, but we offer high-temperature coating in black or silver for an additional charge. The basic bars come ‘standard’ with 1” end sections to allow the use of standard throttle, controls, switch-gear, etc. This deal is not designed to be a ‘bike kit’. This system uses a small shock absorber under the seat to provide suspension on a rigid frame. You can modify your existing throttle cable to work, but remember you will need an adjuster either at the lower end of the cable or mid-cable. This raw steel seat base is designed to be a perfect fit for the seat triangle area on our rigid frames, but it also makes a great starting point for a seat for most other custom rigid (or Softail) applications. Includes mounting brackets $499, MSP-S Monster Shotgun Pipes, raw steel, for stock Softails. Call for details. Hand Shift Kits. We now offer out Internal Throttle with a 1” twist-sleeve diameter for those who want to use it in conjunction with billet grips that have a 1” bore size. Kit consists of bearing support plate, starter nose, ring gear and jackshaft extension. On foot-clutch bikes that have no front brake lever (and are not running a centrifugal clutch) we use a line-lock to function a bit like an E-brake on a stick shift car. Rigid frame with axle. This assembly will allow you to route your throttle cable through your handlebars. ITA-S Internal Throttle Assembly – small twist-sleeve diameter $199. Makes riding a foot-clutch bike an absolute breeze! Supplied in sanded finish. The welds are machined and sanded. 240 Metzeler (9") $1,299, M17-7 17"x7" Monster rear wheel, satin or polished, NO TIRE (use stock HD 200 tire) $999. HSK Hand Shift Kit with knurled shift knob $99, HSKB Hand Shift Kit with knurled shift knob, with red momentary button $149, HSKL Hand Shift Kit with knurled shift knob, red button and line-lock $299. These kick-start kits include polished billet aluminum end-cover, kick-arm and solid brass kick-pedal. Exile Cycles’ Racy Harley Rocker Published by Cyril Huze March 19th, 2015 in Builders and Customs . PBK-6 3” open primary belt drive for 6-speed HD Softails and Dynas $2249 These kits include Primo 3” belt, front pulley, rear pulley with complete clutch, domed clutch cover, Exile pulley cover, bearing/starter support plate and all necessary hardware. Release the button as the clutch starts to engage. It represents considerable savings over buying each item individually. We offer JayBrake hand controls that we can bore to 1.25” so they will clamp onto our bars and eliminate the need for the visible ‘step-down’ to 1” diameter. For each side add $150. Two left or two right grips can be supplied on request at no extra charge (e.g for twist-clutch application). Will not fit 3.5” Primo belt kits. Motor Brace Plate By far the cleanest way to brace the engine and the transmission. 2” version available on request. GAS TANKS. P-48-76-S Primo 3” open belt kit, includes belt, pulleys and clutch. 120 Metzeler (4.6") $1099, M21-2.15-90F 21"x 2.15" Monster front wheel, satin or polished, incl. Works great with LePera solo seats. Holding two buttons down simultaneously will activate your starter. Billet aluminum hubs can be laced to any available rim-size using an array of spoke designs. LPGC Low profile gas cap single - $49, pair - $99. OBB6 Brackets to mount OB15 in 07-up (6-spd) HD Softail $99NOTE – OB 15 cannot be used with stock HD 6-speed closed primary drive. Exile Inverted Front Ends Available in 31”, 32”, ... You will need to supply Dyna foot controls and Dyna inner and outer primary case (if running closed primary). Compatible with a stock primary, the clamp engages the frame cross-member to prevent any possible rotation, and kickstand position is adjustable – both  in the up and down position. Your choice of Monster rear wheel with tire, single or dual-flanged. This is basically a reversed-spiral version of our Internal Throttle Assembly that can be used on the left side of the bars to operate a cable. All tires above 150 series are rear tires, and you must take full responsibility for deciding to run a rear tire on the front of your bike. Exile Starter Kit Combine our Starter Kit with a Motor Brace Plate, a Front Pulley Cover and a Primo belt kit for one kick-ass primary – as seen on all our customs! We require the exact dimension from the outer edge of your front pulley to the mounting surface on the motor (or where the pulley cover will attach). This makes riding a foot-clutch bike extremely easy. We offer a variety of grips that are available WITH or WITHOUT a machined recess in the left grip to mount the Hidden Switch System. 90 Metzeler or Avon $1099, 'Spoolie' hubs are available for our Monster front wheels for those running no front brake at all. Please call 818 889 1896 for more information. It can be used in conjunction with the Exile Bearing Support on kick-only bikes, or in conjunction with our Exile Starter Kit. For black (satin or gloss) powder-coated rim and/or hub Add $100For non-black powder-coated rim and/or hub Add $150, Any other tire can be requested, just let us know when you order what tire you want us to fit. What you use it for is your business, but we originally developed it to activate the clutch. Exile Cycles, California, USA T: 818 706 1230 F: 818 706 1229 E: info@exilecycles.cominfo@exilecycles.com MDP-S Monster Drag Pipes, raw steel, for stock Softails.

Is John Bel Edwards Related To Edwin Edwards, Kitty Girl Meaning, Alina Shriver Instagram, Gw2 Best Healer 2020, Lsu Fraternity Tiers,

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