How to Start Gardening At Home: 7 Best Tips

how to start gardening at home

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Thinking of how to start gardening at home? Here is how to get started.

If you are thinking about how to start gardening at home, you will be glad to know that it is not hard at all. Gardening needs some experience to harvest the fruits of labour. Beginners tend to make mistakes in starting a garden. This article will be helpful to you in starting a garden at your home.

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Edible Garden

It is always good to grow what you can consume. Gardening may be a new addition to your lifestyle; you are spending your time and energy for it so grow something you can eat. You can grow your own food including vegetable and fruits in your garden. For a start, most beginners go with tomatoes and you too can follow that.

Allocate Time for Gardening

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The amount of time you will spend on gardening is really important. You have to add the gardening time to your weekly or daily routine based on the size of your garden. You have to be consistent in watering, weeding and maintaining the garden to get better harvest.

Scaling Up the Garden

As a beginner, you have to start a small garden and the good news is you can grow more plants in a small space. It will be easier for you to maintain a small garden, yet the benefits will be more.

Check for Soil Fertility

Soil testing is an important step and needs to be done before you buy seeds. You can test the soil with the help of a soil test kit which is available online and in agriculture supplies store. The pH, condition, nutrients and organic matter in the soil are the common factors that will influence soil fertility.

Potatoes need slightly acidic pH and brassicas require slightly alkaline pH, while most of the garden plants can grow well in neutral pH. You can add fertility boosters and fertilizers to enhance soil fertility

Quality Seeds

You have to select plants based on your weather, soil fertility, available sunlight and season. Discuss with gardeners in your local area to get clear picture of the plants that can be grown in your area. Do some research and find the quality seeds because poor quality seeds may not germinate which can result in your efforts and time in waste.

Gardening Tools

You will need the following basic gardening tools like gardening gloves, a shovel, a hand trowel, a rake and long hose. Keep your tools clean and sharp so that you can use them for more years. If you are starting a small garden in your balcony, patio or windowsill, you will need fewer tools only.

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Sunlight and Watering

Make sure your garden receives maximum amount of sunlight. Most plants need a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight for healthy growth and yield. Watering is a difficult task for a beginner gardener. Excess or lower amounts of water can affect the growth of the plants. You have to keep a garden journal to water your plants at regular intervals.

Though you are a beginner, you can avoid common mistakes in gardening by following the above -mentioned tips. Gardening not only rewards you with food but also with good health and relaxation. It can be a healthy addition to your lifestyle.

In conclusion, this is how to start gardening at home our way. We hope it will works for you too.


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