How to Start a Garden in Your Backyard: 7 Effective Ways How to Start a Garden in Your Backyard: 7 Effective Ways

7 Effective Ways on How to Start a Garden in Your Backyard

how to start a garden in your backyard

How to start a garden in your backyard? Here are some tips!

It’s not impossible to grow a big garden in an urban environment. I can prove this to you. I had a small plot in my backyard which created great produce that I was able to consume for weeks! Growing vegetables in your backyard can be a challenge if you don’t know the ways on how to make it work. Gardening is both a relaxing and rewarding hobby. If you are asking yourself now how to start a garden in your backyard despite being in the city, these simple yet effective tips can help you start your gardening journey.

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How to Start a Garden in Your Backyard

Know Your Garden Tools

If you wat to know how to start a garden in your backyard, you should know your garden tools. Before anything else, you need to gather the gardening tools that you need. You will need a few garden tools like tote, rake, trans-planter, digger, pruner, weeding fork, and trowel. Your family members may get excited and assist you in gardening, so buy gardening gloves for them.   The gloves should fit their hand size.

Do Some Research

If you want to know how to start a garden in your backyard, do some research. Do your research online or read gardening books. Find out how to perform soil tests and make a list of plants that will grow well on your soil. Discuss with experienced gardeners in your area and select the best vegetables for your soil, climate and season. Buy high-quality organic seeds that will grow faster and yield good results. Find out what fertilizers you need in growing your plants.

Determine the Garden Area

Your seed packets often contain instructions that may tell you the minimum required area of your garden for your plants to grow well. Bear in mind that you will need some space for fencing and irrigation.

It is recommended to start small, so that you can maintain well and you can gradually expand in the months to come. Small well-tended garden is better than poorly maintained large garden.

The Sunlight Factor

As you may already know, photosynthesis is a process by which plants produce their food from sunlight, water and chlorophyll pigments. Therefore, sunlight is one of the crucial factors for plant growth.

Most vegetables need 6 hours or more of direct sunlight for their growth and for boosting their resistance against pests. Ensure that your garden receives adequate sunlight. However, some plants, like peas, can grow well in shady areas, so you need not worry about their sunlight intake.

Soil Fertility

Well-drained soil will have rich organic matter like compost manure, which will help plants grow better. As we recommended testing your garden soil initially, you now have a choice of adding required nutrients before planting your seeds. If your garden soil fails to drain well, you can try growing your seeds in raised beds.

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The Art of Watering

Make sure that your garden is near a good water source. You should water your plants adequately. Watering too much is a common problem faced by newbie gardeners. Remember, water should be adequate, not less or more!

Weeds and Pests Eradication

Weeds compete with your plants for nutrients and water. You can make use of a hand fork or hoe to plow the top inch of the soil to stop weeds from growing.

Proper fencing will also avoid pests and flies. Know what pests are prevalent in your area and protect your plants accordingly. Choose plant varieties that are disease-resistant to maximize your yield. If you notice a diseased plant, remove it immediately and add it to the compost pile.

In Summary

In conclusion this is how to start a garden in your backyard, the UGR’s Way. Keep a journal to track your gardening activities like planting date, harvest date, pest control etc. This will help you to plan for your next planting season effectively.

Urban gardening is an enjoyable fun ride with your plants, from sowing through harvesting. Read our urban gardening blog to get expert tips and be a part of our active growing community.

Got any questions? Speak your mind; discussions costs only words not cents!

Final Words

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