destroy the arkham knight's cloudburst tank tunnel
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destroy the arkham knight's cloudburst tank tunnel

This is where you have to check on the radar at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Just avoid the homing missiles by avoiding the red circles that go underneath your Batmobile. Whether it seems like a chore or not, it's worth practicing your moves since this won't be last time you drive like this.

Head to the top level of the gardens and interact with the indicated tree for a scene. Take out every last tank to clear the area, and Ivy will disperse enough of the toxin to get a lock on the Cloudburst, helmed by the Arkham Knight himself.

Drive the Batmobile to the edge of the gap and fly over to the small building and unlock the ramp, then drive the Batmobile over it to lower the opposite side - then lock the ramp. Everything is an ugly brown and it can be hard to see at times.

It’s okay to fail lots of times because a checkpoint has been saved. Filled to the brim with gadgets, collectibles and nods to the greater Batman mythos, Batman: Arkham Knight does its best to be the ultimate Batman simulator.

I made use of the Batmobile’s thrusters and dodging technique.

Just drive away from a safe distance until he’s lost sight of you.

Six of these are your standard Cobra Drone Tanks, whilst the final one is the boss – the Cloudburst Tank. The Arkham Knight will shoot you with his long ranged missiles a lot when he gets angry. Unlike the Cobra Tanks, one shot won’t take him out instantly.
We need to approach the boss whilst the cone is not looking in our direction and scan it with Detective mode.

Don’t rush things or else you have to beat 6 Cobra Tanks again. Like the scene in Ace Chemicals, you'll need to work swiftly but carefully, pulling out the canister gently and pushing it back slowly but surely to power it on in time. You'd also do well to make sure you've upgraded your Batmobile's armor and weapons a bit to last through the fight, as they will come in several waves, with everything from Viper Drones to Missile Launchers and more.

The roots are too deep from the surface, so you'll need to find another way. Earlier in the game, you’ll know they have a weakness and that’s going from behind and shooting them with the Batmobile’s rockets.

To beat the Arkham Knight’s tank in this second phase of the fight, you have to shoot him four times in different areas. His attacks are easy to dodge.

Like before, the militia will take notice of the new decorations, and this time will send a large squad of drones to stop you. Once back in the Batmobile, get in touch with Ivy to find out a new plan of action. Fire away like crazy to try and deplete it. You have to fire your rockets at the Cloudburst itself which is a big yellow circle in front of the Arkham Knight’s tank. You don’t want to beat 5 tanks and then die.

The game will now prompt you to select your active mission, select the ‘City of Fear’ main quest to proceed with the campaign. Here’s a few tips to get past him. In the next large open area, you'll find a raised ramp, with a small shack up at the top.

Use the Batmobile’s “Battle Mode” to move slowly and get behind them. haha, so yea tried three or four times to destroy the cloud burst, after the 2nd or 3rd try, i think the game took pity on me and saved the game to the place after the big cannon was destroyed, so that made it easy to destroy it. Locations and solutions to every Riddle, Riddler Trophy, Bomb Rioter challenge. You'll need to do this several times to get through the next area, as another drone patrols the length of the hallway, and another hides in an alcove. Make use of it frequently because your naked eyes won’t do so well during this part of the game. Winning strategies to take down the assortment of nasty bosses. Slam through the meager opposition as you reunite with the Batmobile, and open the far gate. Also, it will be good if you upgrade the Batmobile’s armor before heading into this fight. When you are ready, drive to Bleake Island to Destroy the Cloudburst.
Remember that you’ll need to hit the Cobra Tanks in the glowing section on their backs in order to destroy them and avoid their lock on attack as it can cause a silly amount of damage. When you're ready, take the plunge to ground level, and start replacing the power core. Why not join us today?

A boss life bar will also show up on the top right hand corner of your screen. The last part of the fight is much easier and faster than the second part.

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