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How to Start a Raised Bed Garden in Your Backyard: Top 7 Ways

how to start a raised bed garden in your backyard

How to start a raised bed garden in your backyard

Are you wondering how to start a raised bed garden in your backyard? Read on!

Are you having a hard time growing plants on your garden? When I was just starting out, I just planted my seedlings on the ground. However I noticed that the harsh environment eroded the soil and soon my plants were lying on the grown, withered! So I looked for some ways on how to plant them effectively and I discovered how effective a raised garden bed is. Raised bed gardens, also known as garden boxes, are raised soil beds that can protect your plants from weeds and pests while also making you comfortable while gardening. These beds are ideal for growing smaller plots of flowers, fruits and vegetables. If you want to know how to use them, read on!

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Here, we offer you some tips on how to start a raised bed garden in your backyard and how to maintain them.

How to Start a Raised Bed Garden in Your Backyard

Do Some Research

If you want to know how to start a raised bed garden in your backyard, do your own research. Talk to fellow gardeners in your local area and get the list of plants suitable for the climate and season in your geographic location. Buy high-quality seeds of your chosen plants and make sure these varieties are disease-resistant and are able to yield more.

Flower gardening is different from vegetable gardening because they have different purposes. Discuss with local experts and come up with a list of plants that you can grow before you build the raised beds.

Find the Right Place

If you are wondering how to start a raised bed garden in your backyard, you have to know how to pick the right place. You have to pick a place with proper sunlight for the plants, which will be the first step in starting a raised bed garden in your backyard.  The place should receive at least six hours of direct sunlight, which is a required factor for the plants to grow. You can have a garden in the rooftop, patio or front yard.

Once you find such a sunny place, you can level it up with a shovel for uniform water distribution.

Gather Your Tools

To build a raised bed, you need timbers, stone or concrete blocks. Choose wood that can resist decay, such as redwood and cedar timbers. If you want to know how to start a raised bed garden in your backyard, you should know the right tools.

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4 x 4 – inch and 8-foot timbers are ideal for a small sized garden. Stone and concentrated blocks can give an elegant look but the price will be high when compared to timbers.

Building the Raised Bed

The next thing to do if you want to know how to start a raised bed garden in your backyard is to build your raised bed. If the selected area has grass, remove it first with a mower before you build the soil bed. If you use 4×4 inch timbers, you will need 6-inch nails to fix the wooden box. Connect the corners of the timbers by overlapping the joints and assembling them to form a rectangular box.

Cover the Grass

You have to prevent grass from poking up, so cover the entire ground with biodegradable weed fabric. You can use a cardboard or newspapers for covering the ground. This is one of the ways on how to start a raised bed garden in your backyard.

Now that the bed is ready, purchase topsoil from any agricultural supplies store. Six inches of topsoil is recommended for a raised bed garden. The cover above the ground and the weight of the topsoil will act as a permanent barrier for the grass to grow.

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Prepare the Compost Mix

This step is essential in how to start a garden in your backyard. Compost, topsoil and fertilizer mixture will be added to the bed as the third step. Mix two bags of topsoil with one bag of compost, then add a shovelful of fertilizer to the mixture. You can make use of a wheelbarrow and a shovel to prepare this mix.

Spread the prepared mixture with a shovel at the top of the bed. The compost helps the soil avoid water retention and encourages the growth of roots. Fertilizers will release nutrients to the soil when the plants start to grow.

Plant the Seeds

Your raised bed is ready for planting now. Follow the spacing instructions found in the seed packets for planting so that plants will get enough sunlight, water and nutrients.

A flower garden needs to retain moisture, so after planting the seeds, you should cover the soil with mulch. In the case of vegetable gardens, remove weeds frequently.

Watering should be done at regular intervals; you should do it in the morning or in the evening. Avoid watering in the middle of the day, as water evaporates faster during that time.

Keep a journal for your garden and note all the activities including planting, weed removal, pest control and harvest.

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