ascendant 29 degrees
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ascendant 29 degrees

December 31, 2015 1:49 am, Nic on The honest truth, however, is that despite our natal degree placements each of us experiences the power of 29 many times throughout our lives. There are 30 degrees in each sign which gives us planetary placements ranging from 0 all the way up to 29 and change. But that, of course, depends on which house system you choose. Pluto is the planet of transformation, power, and control, so having Pluto at 29 degrees can show someone who resists changing themselves or their lives, or gets stuck in perpetual change that keeps going and going. The Sun rules your identity, who you truly are, so having the Sun at 29 degrees can show someone who struggles to be true to who they really are until they master this position. At the moment it’s still a hobby. How significant this is, however, depends on the planet. You need to explore and expand your world, and experience life as it should be experienced. The truth behind all of this is that many of us intrinsically know when big changes are on the horizon. We never really get to the 30th degree because once we get there we really enter the next sign (which begins at 0 degrees). This return casts a very special moment in time and creates an important picture of the year ahead. They will never be shared. Degree placements are found in many places in our own astrology. January 1, 2016 3:02 am, Nic on If we discover a planet or important angle (Ascendant (1st house cusp), IC (4th house cusp), Descendant (7th house cusp) or Midheaven (10th house cusp) living in the powerful 29th degree it’s always a special marker. If we were to discover a 29 somewhere in our Solar Return picture, we could easily surmise a turning point year was ahead. Neptune is the planet of dreams, illusions, and subconscious, so having Neptune at 29 degrees can show someone who runs as far from reality as they can, getting lost in their delusions and fantasies, or who rejects their fantasies and imaginative side. You have many lessons to learn, but you can be a force once you learn them. And it’s probably worth noticing when the Sun or Mercury is at a very late degree. The current life time is presenting opportunities to work through this karma and become a stepping stone into a bigger part of their soul’s evolution. Planets at 29 degrees tend not to make more aspects: they’ve done all they came to do. For example if you have Venus-the planet of Love, at 29 degrees, this indicates that you might be completing some important relationship started from a past life, or shifting from one mode of perceiving and doing relationships to another-a kind of quantum leap … In my own personal work, I call any placement in the last degree my Magic 29. We find all of these special numbers embedded all throughout our natal charts, which is the picture that the planets created for us at the moment we were born. When a planet changes signs, everything about the Essential Dignity of that planet changes in an instant. Nic Gaudette is a Florida-based astrologer who enjoys helping those new to astrology, and writes lessons and articles to help them learn. Mars is the planet of energy and drive, so having Mars at 29 degrees can show someone who has too much or too little energy, is overly aggressive or overly a pacifist, and doesn’t know how to take charge or is too impulsive. Technically speaking the last degree point of each sign is really 29 degrees and 59 seconds. You need to focus on your mind, learn new things and trust in your mental abilities, and be confident when you communicate. New relationships may be getting ready to begin or old ones needing to end. She moves around a lot, abuses drugs and is sexually irresponsible. We could theorize that these powerful 29’s represent bringing over lots of things from our past lifetimes (karmic baggage per say). Woody Allen’s Ascendant reached 29° Libra when he began a relationship with his partner Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter. What Is A Natal Chart & What Does Your Astrological Birthdate Say About You. It is extremely well organized and very well written. These transitions can also change our entire awareness and perception. Of course, he also mentioned that he’d heard that the last degrees of a sign are where a planet or point “goes postal” and expresses that energy with great intensity. Actually, the same would hold true for a chart with the Ascendant at 0 degrees. ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. They have the potential to change who we are as well as what we believe and care about. Fascinating stuff!!! Pranav: Sorry, I don’t practice Vedic astrology nor do I use the sidereal Zodiac, so I can’t really help you there. Numbers can be quite important when we are ready to understand our own personal astrology—and discover turning point events. A very popular belief about planets in late degrees is that they indicate that we’ve worked with that particular energy in past lives, and we’re completing the lessons in this life. When we discover the number 29 living in our progressions it’s a sign that a phase is ending in order for a new one to begin. I was dyslexic as a child- strange thing though, I’ve always been a great speller, and have a photogenic memory. A planet at 29 degrees is getting ready to undergo a fundamental and dramatic change. The signs do not exist as a spectrum where Aries gradually transforms into Taurus, and a planet at 29 degrees of Aries does not, in any way, embody any of the qualities of a planet in Taurus. Planets in the last few degrees of any sign may have a bad reputation because either Mars or Saturn (the lesser and greater malefics, in traditional astrology) has dignity by Term. The most that we can say, then, is that in the context of a horary chart, a planet at 29 degrees is unlikely to bring about any kind of desirable result. You need to focus on your emotions, learn the channel them in healthy ways, and open up to others. It’s always important in a horary chart if the Moon is void of course (meaning it won’t make any more aspects to any planets in the chart before it changes signs). Your first instinct will be to run away from it and let the energy get messed up, but you actually should embrace it if you want to be your best self. So if you need any further information please visit our specialist. The first house is the entire sign of the Ascendant. From an astrological stand point, our Solar Return is the moment the transiting (or moving) Sun returns to the very spot he was in when we were born. She also created the website, musab on I have 29 degrees Pluto in the 5th house,experiancing lots of ups and downs in my romantic life due to uncontrollable sexual urge. I checked out The Dark Pixie Astrology website listed, and it is a wonderful compilation of intriguing information. Many of the comments on the Facebook thread expressed the opinion that a planet at the end of a sign somehow “blends” the energies of the current sign with the energies of the next sign. I have a moon in 29 degrees,Capricorn, 8th house. They’re fun to think about, but I’d never bring any of these into a consultation with a client. Uranus is the planet of the new, original, eccentric, and rebellion, so having Uranus at 29 degrees can show someone who is overly traditional and afraid of anything unconventional, or so unconventional that they have no clue how to live in the real world. The Moon rules your emotions, so having the Moon at 29 degrees can show someone who struggles to control and expose their emotions. Have never been able to find anything concrete. Max people are going to learn about astrology because it will explain about your future. When you’re born with a planet or point at 29 degrees, that puts extra emphasis on that planet or point. January 14, 2016 8:28 pm, marilyn on ), Keep an eye on your inbox for next week's guide to the most remarkable & mystifying cosmic events ahead (& other goodies). Still, it’s an excellent question and a topic worth exploring. An example would be if one software yields an Ascendant of 0 Aries 02 and another program yields 29 Pisces 59. Having the Ascendant — or any house cusp, for that matter, at a late degree may increase the chances of having intercepted signs in the chart. Progressions showcase phases we’re going through which are incredibly important in the big picture. The Magic 29 You need to focus on developing confidence, good self-esteem, and learn how to be assertive without being aggressive. There’s only one exception to this, in fact: when Saturn moves from 29 Capricorn to 0 Aquarius, it doesn’t experience any significant change in Essential Dignity. The Final Degree: Poised for Change. Some of us get excited about it, while others aren’t so eager to embrace a shift. You need to learn to focus on reality without completely avoiding your imagination, resist the urge to indulge in negative escapist behavior, and face your problems instead of running from them. How would that degree affect her personally — would it make her “OVERTLY” Sag? Obviously, there are charts with 29 degrees of a sign rising (Scott’s for one; mine for another). Very good information about the astrology handle. Using our birthday, exact birth time and location of our birth we can see precisely which degree each of our planets was living in at the time of our birth. When the Ascendant is very late in a sign, it means that most of the first house is actually above the horizon, in what is traditionally the twelfth house. Their connection and personalities reflect their cardinal attributes more than their mutable selves. Uranus: 7 years You can subconsciously choose people you know are all wrong for you, keep choosing the wrong kind of person, or run from love entirely. Astrology has always been part of her life since her dad is also an Astrologer. In order to understand what I mean by that, let me break it down in an easy to understand format. Planets in late degrees are often described as “karmic” or “fated.” While I find this idea to be of some interest, it has no practical value. Whenever I look at anyone’s chart in order to gain some insight into their future, I dive into the progressions pretty quickly. My dob 17th sep 1985…time 5 am…place Almora ( India) . So what does it mean (if anything) when a planet or a point is at the very end of a sign? Venus is the planet of love, so having Venus at 29 degrees can show someone who struggles with relationships, relating to others, and having healthy love. They can go overboard with everything, or be stingy. Sun, Mercury & Venus : Once a month Crystal B. is an Astrologist and Astro Therapist in the NJ/ NYC area. WANT YOUR COSMIC GUIDE DIRECT TO YOUR INBOX? They can have upsets and fits, or shove everything away, running from their feelings. Scott’s question mentioned several popular theories, such as that a planet at the end of a sign is “tired” and has learned all it can learn. January 18, 2015 4:34 pm, ash on Thanks for reply Nick… issue I am facing is I don’t even know which one is my correct birth chart as 4 planets change houses using different ayanmsha….I prefer Fagan ayanmsha as its more accurate. Pluto: 20 years. You can have a difficult time harnessing the energy of that planet or point, and part of your lesson in this life is to learn how to master that planet or point. If we’ve ever made some radical moves in our lives (and we all have at some point or another) I bet the powerful 29 was involved. When working with whole sign houses, the house divisions line up with the signs, and the angles don’t define house cusps. Yes, personally, I do believe in karma, and in past lives, and in the evolution of the soul. You need to focus on developing confidence, good self-esteem, and learn how to be assertive without being aggressive. In the context of a horary, event, or predictive chart, the actions and outcome of the question depend on the aspects a planet makes before it changes signs. Hi I really enjoy your website, maybe you can explain 29 cancer in the 12th house. I was surprised to find that the author of this article on the 29th degrees was none other than Kevin Burk. Now, as far as how a person experiences the Ascendant at 29 degrees, it’s no different than how a person experiences the Ascendant at any other degree, which is to say not at all. There are 30 degrees in each sign which gives us planetary placements ranging from 0 all the way up to 29 and change.

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