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Indoor Herb Garden for Herbs Nerds

Are you looking to start your indoor herb garden this winter? You are actually in good hands. When I was a newbie gardener, I was looking for ways on starting a garden from scratch during winter. Then I found that I can actually start an herb garden inside my home! Now, I am sharing my delightful experience with you in this blog post.

Indoor herb garden is a great resort and outlet for gardening enthusiasts during winter.

Having an indoor herb garden is such a cool way of starting a home vegetable garden. This is especially when the cold season comes. It is also a great way of growing your own food. Basically, herbs in your herb garden are plants that could give more excitement in savoury dishes. They are generally not just for adding flavour and aromatic fragrance on food. Herbs are used as a medicine as well.

A kitchen garden or an apartment garden with many varieties of herbs is a dream of every gardener. You may not only have a passion for easiest vegetables to grow whether outdoors or indoors. You may also finding joy in having fastest growing vegetables from the herb garden to the table.

Isn’t it satisfying if your beautiful indoor herb garden or apartment garden are just a few inches away from you? You can simply pick them and incorporate an herby goodness in your special holiday menus. Want to be like a pro gardener-slash-chef? Indoor herb garden offers not just convenience but also an arty effect in your kitchen garden.

 Easy To Grow Indoor Herbs

If you consider yourself an herb garden buff, even a thick blanket of snow cannot stop you from growing winter greens. It is quite useful to have especially for your holiday dishes. You will definitely be busy throughout the gloomy days of winter. You can start planting indoor winter plants and create a useful and charming indoor herb garden or apartment garden. For a successful gardening, here are some of the easy-to-grow herbs that you can absolutely include in your herb garden:


Plant it in a moist soil at your herb garden. When it blooms, its pungent scent acts like a natural air freshener in your cold weather garden. You can place your rosemary in a south-facing window in your apartment garden in order for it to grow well.


Parsley likes to grow under a full sun. It can keep growing when placed in a west or east- facing window in your apartment garden.


The perfect time to grow tarragon is during early winter or late fall. They are cool season crops. Let the mature Tarragon die back its leaves after potting. Then put it in a cool part of your house for several days. The best spot for to put your tarragon is near a south-facing window. Place it in your kitchen garden for it to catch as much sunlight as possible.


Thyme thrive more under a full sun. Yet it will also grow when put near an east or west-facing window. To plant it in your indoor herb garden, you can simply dig and re-pot it. You can also cut a soft tip and do the rooting process.


Growing mint in your kitchen garden is actually more convenient. This is because it is kept intact in a container. It will prevent it to grow all over your herb garden when planted outside freely.


To plant an indoor sage, simply cut a tip from an outdoor plant. The good thing about Sage is it can tolerate dry, indoor air in an apartment garden. Moreover, it needs a lot of sunlight. It is best to put it in a south-facing window in your kitchen garden.


Basil is probably one of the staples in cooking. When growing it in your herb garden indoors, make sure to choose the smaller globe types.


This is an herb with a shorter life-span. A succession of seedling with two to three weeks intervals is favorable. That way, you can keep it growing and thriving in your apartment garden.

The list of indoor gardening ideas doesn’t end there. If you consider yourself an expert gardener, you can level up your indoor herb garden game. This is by trying to grow annual herbs from seeds. You can plant Bay Tree, Lemon Grass, Fennel, Stevia, Lemon Balm, Marjoram, and Dill. Really, the list goes on!

Artsy Ways in Creating Indoor Herb Garden


This is probably the better way of having an indoor herb garden. All it takes is a large pot and some space in the corner of your home. You can plant all the herbs in this one big container as container vegetables. Voila! A mini-forest of herbs in your herb garden is there!

Hanging Herbs

If you have a small floor space, hanging herbs in planters in your apartment garden is one creative solution. You can make your own DIY plant hangers. Or you can also try putting some colors on your planters. You can hang them over your kitchen garden counter top.

Green Shelves

Yes, your crappy old shelves can be a nice setting for your indoor herb garden. It will be easier for you to organize your leafy greens by kind or by size in your kitchen garden.

Windowsill Garden

Your windowsill is a place where your herbs can get enough light in your apartment garden. Attach a curtain rod and hang your greens for them to enjoy more of the sunlight.

Mason Jars

Planting your pretty herbs in mason jars is one cool way of organizing your herb garden. It comes out neat yet a little bit raw. You can see the soil through the glass in your kitchen garden.

These are but some of the ways to create your indoor garden, kitchen garden or apartment garden. Your imagination is the limit! Try to look around your house, stockrooms or sheds. You can find endless possible materials where you can plant your fascinating herbs into.

Use tea cups, old basins, gutters, small pails and even empty old cans. Be as resourceful and creative as you can. You can achieve a thriving indoor herb garden that you can tend to while waiting for the spring to come.

For a person who has an ardent love and interest on starting a garden, what’s more satisfying than having a healthy haven of herbs within an arm’s reach in your kitchen garden? Building even a small indoor herb garden isn’t as easy as it may seem. It takes a lot of effort and patience. But at the end of the day, it so rewarding that you have something even in the simplest way such as gardening.


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