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Growing Carrots In Containers – A Guide

grow carrots in containers

Tips on Growing Carrots In Containers

I like carrots. Who doesn’t like them? They are filled with a lot of nutrients that can boost immune resistance and fight aging. Since I was a fan of carrots, I grew them. Then I soon found out that one of the most convenient ways of growing them within your urban dwelling is through the use of containers. So, I grew some carrots inside my house and I was successful! If you want to grow carrots in containers, here are my tips worth considering.

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For success in colder months it’s crucial to choose the correct variety. Long rooted varieties need an extended, warm growing season, so when those conditions aren’t possible the short, rounder types are much more likely to thrive. Chantenay carrots, which are stumpy with a rounded end and generous foliage, work well. Specific varieties include Carrot Caracas and Hercules, both of which are full of flavour and can be eaten with the skins on.

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To ensure maximum control of the conditions, grow carrots in containers

Make sure the planters are of adequate size and use loam based compost – carrots prefer loose, rich soil. When sowing the seeds, aim to leave at least 5cm between each or sprinkle finely, then cover with a thin layer of compost. There shouldn’t be any need to thin the seedlings.

  1. Place the containers in a sheltered space or cold frame to provide protection from extreme winter weather.
  2. Use fleece or a cloche: it will help to extend the growing season and reduce problem with frost
  3. Make sure the compost remains moist but with good drainage.

When to harvest carrots

Carrots will be ready to eat from 8 – 10 weeks. To check, clear the compost around the shoulders of the carrot and check the size of the root. Once harvested, add to winter stews or salads, roast them whole or eat them raw!

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