dark souls 2 classes reddit
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dark souls 2 classes reddit

Invisible guy in Drangleic Castle - while waiting to get summoned for Mirror Knight, I reached down to pick up a drink and my controller hit leg and my character punched. If you get lucky, the birds give you something really nice for it. The Warrior has to use what he finds initially and not everybody finds the only decent melee option available.

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I have been playing this game on and off (mostly on) since Xbox 360 release and I’m shocked that I am still finding new things to this day.

Healing items are the ds2 version of the master key. SM~2-3m No3 was deprived even though it was to be a dex build and I didn't … I respec quite often and basically 1/100 times I respec I use magic so i like keeping those useless stats at 5 purely so my stat spread looks nice. Log in sign up. Here's how a deprived playthrough starts: Oh shit I'm naked and don't even have a weapon, Thank gwyn, it's a fucking dagger.

Haven’t heard that since, so don’t know what the trigger is, but it was surprising. That's all just my opinion though.

Almost all of my subsequent playthroughs started as Deprived, unless I had a specific build that made it easier to get using another class. I always start with Swordsman because of the high Dex Stat when doing melee builds.

Best Class To Play. No sales, sales links, or soliciting donations.

Used to always start as Swordsman or Knight though. No5 was a swordsman, who hasn't gone very far into the game, as I wanted to initially rush the re-skinned 'bloody club' (and on a whim it also became a CoC run just for the hell of it).

Content must be directly related to Dark Souls 2. This made me chuckle a bit because when I got in there it was a host with two npc summons who had the odds completely reversed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

I want to know which is the best out of them all. Ended up as a quality build, and will be using to go into NG++ soon.

I have started over 10 characters and NEVER taken any of them to NG+. For pvp characters i basically always do warrior so if I respec I can keep dat sweet multiple of 5 for atn int and fth. 7.

Petrified Something does give a small chance of the Demon's Great Hammer when trading with the crows, but it's a guarantee that healing items will be useful and you might not like greathammers. I ALWAYS go Merchant because of highest adp and at 9 dex you can powerstance the daggers you get in the beginning/tutorial and for a gift, healing wares. If melee or faith based, Knight.

Even a caster will use a meele weapon at some point, therefore physical stats are always required.

Also because of free early lockstone. His starting level is 13, the second highest, therefore you spend less souls to reach the same level than a deprived for example, meaning more min/maxing potential. Question.

I'm assuming I'd need to wear light armor but if there's a way to use medium as well I'll take it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I don't like all that magicky stuff.

I.e only starting gift worth taking.

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