blaser r8 accuracy test
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blaser r8 accuracy test

The scope mount is a quick-detachable unit, which is on the right side of the barrel and can be moved via two rounded lugs. Tweets from The proprietary scope mount uses four recesses on the barrel and a rail attachment to quickly and easily attach the optic to the rifle. barrel have the same length and contour, but the .22 weighs four ounces more due to less metal removed when it was bored, rifled and chambered. Now fox red Labs are de rigeur it would…, All our articles and videos on this ancient 'breed', Browse through our reviews of new and second-hand guns, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. The only bobble experienced was my fault. They all have a sling, mounts and optics (well, most of them) and, after a while, they start to take up a considerable amount of room. What is the best rifle for shooting foxes? The R8 is most definitely an “interesting” rifle. The bolt carrier cannot be removed until the lower assembly is detached. Blasers always shoot well and the R8 was no exception, both with factory ammunition and reloads. How to buy a decent shotgun for under £500. Only a few of us failed to get two vital hits, and once we got warmed up, we frequently got in three hits before the target disappeared behind cover. The 2019 introduction of the .22 Long Rifle option makes the R8 more versatile than ever. The trigger pull will be the same for all your chosen cartridges: My Lyman digital trigger scale indicated the test rifle’s trigger broke at just under 2 pounds. This allows the rifle to be broken down for storage and styles or grades of wood can easily be replaced or exchanged. Scoped and loaded, a typical walnut stocked Blaser R8 modular rifle in 308 Win. Because both barrels were sporter barrels, I decided on three-shot groups for accuracy testing. IMPORTER: The Sig Sauer Elite Hunter Tipped 165-grain load and 175-grain Elite Performance load each averaged right around ¾ MOA, and the Nosler 180-grain Ballistic Tip load printed just a bit bigger. © Copyright TI Media Limited. Using 150gr Winchester Extreme Point ammunition at 100m, the Blaser R8 achieved 0.75”, and the Helix and the Maral in .30-06 achieved 1” and 2” respectively. The wheeled cardboard target has two full-size, back-to-back, head/neck/shoulder/rib cage areas of a bull moose with the nose of one pointed left and the other to the right. It was apparent from the first group that this gun was a shooter. Zeroed at 100 yards, the Partition was 3.8in low at 200 yards and 14.4in low at 300 yards. As the bolt is pushed into the deep barrel recess, a tapered wedge expands the segments outward, causing their lugs to engage a groove around the inner circumference of the barrel wall. Switching bolt heads is just as easy. When using the .22 LR conversion, the bolt throw is shortened up to about half the distance of the .375 throw. Learn how your comment data is processed. To remove a cartridge from the chamber without cocking the firing pin, push the slide forward about 1/8 inch and pull on the bolt handle. Hook a finger into the front of the magazine, press inward on its left-hand side with the thumb and lift it out. Why is it illegal to use my pump-action gun wildfowling? Switching bolt heads is easy. The comb and buttstock are both adjustable, providing all sorts of flexibility to the unit. I packed up a big box of ammo (because I had three cartridges to test) and my range bag to head over to the proving grounds (better known as “Dad’s Backyard”). Accuracy was quite good. Now push the replacement bolt head into the carrier, rotate it in the opposite direction, push the lever to its latched position and you are done. The 24-inch barrel showed 2,520 fps for the Norma load and 2,415 fps (advertised 2,400 fps) for the Federal load. Left-side-eject bolt heads are available. These 13 lugs have also been redesigned and have a more abrupt locking edge to grip better, while the 3.75in bolt has been given an improved removal system. Pressing a flush-fit button causes the spring-loaded comb to leap skyward, and it is adjustable for three different heights. ACCURACY AND TARGETS Nearly all the factory groups averaged below 1in. Is the Blaser R8 Ultimate the ultimate rifle? If a cartridge is in the chamber when that happens, it cannot be removed until the lower assembly is inserted. The action locks up using a set of radial lugs, and while it’s a radical departure from the traditional dual locking lugs of the Mauser 98, Winchester 70 or Remington 700, it’s strong and reliable. Well, no, but that might be a good thing in your book. Safety movement is noiseless, and while more push is required than for the safety slide on your double-barrel shotgun, it becomes easier with practice. A hunter from Germany had the only Blaser in the group. Speaking of small groups, the centerfire barrel did okay as well, as you can see in the accompanying table. It’s a matter of taste. and .30-06, the rim and body diameters of those cartridges are the same, so you’ll need only one bolt head and one magazine for all of them. is not only a classic round. After going through the barrel/bolt head/magazine changing routine, he started that raised-eyebrow-cocked-head look he gives when he’s thinking about giving his approval. Adjustable buttstock allows a supreme fit. scoped, depending on barrel Magazine capacity: Cartridge dependent Length of pull: Adjustable from 14 to 15.25 in. Next up was the .375 H&H barrel, with which I decided to test Federal’s Cape-Shok 300-grain Trophy Bonded Bear Claw softpoint and the Norma 300-grain Oryx load. I found it easier to remove the trigger assembly, load the magazine and replace the assembly. Would a working cocker spaniel be right for you? Mag., .458 Lott and a dozen others. With it removed, the end of the firing pin and its spring will be left dangling in midair, but don’t panic because they won’t drop out. The worst group—coming in at an average of 1.1 MOA—was Federal’s new 175-grain Terminal Ascent load. The 3.5-inch-long, non-tapered chamber section of the barrel beds on a rock-solid insert in the stock, and from there on out it free-floats. TRIGGER AND MAGAZINE “We’re now offering a conversion kit for the R8 to allow the same stock, receiver and trigger system to be used for a .22 LR.”. Most of the rifles were Sako turn-bolts in .30-06 or .308 Win., but mine was in 9.3x62 Mauser. While most of the R8 rifles have a more traditional, pistol-grip-style stock, the R8 Ultimate uses a thumbhole-style design with a palm swell grip and a nicely textured grip. Blaser’s R8 Ultimate could end up being a “new classic.” Col. Townsend Whelen said it very well: “Only accurate rifles are interesting.”. A vertical recoil lug in the insert engages a transverse slot in the bottom of the barrel. Wood variants for the R8 stock come as a two-piece set-up and both are attached to the central action body. I enjoy a stock with a good figure and flat top checkering, as well as the simple warmth of walnut. I next converted the rifle to handle the .22 LR—just about as radical a departure from the .375 H&H as you could ask for—and moved from the 100-yard target board to the 50-yard board. For more information on the Blaser R8 Ultimate, please visit While rather heavy—the Infinity weighs in at 27 ounces—it was crystal clear and took adjustments just fine. (Ie if you want to hijack this thread with other pointless info about my make of rifle please refrain from doing so.) From the very beginning of our little game the owner of the Blaser was consistently getting in three hits. Like everything else about the R8, buttstocks and fore-ends are easily switched. Its patented straight-pull bolt action is by now legendary and popular both on the Continent and in the UK. Using a fingernail, small screwdriver or the tip of a pocketknife, move the latch to the left and outward (while keeping the slightest amount of rearward pressure on the bolt). With the magazine in place, upward pressure is exerted on its bottom by a large, flat spring. The new design also allows an extra round to be loaded, which is very handy for Magnum rifle shooters. Get the 74th edition of the World's Greatest Gun Book. The magazine is 4.25in long by 3.25in high and a spare blank one is supplied for when the rifle is stored. Accuracy 18/20 The mount attaches to opposing notches machined into the barrel. Cycling travel is a bit less than four inches, and the carrier glides to and fro like hot grease on glass. Open Seasons Ltd A small blade from my pocketknife easily extracted it. Reloads consisted of 100-grain and 156-grain bullets. After chatting with the Blaser folks, I think I might have found a definite answer. I have a safe full of rifles. Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in the June 2020 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine. The barrel is retained by just two captive bolts within the lower portion of the action. Interchangeable bolt heads, magazines follower and barrels makes it capable of chambering nearly any cartridge. If you intend to hunt a wide variety of game animals, which will require a number of different calibers, the Blaser R8 will certainly fit the bill and provide you with a wonderful level of consistency. The 22-inch barrel gave velocities just a bit below the advertised values on the boxes, but nothing to the point of concern. The Black Edition has a wood grade of six, which offers superb grain pattern and a well-rubbed oil finish, which is sure to excite the traditionalist. 181.2 KB Views: 62. mchughcb ... What has this level of accuracy to do with Blaser … And speaking of that, regardless of the number of times bolt heads and magazines were switched or a barrel was taken off and put back on, the rifle never strayed from its zero.

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