exide battery codes
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exide battery codes

It is a violation of this Code and applicable law to conceal an offense or to alter or destroy evidence. Happy Shopping! As a result, our operations are subject to the laws of many countries, provinces, states, municipalities and organizations (such as the European Union). No employee or agent of the Company has authority to knowingly or intentionally engage in any conduct that does not comply with environmental, health or safety laws or to authorize, direct, approve or condone such conduct by any other person. divert a business opportunity from the Company to another company. No Coupon Code Required. Similarly, the Company is committed to respecting the trademark rights of others, and to avoiding the use of trademarks confusingly similar to those of other companies. You should be aware that gifts or payments to government and regulatory officials might violate applicable laws or international treaties, even if given without intending to influence that government official. Our exide 12v battery import data solutions meet your actual import requirements in quality, volume, seasonality, and geography. However, these meetings also can provide an opportunity for improper discussions. Exide expects all directors, officers, and employees to: 1 A “controlled affiliate” is a subsidiary or other entity in which Exide Technologies owns, directly or indirectly, more than 50 percent of the voting rights, or in which the power to control the entity is possessed by or on behalf of Exide Technologies. U.S. federal securities laws also prohibit employers, directors, officers and employees from knowingly or recklessly failing to take steps to prevent the trading on such information by those whom they directly or indirectly control. While the law allows certain types of payments to foreign officials, including payments to “facilitate” routine government actions, determining what payments are permissible involves sophisticated judgment and knowledge of the host country’s practices. Employees are prohibited from using coercion to urge anyone to engage in fundraising on behalf of, or make a contribution to, a candidate or political committee. Such activities must take place on an employee’s personal time and at their own expense, however. Accordingly, if you transact Company business in foreign countries, you must comply with the laws of the relevant countries in addition to United States antitrust laws where applicable. If you believe that the Company’s books and records are not in accord with these requirements, you should immediately report the matter. Employees must strictly comply with all laws of each country in which they conduct business, and with all U.S. laws governing foreign operations (e.g., the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act; laws prohibiting cooperation with foreign boycotts or requiring adherence to country-specific embargoes; and export control laws). In most cases the Legal Department will advise such personnel when they become subject to these additional obligations. Non-compliance with environmental, health and safety laws and regulations can have serious effects on the individuals involved, as well as on the Company. The Company also strives to provide a work environment where all employees can work together comfortably and productively. Employees and agents of the Company must not make payments or offers of payment to any foreign government official, employee or agent of a foreign government official, political party official, candidate for political office or official of a public international organization (e.g., the U.N. or World Bank) to induce that official to influence any governmental act or decision or to assist the Company in obtaining or retaining business. Under the antitrust laws, unlawful agreements need not take the form of a written contract or consist of express commitments or mutual assurances. However, the following general rule covers the most common problems: With respect to any person, firm or entity that supplies goods or services to, purchases goods or services from, or is a competitor of, the Company, its subsidiaries or affiliates, no Company employee or agent should, without prior approval: A “gift” is any tangible item of value, any service of value, or any favor not available to all employees on an equal basis. Each facility manager has responsibility to assure environmental, health and safety compliance at that facility, be it a smelter, battery plant, other manufacturing facility, distribution center or branch. trade secrets or proprietary information; strategic sourcing information or analysis; patent applications, developmental or experimental work, formulas, test data, prototypes, models, and product specifications; sales and marketing strategies, plans and programs and product development information; employees’ and consultants’ personnel information, including but not limited to benefits, perquisites, salaries, stock options, compensation, formulas or bonuses, and their non-business addresses and telephone numbers; organizational structure and reporting relationships; and. B-1/E-3, 2nd Floor Exide is committed to providing accessible, timely and specific guidance to directors, officers, and employees who have questions regarding the Code or other Company policies, or who seek guidance concerning legal or ethical issues. Immediate reporting to the Legal Department is particularly critical when requests are made in the form of a complaint, summons, subpoena, order to show cause or other document legally requiring that an appearance be made or a response be given. Under the Export Administration Regulations, administered by the U.S. Department of Commerce, the export of commercial goods and services from the United States may require a specific export license from the Commerce Department. The Company will cooperate to the fullest extent reasonable and practical with appropriate federal, state and local authorities investigating an offense. You must always make truthful statements about the Company’s products and services, must not willfully conceal material facts from anyone with whom the Company does business and must not knowingly make commitments that the Company cannot fulfill. A list of the members of the Compliance Committee is posted on the Company’s intranet. Employees who fail to do so are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. Exide conducts business in hundreds of communities in North America, and in over 80 countries worldwide. Unrecorded, off the record payments or receipts are not to be made. In addition to these steps, each employee is expected to cooperate fully in the Company’s environmental compliance program, including: You must not engage in any scheme to defraud a customer, supplier, or other person with whom the Company does business out of money, property, or services or wrongfully withhold or steal the property of others. Responding to Inquiries from the Government, Press & Public. Copyright © 2009 - 2020 www.seair.co.in. Exide encourages employees to participate in the political process, express their personal views on policy or political matters and engage in political activity.

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