abnormal behaviour in snakes
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abnormal behaviour in snakes


Animal Welfare, 29:371-378, doi: 10.7120/09627286.29.4.371, Copyright © 2020 CABI. Of the 2,200-plus species of snakes in the world, fewer than 20 percent are venomous. 59-65, Warwick, C., Arena, P., Steedman, C., 2019, Spatial considerations for captive snakes., Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research, Vol.

Head wiggling. Like most websites we use cookies. However, constant or severe head wobbling, sometimes to the point of being upside down, can be an indicator of a neurological problem or very high stress levels in your snake. Article: Michaels, C. J., Gini, B. F., Clifforde, L. (2020).

As pet owners, we all want our animals to lead the happiest lives they can. As you’ve probably seen, snakes can open their mouths almost impossibly wide to swallow prey, so occasionally they’ll widen their mouths beforehand to make the eating process easier.

Snakes don’t really “yawn” out of sleepiness, but instead open their mouths incredibly wide to gather air particles to smell. 5. As a snake’s sight and hearing is quite limited, you’ll see them doing this often.

They're escape artists. And while your snake may not form an attachment to you like a dog or cat, curling up in a ball on you or staying generally close to you for heat is a good indicator your snake is comfortable and relaxed with you. Tongue flicking. Sign up to receive our Veterinary & Animal Sciences e-newsletter, book alerts and offers direct to your inbox.

The study also looked at various enrichment options, including prey scent trails and altered feeding schedules, which were designed with the known wild behaviour of the species in mind, but found these did not reduce the prevalence of the stereotypy.

That's natural snake behavior. Coiling into “S” shape. If only all animals could wag their tail like a dog or purr like a cat to let us know they were happy. The false water cobra is a large, active, rear-fanged snake from South America, so named because when the snake is threatened it ‘hoods’ as a true cobra does.

Some of the more common behavioral problems that people will ask about, really aren't behavioral problems at all.

Although the report focused on one individual, the team also surveyed international organisations holding the species in order to better understand the prevalence of similar apparent stereotypies in other individuals, with one other establishment reporting similar behaviour. With no vocal cords, arms, or legs to let us know how they’re feeling, snakes can often be rather difficult to decipher, leaving owners confused and frustrated.

This is very similar to the way snakes flick their tongues to smell, but on a grander scale.

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